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Diet Geisha: reviews.

Oriental girl has long been associated with mystery and sophistication: beautiful geisha, about which so little is known and admired by men and women.So many people want to find out the secrets of their beauty, especially related to harmony.Diet geisha may not have anything to do with the power of Asian beauties, but certainly possible among the inhabitants of the East because of its special menu.

Geisha Diet menu, and the key points of power

At its core, the diet of a Geisha is a kind of weight loss methods for green tea, as well as close to the mono-diet, because it requires the inclusion in the diet of only 3 products.Of course, because of this meal plan, stick to the basics of diet allowed only 4-5 days, after which the mandatory long break - 14-16 days.If the body is well transfer the first attempt, you can repeat the scheme after the rest.The more that can often hear about the safety of the system because of the "extremely useful product."But is it really?

Diet Geisha: reviews

Geisha diet menu is easy to reme

mber, but not too easy to follow:

  1. have breakfast recommended green tea with milk, drink requires 400 ml of this drink.
  2. Dine suggested boiled rice, cooked without salt, and to submit to it the warm milk (200 ml).
  3. dine again rice, but not with milk, tea, milk diluted (200 ml).

What is important in this case to take into account: the tea and milk together in a ratio of 1: 1.Ie100 or 200 ml each, depending on meals.The fat content of milk is not important, the conventional 2.5% is much more appropriate than 0%, as for the body, it has a great advantage.For calorie difference is not too high, the results of the diet of a Geisha, it will not affect.

much more important to choose a good green tea: no flavors, fruits and other add-ons.The ideal is considered to be a Chinese mountain, but if you can not bring a natural product, it is permissible to choose the most simple in the store.And not the last role played by rice variety: the creators of the method recommend cooking brown, as compared with any white - round or long - it has a lot more nutrients and important trace elements that are stored in the shell.

addition to the above diet are allowed to drink mineral water, carbonated choosing her views.And is allowed to increase the number of cups of green tea per day for 2 pcs., But milk is not added to them.In the rice oil is enclosed are not used in its preparation of sugar and salt.But if it is very difficult to use such a simple rump, devoid of any flavor of music, and boiled in water, allowed to pour in 1-2 tablespoons dishwarm milk.

no more expectoration on the menu do not: it is the replacement of milk kefir, inclusion in the diet of low-fat sour cream, rice and variation of buckwheat, which sometimes takes place among women, according to their comments.All these actions lead to a breach of the algorithm embedded in the diet of a Geisha by its creators.

Geisha Diet: Results technique

Diet Geisha: reviews

Of course, every woman interested in how many kilograms it will lose by spending 5 days on a diet of a Geisha.The final result depends on the initial parameters, but overall limit - 4-7 kg.If you want to polish the already existing harmony is likely to come only 1-2 kg because of the similar period of lower weight below the permissible plank body fails.

By repeating the scheme over 2-2.5 weeks, you can lose 3-4 kg, and even more of them, if you go from being overweight.Especially good results evident when, during a break (14-16 days) to observe the principles of healthy or separate power supply, or simply limit the amount of carbohydrates in the menu.

Such a measure is important not only for reasons of securing the result, but also to maintain health.For 5 days, the body lives on meager food, the digestive tract time to wean itself from heavy foods and dishes.If on the second day, glad the diet, on the table apply fatty foods, your digestive system will not be able to handle it.Therefore

2-3 days after the diet recommended Geisha gradually increase the volume and complexity of the portions of dishes to start with an introduction to the menu oatmeal and buckwheat, apples, zucchini, pumpkin.Gradually increase the share of fruit and vegetables, boiled or baked chicken or veal.If you have the patience, it is best to exit the term diet equate to the term following its principles: if the diet lasted 5 days of a Geisha, the same amount must be a smooth transition to his usual diet.

Such scheme allows to survive with minimal loss diet geisha, as well as to make it not in vain.Due to the fact that over the 5 days referred to as poor nutrition, leaving the liquid rather than fat mass, its return is inevitable, if you do not take all mer.Razumnee accept a system of weight loss as an impetus to change the diet, as well as a kind of cleansing the body.Then phase 2 it will produce a positive effect: first prepare to lose weight, the second active pit weight off.Often, it takes more kilos than in the first, when observed between proper nutrition.

Geisha Diet: reviews of doctors and hudevshih

Diet Geisha: reviews

And yet, no matter how good the promises of the founders of the diet geisha techniques, it is best to understand its essence can only become acquainted with reviews of doctors and ordinary people,try such a system for yourself.

From the medical opinion is ambiguous, and blame sizable diet restrictions.Although the daily amount of rice is not indicated, and therefore serving lunch and dinner can be both 100 g and 300 g, the total caloric content of a day following the WHO strap lined with 1,200 kcal.If this food is allowed on day 1, called a discharge, then 5 days are seen much worse.

Next nuance, alarming doctors the ability to wash the rice potassium salts, when barley is used in an amount and on a daily basis.This property cereals can be dangerous for people with cardiac problems nature.He also contraindicated diet Geisha also due to the lack of sufficient magnesium and vitamin B9 in the diet.

Among those who try to diet geisha unacceptable, and those with gastritis observed at any stage, disorders of the liver and pancreas.Besides the fact that the menu is not enough fiber diet and mucous products, large portions and rare meals exacerbate gastrointestinal problems that can exacerbate any of the diseases associated with it.Those who does not tolerate lactose, the same must forget about the diet of a Geisha, due to the presence of milk in the diet.And not the least of contraindications aside for pregnant women, nursing mothers and adolescents.

Last nuance marked by doctors in their reviews about the diet of a Geisha, is its inadmissibility during stress.The absence of glucose and complex carbohydrates, imposed on the mental instability led to a reduction in blood sugar levels to zero, resulting in hypoglycemia occurs.Any diet is, the more so tough, is an additional stress factor.

Regarding the comments of women who have tried to lose weight on the diet rules Geisha, they emit the main drawback of such a scheme: the lack of energy.Calorie menu is so small that the combined weight of the dump with exercise, even if it's just long walks, it is impossible.Most of the girls are advised to resort to diet geisha during weekend or holiday, when it is not required to remain in operation.Because does not let hunger lost concentration, sometimes a headache, inner panic.In addition, by the third day of a period of aversion to rice, milk and tea.

However, if the diet Geisha continues in those very popular weight loss schemes, it contains positive elements.In his review, mention of women decreased appetite, helping to further reduce the portion even in his usual diet.In addition, not all the menu - the hungry.If the woman does not initially administered daily diet meat products, the use of rice and milk for her - a pledge of satiety.But this is different for each option, as well as the perception of the digestive system such diet.In the review, sometimes it mentioned that there may be problems with a chair, so some of the girls in the morning on an empty stomach drink a spoonful of flaxseed oil.On the results of weight loss such a move is not disrupted.

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Diet geisha with proper approach it can become an excellent assistant in the struggle for harmony and health of the body.If you do not have contraindications, and has willpower, even for 2-3 days, you can see how it suits you or not.In any case, according to the doctor's comments, the diet of a Geisha is much more attractive and safer to other mono-diet.