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How to reduce the calf on his feet: methods.

Too large eggs on their feet can upset any girl.It's not just difficulties with the selection of boots, but also the appearance of a sense of insecurity because of the inharmonious silhouette legs.Thick, overly muscled or swollen shin do not look very attractive and can make its possessor complexes.But do not worry, because knowing how to reduce eggs on their feet, you can resolve this issue.

How quickly reduce the calves?

How to reduce eggs on legs

  • In the first place we must try as much as possible to ascertain the cause excessively bulky lower legs, the most common of which are:
  • limb edema, which is accompanied by varicose veins.It may appear as a result of the high friability of tissues, accompanied by unpleasant chuvstvomzhzheniya and pain.Edema can cause some diseases.
  • innate structure of the body - the so-called hypersthenic addition.Symptoms: the predominance of muscle, bone wide, stocky figure.
  • presence of fat in the legs, which can be pronounced in the case of weight loss in the waist and hips.
  • overinflated Strong muscles.Most often this phenomenon occurs in athletes, professional dancers, with enthusiasm for a run, and of course, excessive fitness.
  • After you apply the reason for the strong development of calves, you can begin to choose the method of elimination of the defect.
  • If it's an excess of fat, then you should use the following procedures, namely:
  • regularly apply a variety of wraps with food film, thereby shin will be given a mild warming effect.Therefore, during much faster burned fat cells, also derived from the skin harmful toxins.
  • are the benefits of compliance with the special low-calorie diets with a minimum amount of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Every day it is necessary to perform a simple set of physical exercises aimed at the elaboration of the problem areas.This significantly improves the blood circulation and in the subcutaneous layer.It is important that exercises are performed daily, while welcome long repeats.
  • get rid of fat deposits and help special massagers that have a rough patch - plastic or wood (we have to act carefully to avoid bruising).

How to reduce the amount of caviar?

How to reduce eggs on legs

Women calves can be increased as a result of excessive training, which leads to the formation of excess muscle mass.It is important to remember that this can happen either because of frequent sessions, and as a result of what is present in the diet too many proteins that are essential for muscle growth.

To prevent further increase is necessary with special attention to review your diet for protein.It is useful to temporarily reduce the amount of consumption of legumes, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, and meat dishes.This makes it possible to significantly slow the growth of muscle mass.

If you can not avoid stress calves, then you have to try at least to the minimum necessary to reduce this burden - for example, use elevators, refuse to from time to hikers and cycling.

In the case of training in the gym, it is necessary to make a training program so that in the calves have a minimal impact.

To reduce the calves, you can use a special set of exercises:

  1. plié - one of the most popular exercises among professional dancers.It should be straight, feet are placed parallel to the shoulder, perform squats.It is important that it is strained thigh muscles, while the maximum bend your knees.When the first 20 sit-ups, made reliance on the whole foot, and another 20 reps need to go up on tiptoes.When performing this exercise you have to be very careful, t. To. There is a risk of serious injury.
  2. Folding knife - it is necessary to sit on the buttocks and straighten the legs fully.Just like when the stretch, you need to lean forward and stretch your arms at the same time try to touch your fingers to the foot.This position must be no less than 1.5 minutes and to perform 15 repetitions.
  3. Rope - helps reduce fine calves.Suffice it to only 15 minutes in this sport snaryade.Blagodarya jump accelerated energy consumption therefore spend all the extra calories and begin to "get dry" eggs.
  4. Rolls - This exercise is aimed at stretching the leg.It should be on your heels and march 30 times, while the must clearly feel calves.Then executed heel-sharp on your toes and have to march again.In one approach is necessary 1takoy roll.It is performed at least 4 approaches.
  5. It should be straight, feet are shoulder width a bit more of the pelvis.First, the weight is transferred to the left leg and right up and bent at the knee.Running breath and made rise on toes of the left foot.It is necessary to perform 15 repetitions for each leg, and gradually increase the load to continue.
  6. Lunges - lightweight version.In this case you should not work to not pump up the thigh muscles and reduce the calves.The feet are placed shoulder-width apart, carried out an attack, thus it is necessary to make sure that the floor does not come off the heel of the second foot.After a few seconds, return to starting position.
  7. You must be straight, feet on the width of the pelvis, feet parallel to each other.On the inhale need to climb up, and as you exhale to return to its original position.For starters performed 20 repetitions, and eventually brought to 30.
  8. Rise on toes - can be performed in several variations, so that you can choose for themselves a more suitable option.We must stand up straight, on the right leg carries the weight of the body, while the left is bent at the knee.Now you need to go up on toes (at least 15 times).Then, the exercise for the second leg.You can select a heavier version - not be on the floor and step on a step.
  9. We must kneel to no bruising, you should use the mat.Hands free, are in front, back straight.Now you need to turn to sit first in one direction, then et al., It is important to seek the most tightly pressed to the floor hip.Performed at least 20 reps.
  10. Batman - take a chair, holding back necessary to be near him, feet are parallel to each other.The right leg is stretched forward, straining his sock, and executed a sharp swing forward.For each foot have to perform 20 repetitions.

thick calves: how to reduce?

How to reduce eggs on legs

order to reduce the calves and make them more graceful enough to be only one's exercise, because even need a special attention should be your diet.Of course, not yet come up with a special diet aimed at losing weight calves, but a comprehensive weight loss can be used, thanks to which will be gradually reduced and the leg.

Meals should be balanced, thus it is impossible to load up before going to bed.Also it is necessary to abandon the use of too salty and fatty foods.If disturbed severe swelling, bedtime is recommended to put your feet on a small hill (you can take a small pillow) and hold them in this position for at least 15 minutes.Throughout the day, you should try to periodically raise the legs.In this case, not only will speed swelling, decrease calf, but also be felt total relief.

to relax the legs after exercise and to consolidate the results achieved, it is necessary to make a gentle massage.Through this pleasant procedure, after the first sessions will not be felt muscle pain.

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Volume eggs can spoil even the most slender legs.But this problem is quite possible to cope.It is recommended to use special exercises to review the diet and, if necessary, to get rid of leg edema.