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Training for fat burning.

about physical activity most of the girls start to think that your favorite dress fitting shape effectively stops and starts suddenly appeared to show its flaws.In this situation, the search for the ideal exercise program for burning fat is particularly fascinating, but really the issue is solved very simply: the classic cardio.

Cardio to burn fat: the nature and variety

Training for Fat Burning

another name cardio - aerobic exercise, but on a similar phrase is much more difficult to understand what they are.While the prefix "cardio" already hints at a certain relationship with the heart.The main thing that is important to know is that in the course of such training takes control of heart rate, which affects many internal systems.In particular, saturation of cells with carbon dioxide, which leads to subsequent breakdown of fat.

In addition, if the aerobic energy system is well developed, entering the body carbohydrates are quickly processed into energy, and therefore cease to be deposited in the extra weight.In additi

on to cardio exercise strengthens the heart muscle, improve overall endurance.At the same time, because of its direct connection with the heart and blood vessels, such exercise has a lot of contraindications, which certainly should find out before the start of classes.

Aerobic exercise to burn fat involves maintaining the heart rate at a certain level, which varies depending on the intensity of the training.However, it should not fall below 60% of the maximum strips, calculated individually.

To determine this figure, having the abbreviation MCP, women need to subtract your age from 210 and the product of the weight (in kg) 0.11.Men to the resulting value added 4 points.Thus, for the average woman aged 25 years old and weighs 55 kg maximum heart rate will be: 210 - 25 - (55 * 0.11) = 179 beats / min.Consequently, the lower limit for aerobic exercise heart rate will be 0.6 * 179 = 107 beats / min.

the maximum value similar exercise for a long period did not take place, even in professional athletes, and even more so they are not necessary for those who want to just get rid of body fat.Even high-intensity exercise is meant only to achieve 85-90% of the MCP, and their duration is much shorter than the duration of employment with low (65%) intensity.The ratio of both again calculated individually, because there are several programs cardio workouts to burn fat.What scheme to choose - it depends on your goals and the overall level of fitness.

training program for burning fat levels

Training for Fat Burning

base level of aerobic training is focused on the people whose lives are hardly present exercise.In this situation, there is a weak cardiovascular system, low stamina, maybe the poor condition of the joints, as well as there are cases of overweight.In addition, the scheme applied in the recovery phase after a serious illness.

You can not start high-intensity training, even if you really want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.It is necessary to gradually introduce into their motor activity mode: include in the calendar hiking, climbing stairs instead of the elevator trip.During these operations it is important to keep the heart rate at 65% of maximum for 3-5 minutes.Gradually increase the length of time up to 30 min., And then to 1 hour.

Once the body gets used to a similar load, and various kinds of discomfort while increasing the pulse ceases to appear, you can improve.Also he can begin his aerobic exercise those whose cardiovascular system has no violations, as well as people with a small amount of excess weight.At this stage it is possible to establish stable graph comprising 3-4 sessions per week, and duration will vary from 20 to 40 minutes.

should immediately mention that the warm-up is given additional time, because it does not require the retention of a pulse at a predetermined level.The best will be gradual complication class schedule to 6 workouts per week, with at least during the 10 days it takes to run unchanged, and then to introduce corrections to the schedule.That is, two weeks after training day for 20 min., Then at the same frequency, but 30 min.2 more weeks, then do just one day off per week.This algorithm is ideal for fat burning and overall health.

last level, accessible to non-professionals, involves a high-intensity workouts.This so-called interval training or circular also used to eliminate fat.Their duration may be less than that of low intensity training.However, the heart rate is maintained at a level of 85-90% of the maximum, and alternates with a lower - 65-75%, and a long rest excluded.Thus, all the 20 min exercise imply constant change rate, but without returning to the resting state.To sustain such a schedule can only well-trained people.

Circuit Training for fat loss: especially

Training for Fat Burning

Interval training should be given a little more attention, because it is of her most frequently asked questions of the girls who want to speed up the fat burning process.The initial impression of her, even too positive: for 16-20 minutes per day after 2 weeks you can see the result that someone seeking permanent severe diets.Is it all that simple?And how to make your pie aerobic exercise?

Usually vysokointervalnaya exercise more than 30 minutes does not last: even after this time period forces remains.If there is a willingness to work on, then the intensity was insufficient.Because it is desirable to start with a circular exercise for 8-10 minutes, gradually bringing to 20 and then up to an hour.It is mandatory to warm up in front of her as injure joints and ligaments in this mode is much easier than in the low-intensity exercises.

period in which the pulse is held by 85% of the maximum should be 0.5-2 min., After which the heart rate is translated into the level of 65-75% of the peak and lasts for 1-4 minutes.That is their optimal ratio - 1: 2, but beginners better withstand the proportion of 1: 3, or for 15-30 seconds to give yourself a chance to slow the heart rate deep dyhaniem.I between workouts necessary to have 1-2 days off, depending on the readiness of the organism.

Video training for fat burning and advice

most recommended option of high-intensity aerobic exercise is considered to be running, where alternate sprints and jogging for 20-30 minutes without stopping.Unfortunately, sports doctors warn that this is not the best way to lose weight, because such a load adversely affects the knee joints and spine.In addition, because of its complexity, it is suitable only athletes.

those who simply want to get rid of body fat through cardio workouts of high intensity, you should pay attention to the classic sit-ups, jumping and so on. Basic elements.But it is worth recalling that the interval pump press with caution: speed increases can not forget about the smoothness of motion, or an increased risk of spinal injury.

lightweight version of the circular cardio workout can be considered athletic walk, alternating with light jogging.It fits all, and gives the result of no less than other types of intermittent activity.With such an algorithm after 4 minutes fast paced taken 2 minutes of jogging, which again are replaced by a brisk pace.

ideal mode for those who want to find harmony and improve your health, it is believed the following algorithm: 3-4 cardio sessions per week, of which 1 or 2 are of high intensity, and the rest are held at pulse at 75% of maximum.It is also desirable to carry out the morning light aerobic warm-up, in which the heart rate will be kept at around 60% of the MCP.

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Adhering to these tips for conducting training for fat loss, after 1.5-2 weeks you will be able to evaluate the results of the work on oneself that positively affect not only the figure, but also on your health.And for a more pronounced effect it is recommended to pay attention to weight training, adding them your schedule.

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