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Diet saucer.

saucer diet and many doctors do not consider a diet: it is so well-composed program.Efficacy results prove domestic stars and ordinary people's reviews.Therefore, when searching for a suitable system of weight loss should pay attention to it.

saucer Diet: Highlights

The main rule of this technique is incorporated in its title: serving of food must be equal to the volume of a tea saucer.And if the other requirements be neglected, varying them for a specific organism, it is - the fundamental and unchanging.His performance is mandatory.Furthermore, the number of meals must be 4-m.In most cases, it is a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a snack between them.How dense do every meal - you decide: if you can not eat breakfast cereal, albeit in a saucer will crackers or fruit salad.I do not want to load up with dinner?You can boil a couple of eggs and serve with a bunch of parsley.If only the portion of the amount retained.

Diet saucer

In fact, in this strict rules of diet ends.But do not think that it a

llows you to use an excessively high-calorie foods.Of course, a smaller portion would be less harmful than full, but an excess of fats and carbohydrates is still preserved, and weight may like to stay in place, and the stall in 1-2 weeks.The duration of the saucer diet typically 28 days.But because it is perceived easily enough, and for a similar period a restructuring of the body, many prolong the period of weight loss, and even make this technique - a major lifestyle.How wise the last action - can be judged only on the reviews of ordinary people and doctors.

deserves a separate discussion the issue of placing products on the saucer.How to navigate?The layer of products stacked on the saucer should be thin enough not to rise above its edges.If vegetables can be a little above the norm, then cereals, potatoes, banana, as well as bakery and meat products did not get better volume.

saucer Diet: menus from nutritionists

clear menus in this procedure, of course not.Every woman makes an individual diet, focusing on the needs of the organism.But everyone wants to make the results more meaningful, and for that nutritionists have suggested some additions to the main rules, allowing to make a meal plan that allows you to get the maximum benefit from the diet, but at least - harm.

Disclaimer fast food even in the saucer is a tacit requirement.This includes not only hamburgers and Coke, but also various semi-finished products.Any smoked junk foods on the table: it is better to take a piece of grilled or roasted meat, rather than a few slices of salami or cervelat.Sausages, small shpikachki and other representatives of this group are also banned for the duration of the diet.

Diet saucer

Meat products are allowed, but it must be proper meat: lean recommended.The more that is worth remembering: in addition he will have more herbs or cereals, so the amount of meat eaten will be minimal.

Between meals undesirable long breaks: 2-3 hours optimal, and more than 4 hours between lunch and dinner, as the most satisfying, not worth the wait.Apart from the fact that hunger is unbearable, begin to malfunction of the digestive tract and pancreas, and this adversely affects the process of losing weight.After 19 hours it is possible, if it is the last, fourth meal.Adding in excess of the specified amount is impossible: except a cup of tea would be no additives, yogurt or warm milk.Recently permissible to add a spoonful of honey.

taboo imposed on fats: this is margarine, mayonnaise, butter.Sour cream can be present in the diet, but it is better to give up and away.Served with lemon juice, or to go without refueling, bake and cook with water.In addition, the meat does not dry up in the oven, if it lay with vegetables or apples.Fish can be prepared in a foil even without water: it has a lot of own fat.As to the salt, sugar and various spices, then it is desirable to them to be careful.And from all the sugar is to refuse, or at least reduce the amount in the dishes, including tea and coffee.

composing their menus, many people forget about the importance of drinking regime.Words about 2 liters per day, of course, unreasonable - for many girls is too much, especially when sedentary.The result is swelling.It is much more correct to calculate the amount of an individual multiplying each kg 0.03 liters.Is it better to drink?Of course, herbal teas instead of carbonated sugar water.Fresh juices are in question: they are perceived by a full meal, so act soon thus the only snack per day.

Thus, exemplary menu for a day for dieting saucer might look like:

  1. Breakfast: black tea (200 ml), cottage cheese with herbs;
  2. Lunch: Sliced ​​banana slices;
  3. Lunch: meatballs (2-3 pcs.) With rice and carrots;
  4. Dinner: Boiled asparagus with tomato and basil.

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saucer Diet: reviews and results

Diet saucer

Firstly, it is important to know that a similar technique doctors say.We mentioned earlier that in the diet of many of them do not consider this system as compared to the schemes that involve a strong decrease in caloric, withdrawal of most products and pr.sereznye change diet, diet saucer is more than gentle.But whether it is safe?

If you start counting the total energy value of meals, filling them with not only vegetables, but protein food, it turns out that the figures obtained enough for the average person, leading a passive life.This office workers who do not have regular physical activity, mental compensates.They will not be difficult to continue to operate without prejudice to the outcome and well-being.However, if the schedule of the person includes sport, at least in the amount of 2-3 workouts per week, these days will be made up menu "hungry."

next point relating to security, is the category of pregnant women and adolescents, as well as people with obesity, which is unacceptable to cut the amount of food consumed to the size of a tea saucer.But the beneficial effect similar technique on patients with gastrointestinal problems, because it allows you to normalize the work of many organs.There will have to enter a few restrictions - remove any fried foods, reduce the proportion of meat dishes, as well as crude fiber.In general, according to the conclusion of physicians, diet saucer included in the category of the most intelligent systems that promote weight-loss.

What is it they say the common people?Whether it goes to their doctor's opinion?The main plus allocated women and men, to try a diet saucer, is a psychological ease its perception.The large mass disruption is due to the need to give up chocolate, muffins or yogurt instead of reducing portions.This method does not require to forget about favorite foods.It is only proposed that in such a situation it any meal, as well as to comply with a specific amount.

Dr.important thing, which is celebrated in almost every recall, is the gradual habituation to such small portions, caused a decrease in the size of the stomach.Therefore, after leaving the diet did not begin to gain new weight.If it is difficult to eat a day, only 4 saucers, and maintain a sense of hunger, in his commentary advise women to begin to lower the volume slowly at first to make 6 meals for the 1st saucer, then 5, and then put 4.

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Diet saucer approved by a majority of doctors and tested by many people, and therefore deservedly gained its popularity in Russia and abroad.It can also be used as a transitional stage, helping to get used to the fractional part of the diet and become assistant adjusting to the right diet and the trump card in the struggle for harmony.

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