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Diet doctors: features techniques.

currently at the peak of popularity among various methods of weight loss diet is the so-called doctors.According to some reports, at least 14 days supply of this procedure can lose up to 10 kg.At the same time to lose weight thanks to this diet, keep score and do not harm your health, it is necessary to know its features and rules of the "exit" from it.About

diet doctors, unfortunately, a lot of rumors.Thus, it is believed that the technique developed by doctors.It was used in patients with obesity.Diet medical help quickly lose weight before surgery.

Be that as it may, the official data on the application of techniques do not.But there are real testimonials of people about diet doctors.To begin with, how it works.Conventionally, it can be called unloading days.Some of them literally have to starve.In those days, it allowed to drink only mineral water.However, it should be free of gas.On other days you are waiting for a small amount of vegetable broth, low-fat milk, boiled eggs.All products are used

in small quantities.

Unfortunately, diet doctors have contraindications.It is not suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.Also, the diet doctors should refuse, if you lead a sports lifestyle.The reason is simple - you just do not have the strength.Status active people is getting worse, since there is muscle catabolism.They are destroyed to provide the body with energy.Also, the diet doctors do not fit under any chronic diseases.

diet doctors: how to lose weight in 7 days?

Diet doctors

easiest way to start a diet on Monday.This is due not to the fact that psychologically easier transition to the new regime with the new week, as if Summing up malnutrition.Diet doctors divided into 7 days.Therefore, to begin Monday is much easier.You just do not get stuck in how to eat.At the same time several days in the menu will be repeated.

  • Monday and Wednesday - drink 1.5 liters.mineral water.As already mentioned, it has to be without gas.
  • Tuesday and Friday - all day drink skim milk.Its amount is 800 ml.In the evening, no later than 8 hours, we eat an average apple.
  • Thursday - prepare 1 kg of lettuce.It divide into 3 portions.We eat salad with a little olive oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Also, the evening allowed to drink 1 tbsp.tea without sugar.If you do not like such a drink, then you can add stevia.Tea would be sweet, but it will not calories.
  • Saturday - the day varied diet.In the morning eat boiled egg and drink a small cup of tea (about 175 ml.).In the area of ​​10-11 in the morning drink 1 tbsp.vegetable broth.For lunch we prepare boiled meat with peas.Quick option - chicken breast.It is low in calories.Moreover, it goes well with peas.In 13-14 hours eat medium-sized apple.We have supper with the same fruit.
  • Sunday - the day of protein.Throughout the day to drink 500 ml of skim milk and yogurt.At night, we eat 100 grams.low-fat cottage cheese.

diet doctors: the principle of supply for 14 days

sustain 14 days on a diet doctors, certainly harder than a week.This is due to the fact that little is changing the principle of power.In this first 5 new days you must eat as the last time.

Saturday 3 meals.Breakfast boiled egg.For lunch and dinner to eat 100g.fat-free yogurt.

Sunday - again, on Monday and Wednesday, drink 1.5 liter bottle of non-carbonated mineral water.

then move on to the second week of diet doctors:

  • Monday and Wednesday again drink mineral water without gas.
  • Tuesday - milk.1 liter of drink during the day.For dinner, eat an apple.
  • Thursday - prepare 1 kg of lettuce.We ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.You can add to the diet of unsweetened tea (sweetened with stevia or).
  • Friday - repeat diet Tuesday.
  • Saturday eat for breakfast boiled egg.Lunch 100 grams.low-fat cottage cheese.You can drink tea.
  • Sunday again drink mineral water.

Diet doctors

With such a poor diet can treat yourself to only one way - to cook different kinds of salad and soup.We offer you some recipes.

salad with cabbage


  1. Cabbage - 800 g.
  2. carrots - 200 gr.
  3. olive oil - 2 tbsp
  4. Lemon juice - 1 tbsp.l.
  5. Pinch of salt


  • wash vegetables.Carrot peel and grate.Cabbage chop.
  • vegetables put in a deep bowl put the mixture, season with oil and lemon juice.Then salad put for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

for diet salad with celery medical


  1. Celery - 300 g.
  2. Cabbage - 500 g.
  3. Bunch of parsley olive oil - 2 tbsp


  • wash vegetables and herbs.All finely chop.In a bowl pour the oil.Then put there chopped vegetables and herbs.Salad mix.
  • vegetable broth prepared according to the same principle.Often, in an equal amount taken cabbage and celery.Also added to them a couple of bulbs.All the vegetables and pour water boil.At the end of the broth, you can add a little parsley or dill.You can put beets, tomatoes, carrots.

diet doctors: reviews and results with photos

Diet doctors

believed that the most difficult stage in the diet doctors are the first 4 days.According to reviews, it was in this period of time there is 90% of breakdowns.Therefore, women who have passed the entire course are advised to take the will in a fist and patience and effort.

As for reviews, here are divided.Some say the fair sex that week diet dropped about 5 kg.This is possible because the body of the rigid diet is in shock and quickly get rid of excess weight.Of course, those who got rid of the hated kilograms, in the end find the diet works.

Dr.women sit on this type of food is strictly discouraged him rest.The main argument - a health hazard.Indeed, the World Health Organization officially recognized that reducing the number of daily calories below 1200, you should not.It simply undermines the functioning of body systems.As a result, you may experience problems with the reproductive system and metabolism.If you do decide to try this method, then to avoid damage to health, follow these simple rules.

Diet doctors

Limit physical activity.All known rule, the more you eat, the more you need to move proves this point.As mentioned at the hard power mode the body will not receive the proper energy.Therefore, begin to break down muscle instead of fat burned.

take a multivitamin.This item is also linked to nutrition.As a result of switching to diet menu in the body of physicians in the proper amount of protein will cease to act, trace elements and vitamins.Accordingly, all that is necessary to fill an additional Badami.For example, to ensure that you have not diminished working capacity, it is to drink lecithin.It may be in powder form or in capsules.

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Diet Doctors believe fastest way to lose weight.Over the course of 2 weeks, you can lose about 8-10 kg.Menu with such a method of supply is not very diverse.Several days a week, you need to drink non-carbonated mineral water.Also during the diet eat vegetable salad, boiled egg, low-fat cottage cheese, milk and yogurt.It is worth noting that the diet has a number of contraindications.It is also important to get out of it, adding to the diet of 200 kcal.