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Diet for reflux esophagitis.

reflux esophagitis, a common ailment that affects the digestive organs.It is no secret that the treatment of any disease involves the gastrointestinal tract is subject to the special diet, which should be prescribed by a doctor.Only with the help of diet can normalize the stomach and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

Reflux esophagitis: Symptoms

main symptoms of this disease are:

  1. Heartburn;
  2. Nausea;
  3. sour taste in the mouth;
  4. Regurgitation;
  5. Belching;
  6. hiccups;
  7. pain and burning sensation in the sternum.

Diet for reflux esophagitis

To understand these symptoms and find out whether you are suffering is actually the disease or not, need to be examined and the diagnostic study esophageal motility study, esophagoscopy, fluoroscopy and monitor pH meter esophagus.Only with the help of this data can be accurately diagnosed.Make it can only be a doctor.

Reflux esophagitis: food

Like any gastrointestinal diseases, symptoms of reflux esophagitis can be eliminated by proper nutrition.It recommended eating 5 - 6 times a day in

small portions.The last meal should be at least 3 - 4 hours before bedtime.

Do not eat too cold or too hot food, so as not to irritate the esophagus and stomach.

After lunch it is not recommended to go to bed immediately.It is better to walk for an hour or just sit, to have time to digest the food, not fermented in the stomach during sleep.

Consume only those products that do not cause the appearance of heartburn.You should not overeat, and must give up foods that cause bloating.By nimmozhno include: mushrooms, green peas, cabbage, black bread, alcoholic and soft drinks, chocolate, beans, flour, dairy products, fatty meats and fish, some types of fruits and berries, spicy seasonings.In addition, it is not recommended eat fried, fatty, smoked, canned food, pickles, fast food, etc.

Be careful what foods cause your symptoms of reflux esophagitis, limit their use.

After the meal, you can not engage in physical activity and to carry out activities related to the slopes.

In acute disease doctor may prescribe a strict diet, which allows to use the following products: boiled soft-boiled eggs, sour cream, cereal, milk, low-fat cottage cheese, meat and fish souffle, steam cutlets and meatballs, crackers, baked or cooked vegetables and fruits.

Before eating necessarily drink 1 tbsp.cold boiled water to protect the esophagus and the stomach and lower the concentration of gastric acid.

dieting in reflux esophagitis, consider the individual characteristics of the organism, because the disease can provoke an aggravation of any of the products completely.

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treatment of reflux esophagitis folk remedies

Treatment of reflux esophagitis folk remedies

If you have signs of the disease should consult a doctor,to appoint a competent treatment and correct diagnosis.However, reflux esophagitis can be treated with folk remedies, which are designed to protect the esophageal mucosa, neutralizing the increased aggressive environment of the stomach and increase the muscle function of the valve.National treatment to bring results, it must be combined with proper nutrition.

  • infusion of plantain: Pour 2 tablespoonschamomile, 1 tbspbare root licorice, motherwort herb, herb plantain leaves drug melissy.Nastaivayte 2 hours and strain.The finished tincture taken 4 times a day ½ st.
  • herbal tincture: mix 1 tbspgrass ordinary oregano, leaves narrow-leaved fireweed, peppermint, calendula flowers drug, the root of sweet flag marsh, anise ordinary fruit.Pour 2 tablespoons herb mixture.cold water and leave for 2 hours. Heat the mixture in a water bath for about 20 minutes and strain.Herbal take ½ of Art.6 times per day.
  • 30 minutes before a meal, you can take 1 tbspjuice of celery root.
  • infusion of dandelion: Collect 3-liter jar of yellow dandelion heads during their flowering.Rinse the flowers, put them in a jar, sprinkling with sugar.When you fill a 3-liter jar dandelions and sugar, the ceiling for them to give juice.The resulting juice is diluted with water 1 tspjuice ½ st.water.Means drink before a meal.
  • potato broth: Rinse a few potatoes, cut them into several pieces with the skin.Pour tubers with water at a ratio of 1: 2.Put the vehicle on fire, bring to a boil and simmer for 1 hour. During cooking, add water to the original volume.Potato broth ½ take on Art.a day before meals.
  • You can also drink fresh potato juice or chew a few slices of raw potato before eating.
  • decoction of rose hips: 3 tbspdry hips pour in liter thermos, pour boiling water and leave for 6 hours. After infusion of strain and drink instead of tea.

Reflux esophagitis - a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, which is the right approach, to treat.If you have symptoms, be sure to consult your doctor, go to a proper diet, drinking herbal teas, and avoid harmful products.The sooner you start to treat the disease, the more quickly get rid of it and you will live a normal life, not limiting themselves to the food.

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