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How to do makeup, pick up the color of the hair

On screen we look at the stunningly beautiful women, their natural beauty skillfully emphasizes make-up professionally done.Cover Girl, advertising stands dictate the rules of fashion - an irresistible smooth complexion, bright eyes, lipstick uniformly imposed.But not all of us have the time and opportunity to attend specialized salons, home or invite a professional stylist.But there is a solution!This article will help you learn how to apply makeup at home.

How to do makeup

beauty of each woman is unique, individual.Shades of skin, hair and eye color create a unique combination, depending on which gamma makeup varies.In general, all types of women can be divided into two major groups - women with blond hair and women with dark hair.Based on this concept, a closer look at two types of proper makeup home - for blondes and brunettes .

Makeup for blondes

Professional stylists believe that the pick up and apply makeup for girls with blonde hair unlike the more complicated than for brunettes.But you and stylist

s one goal - to create a unique image of the brilliant!

Options makeup set.It varies depending on the style of clothing, time of day, skin colors and eye mode and so on.Our goal is to teach you how to apply the makeup that emphasizes your particular, individual beauty and conceal flaws.

Makeup for blondes

current trends of recent years is the "natural" makeup nude look.Therefore we advise you to use this technique in everyday makeup.

There are some simple rules and no regrets:

  • your makeup should be of high quality.
  • Before you achieve the ideal, the right makeup you, experiment to gain experience for its establishment.
  • makeup, it is important to focus on either eyes or lips.Since the fashion of recent years allows to deviate from the pastel version of make-up, apply if the rich smoky eye make-up, do not use lipstick bright colors.In contrast, emphasizing the lips red lipstick, do not overdo it with shadows.
  • Basis is chosen on the basis of skin color and hair color are not.To create the effect, use tanning bronzer foundation.To choose the right color, apply a bit of the basics on the cheekbone, and not on hand becauseHand darker than face. day basis should be clear and thick.It is best to use transparent powder.For example, mineral powder with reflective elements will give your skin a magical glow.In the evening, on top of a tonal framework to apply a shimmering powder or powder to tone lighter base.So your skin will become attractive glow!

Makeup for blondes

  • its central location in the evening make-up shadows on pink, blue, silver or purple.Depending on the color of eyes, blonde shade can come bronze or gray shades.In daily version of make-up can do without shadows or emphasize eye shadows beige shades.For visual effect of big eyes twinkling use shimmering shades of ivory.These shadows applied to podbrovnogo line.
  • Shadows in the daily version of make-up mascara is better to use gray or brown.Blue-eyed blondes perfect blue mascara.Use instead of the special shade of eyeliner, putting their special brush.Black eyeliner is not recommended in the makeup of blondes - it looks vulgar.
  • Do not forget to gently and carefully to give brows a perfect shape with the help of the brush and gel.If your eyebrows are too light - using eyebrow pencil gray or brown.
  • If you have a cool skin tone use pink or coral pink blush - they will give the skin a soft glow.If skin tone warm - give preference peach or brownish blush.Blush is the basis and the tone should be very light.In order to achieve uniform application of the broad use professional brush or puff .
  • Optimally suited lipstick pink shades.To your lips flickered, apply a liquid lipstick or gloss over lipstick.Good looks lipstick beige or gray colors.Play around with the color of lipstick, select a color.What colors suit you - pink beige, golden beige, pale pink in the daily version.Or, coral, yellow and pink for an evening option.In the evening make-up version, you can use more vivid, saturated colors of lipstick.Avoid lipstick pearl effect.But feel free to use the gloss - transparent or shimmering particles.

Makeup for blondes

So, first we put on a cleansed face tonal foundation and distribute it with a slightly damp sponge.We emphasize cheekbones blush, as the shading region.Then apply the chosen shade on the eyelids.Hold a special shadow or pencil line delineating the upper eyelid near the lashes and lower eyelids by two-thirds.Apply one coat of mascara.Take care about the shape of the eyebrows.And at the end - we put lipstick.This version of the daily makeup.

In the evening make-up has its own specifics.In the evening make-up well to emphasize eye shadows pale lavender, gray or silver color.Again, be guided by your eye color, skin and hair.Lower and upper eyelid can be emphasized with gray or mahogany color pencil.Ink use just apply one layer, pre-curling the lashes with special forceps.

It was in the evening make-up would be appropriate bright lipstick.The shape of the lips can be a pencil to circle a semitone darker lipstick.This will make the lips more voluminous visually.For while your eyes were expressive, but not "killed" her lips around the eyes, apply a shimmering powder.

But if you have thin lips, it is best to focus on the eyes.Apply a dark gray shade on the outer edges of the eye.As well will look dark green or blue shadows that may overlap with the color of eyeliner.

Makeup for brunettes

As is the case with make-up for blondes Makeup for dark-haired girls, based on a set of rules - compatibility with the color of eyes, hair, skin and overall style.

Makeup for brunettes

But just as there are universal tips using which you will achieve excellent results by applying make-up at home!

modern make-up negates the old truth that the pastel colors in makeup brunettes are not allowed.Moreover, well-used pastel shades only accentuate your beauty.For example, a bright gray shade perfectly accentuate pale blue touches.We should not make the eyes in general "pale."The tendency is to avoid vulgar brightness, but it does not stay in the shadows nondescript makeup.

  • tonal framework, suitable to all types of brunettes - tan, tobacco or classic ocher.Powder - peach color.Your cosmetic set should be at least two-tone base.In the summer your skin noticeably smugleet, so the basics and tone should be darker.
  • Blush can use coral or red-pink flowers.
  • spectrum of shades that work for you, rather wide - gray, purple, blue shades.For light-eyed brunettes suitable malachite or silver.Sometimes - bronze will be your winning variantom.Samym popular option today evening eye makeup for brunettes is smoky eyes .tak anyway - look, experiment!
  • Lipstick in daytime makeup - pink or ruby.In the evening - a dark red or crimson-scarlet.

Makeup for brunettes

  • As regards the carcasses - here you can use almost any color - classic black, purple, dark brown.

on cleansing and moisturizing cream applied to the skin tone that suits you the basics.Selecting a tone similar to the principle of selecting foundations foundations blondes.The basis of the cover with a transparent layer of powder, to give the face a velvety effect.Then apply blush on the cheekbones.And shade them krayam.Sleduyuschim special stage eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner.Apply selected shade.On the upper lashes, apply two coats of mascara on the bottom - one.Cilia should be carefully separated and tightened using tweezers.Do not forget using a cotton swab to remove clumps of mascara.Emphasize your eyes with the help of a white pencil, draw a line along the inner edge of the lower veka.Obyazatelno shape the lashes - they naturally framing your glaz.Nanosim suitable lipstick color you need.Above, you can apply a little lipstick transparent gloss.As the makeup for brunettes focuses on the lips, make sure you circle the lip contour lip pencil, a tone darker tone of lipstick.

If you use these simple tips, your makeup will be a worthy setting your natural beauty!

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