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Fiber diet: reviews.

Fiber plays an important role in ensuring functioning of the human body.However, not always with food enters its required amount.But in this situation there is a way - you can use this supplement as Siberian fiber.

Siberian fiber for weight loss: description

Siberian fiber is a unique food supplement, with which you can solve the problem of excess weight.The fact that entering the stomach tissue gradually swell and provides a feeling of fullness that remains for several hours.There is loss of appetite, you can avoid frequent snacking and overeating.

Siberian fiber impresses with its composition and pleasing, natural, because it does not contain any chemical additives or colorants.It includes in its membership the shell wheat or rye wheat, fruit and berry supplements, nuts.It is thanks to this unique composition of the body receives the required number of trace elements and vitamins.

Siberian fiber helps in the fight against fat.Extra weight begin to literally melt before our eyes what is happening

because of the unique components within its structure, which help to reduce blood sugar levels.Normalizes intestinal peristalsis, are derived from the body all the toxins and waste products.The result is a decrease in body weight.

Fiber diet: reviews

use Siberian fiber should not be limited to one little desire to lose weight, in fact still is carried out and the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, maintain the correct intestinal microflora considerably improves the structure of hair and skin color, general health, the most important for the peopleoften in a state of stress.

Also, like any other. Product, Siberian fiber has certain contraindications for admission.The first of its use is necessary to give the people who are suffering from diseases of the pancreas and stomach (pancreatitis, cholecystitis, open ulcers).

Fiber helps flatulence, and thus its use may begin to disturb the discomfort, bloating.Necessarily it is necessary to observe strict dosage use of the product, as in the case of an uncontrolled absorption of fat can greatly stretch the stomach, which will result in a feeling of hunger.

important to know how to use the benefit agent.Before use, it must be diluted in water (you can take tea or others. Liquid).Eating fiber, it is necessary to drink quite a large amount of water (compote or herbal tea).

The day is recommended to drink about 3-4 tablespoons.l., and this number must be divided into several stages.Take fiber need half an hour before a meal.It is strictly forbidden to exceed the established daily rate.

naturalnaya- Fiber is what products: List

Fiber is divided into two types - is insoluble and soluble fiber, while in the human diet must be both simultaneously.

Soluble fiber.This type of fiber found in grains (oats, barley, rye), legumes (peas, beans, lentils), fruits (quince, peaches, peel the apples, raisins, prunes, avocados).

Soluble fibers have characteristic differences - getting into the intestine, they come into contact with the liquid and become gel-like state.This gel-like substance has a retarding effect on the further movement of the nutritional content.Consequently, the gel will substantially inhibit the processing of carbohydrates, thus decreasing performance and blood sugar.

Insoluble fiber.This type of fiber found in legumes (2 types of fiber), unprocessed grains, bran, nuts, seeds, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, vegetables, fruit peel.

Fiber diet: reviews

This insoluble fiber capable of several times to speed up the process of passing through the gastro-intestinal tract of food, and they have a mild laxative effect.This type of fiber can be used as a means of preventing constipation.It also provides normal acidity, minimizing the likelihood of developing cancer, restores the correct microflora.

There are quite a large number of foods that contain insoluble and soluble dietary fiber, so they are divided into several main groups.

  • whole grains.Large amounts of soluble fiber found in whole oat grains, and they still carry the name beta-glucan (soluble adhesive).This type of fiber helps lower cholesterol figures.
  • Bran.An excellent source of fiber are bran (rye, soybeans, oats, wheat).They contain about 30% dietary fiber.
  • high fiber content was observed in buckwheat (insoluble dietary fiber).For example, in 1 tbsp.cereals is about 20% of the daily value of dietary fiber.
  • beans.An excellent source not only soluble but insoluble fiber is lentils, peas, groundnuts, beans, kidney beans.
  • Fruits.Almost all of the fruit enters pectin, which is a treasure trove of soluble fiber.They are fermented in the colon is, thus there is a parallel formation of fatty acids.Fruits include in its composition, and a small amount of insoluble fibers, cellulose that provide patency of the intestine.
  • vegetables.Large amount of fiber found in vegetables, with the largest number in its cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, spinach.
  • Flax seeds.One of the richest sources of fiber are flax seeds - about 7 grams only 1 tbsp.l.seeds.

Dietary fibers contain silicon, which is due to its property of forming charged particles.These particles may attract the various viruses and microorganisms.Fiber not only collects, but also safely clears the body of radionuclides and heavy metals.Thus there is still a substantial reduction in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, thereby preventing the development of blood clots.

However, the diet is necessary to introduce fiber gradually and it is important to monitor the side effects are manifested.Doctors recommend daily use of about 20 g

Siberian fiber: reviews

Fiber diet: reviews

  1. Katerina: It has long heard about the benefits of Siberian fiber and still decided to buy it.We can say that a particularly pleasant taste it is not different, but adding yogurt or kefir, it turns out quite bearable.Only a few weeks of its reception took 2 kg, while not applied practically no effort.
  2. Alla: It has long been looking for an effective way to lose weight, but can not long to follow strict diets, in addition, upon completion, returning kilograms.For 3 months of taking fiber and managed to lose 10 kg.There was not only a sense of lightness, but also improve the mood.
  3. Nastya From friends ever heard of anthrax tissue, but did not dare.One simply got into a favorite dress and decided to try, the result exceeded all my expectations!Not putting virtually no effort in the past month dropped 3 kg weight loss plan to continue the course.

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Eating fiber is necessary for each person.To all body systems to function properly, it is sufficient quantity contained in products: whole grain bread, legumes, fruits, vegetables.If you need an additional source of useful substances enter into the diet of Siberian fiber.Used in reasonable quantities, it helps to maintain optimal weight and good health.

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