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Brewing oats?

In recent years become increasingly popular traditional medicine.Apparently, it is connected with the latest trends when ecology becomes zhizni.Naprimer style, popular culture has become oats.Decoctions of it is used for prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Oats really very valuable, because it consists of unique enzymes due to the action which greatly improves the assimilation of carbohydrates.Onsoderzhit magnesium, so is widely used to improve the functioning of the nervous system and heart, and of course, the process of metabolism.

Oats is a unique plant that enhances immunity, and it is used at the initial stage of hypertension.It is recommended to accept preparations of this type of grass, t. To. They help to make up for imbalance silicon contributes to the effective strengthening of the musculoskeletal system and blood vessels.

The structure of this plant is part of potassium and phosphorus, so it will be useful in various diseases of the kidneys, heart, helps to improve brain function.Cor

rectly applying the oats, you can get rid of various diseases without resorting to medikamentoznomulecheniyu.

Brewing oats?

Brewing oats in a thermos?

In the case of infusion of oats in a thermos, broth will not succumb to the boiling process.From this it becomes less useful.

To prepare taken grain oats (not peeled) and thoroughly pulverized using a coffee grinder.Given the volumes used thermos and will determine the number - 1 liter of boiling water 1 tbsp accounts.l.grains.

in oats and poured a thermos filled with hot water.Leave it for a while, to the broth could well be insisted.Once the drink has cooled, it can be used - 3-4 times during the day before the start of the meal.

Brewing oats for the treatment of liver?

  • to boil oats to the liver, you will need to take a large pot and pour into it 1 tbsp.prepared corn, fresh or dried leaves of cranberries (3 tbsp. l.), leaves and buds of birch (2 tbsp. l.).The resulting mixture is poured with cold water (4 l.), Then the pot is transferred to a cool place left exactly on the day.Separately taken
  • 1 tbsp.rose hips and crushed, then poured 1 tbsp.water (cold) and placed on a plate heated over medium heat.Kaktolko broth begins to boil, add the necessary knotweed (2 tbsp. L.), Boil for 15 minutes.Ready drink removed from the plate, container covered with a lid and left for 45 minutes.After this time the broth is filtered and mixed with prepared oatmeal infusion.Such means can be stored in the refrigerator, but not for too long.
  • This decoction should be taken every day for half an hour before meals in the form of heat (can be heated in a water bath).Take needed 1 day 50 g, in the 2nd 100 g, and the next 150, the full course of treatment is 10 weeks, liver, and then made a little break.After a 2 week break can repeat the treatment again, but it is better not to abuse this method.
  • For an effective cleaning of the liver can be used and easier recipe oats.Take 2 tbsp.the crude grain and poured in cold water (3 l.).

Brewing oats?

  • mixture is put over medium heat and boil for 3 hours, resulting broth should be boiled down to a volume of 1 tbsp.Then drink filtered.Remember that it is necessary to drink it only in the form of heat.This broth must be prepared every day, you can not store it.A full course of cleansing the liver is 1 month.
  • can be used and dr.sposob liver cleansing using the infusion of oats.In this case, we must take the unrefined grains, rinse well and dry, grind with the help of the grinder.
  • Next oats placed in a thermos (1 tbsp. L.), And pour boiling water (1 liter.), To insist for at least 12 hours. Every day you need to drink 0.5 total volume of several techniques.This infusion should be drunk within 2 months.
  • If you wish to clean the liver and can be used a decoction of oats with lemon juice and honey.To prepare 1 tablespoon is taken.untreated grains and washed with cold water.Then oats poured boiling water (1 l.) And heated to a minimum heat for 1 hour. Then the broth is added to hot water - as a result it is necessary to get the original volume.
  • capacity with broth zamatyvaetsya towel and left for 3 hours. Then the drink is filtered, injected liquid honey (1 tbsp. L.) And lemon juice (half a lemon).To accept such a remedy is necessary for 30 minutes before meals for 1 st.A full course of treatment per month.

undergo treatment liver decoction of oats recommended for people who for a long period of time have to take antibiotics and others. Medicines.Cleaning is recommended several times a year - in spring and autumn.

However, this method has certain contraindications - is strictly forbidden to use it for diabetes, gallstone disease during pregnancy.If there is even the smallest signs of infection or cold (worried about weakness, often headaches, fever), is to postpone the course of cleaning.

Brewing oats for weight loss?

Brewing oats?

Today we know quite a number of different methods of losing weight with the help of oats, but the most common and effective are the following.

  1. Kissel oats.This jelly will not only help in the fight against excess weight, but also helps to strengthen the entire body.We must take to the bank for 3 liters.and cover ground in a coffee grinder oat grain (300 g), then the mixture is injected into yogurt (Article 0.5.), sour cream (1 tbsp. l.) and a small crust of bread.All components are mixed and filled in with water (1.5 l.) For 2-3 h is placed next to the battery.Then the mixture is filtered and poured into a pan, put over medium heat and boil before boiling.Once the jelly begins to boil, it is completely ready.To accept such a remedy is necessary before eating 0.5 Art.
  2. Infusion of oats.Take oats (2-3 tbsp. L.), Hawthorn (1 tbsp. L.), Mixed and poured boiling water (500 g).The mixture is placed on the stove over medium heat and boil for about 30 minutes.The broth is removed from the plate and left for 4 hours and then filtered.A volume of infusion should be enough for weight loss in only 1 day - before a meal it is necessary to drink 0.5 Art.
  3. Broth oats.Take oats (2 tbsp.) And filled with water (1 L)., Left on all night.In the morning the mixture is poured into a pan, put on a plate and brought to a boil.After the fire is screwed to a minimum, and the broth is cooked about 2 hours. If necessary, you can add a little water.Then, the beverage is filtered through a fine sieve frays oats and mixed with the liquid is boiled again and boil for another half hour.Ready broth may be stored in a refrigerator, but not for too long - it is necessary to adopt before the start of the meal, 0.5 st.

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various drinks based on oats are not only able to strengthen the body, get rid of some diseases, but also to help in the fight against excess weight.The most important in this process is to respect the formulation of cooking and the regularity of use.Please note, if you decide to clean a decoction of oats liver, need prior consultation therapist.

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