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25 shot for weight loss: the advantages and disadvantages.

25 frame - is a powerful tool that works on the subconscious, and causes the body to quickly drop those extra kilos.25 frame is a special program that is installed on your computer, run and insists.Information hidden in the frame 25 is repeated throughout the video recording and securely consolidated in the subconscious.Slimming 25 fps - a kind of coding, which does not cause harm to the body.

How does 25 fps?

25 shot for weight loss

Experts compare this method of encoding or hypnosis, but its impact is happening constantly.25 fps does not distract you from the usual activities on the computer.You can play, listen to music, print, communicate in social networks and thus lose weight.The only thing you might notice - a blinking monitor.

In the setting of the frame 25 there are certain phrases that effectively act on the process of losing weight.If you are not satisfied with this or that phrase, you can replace it and adjust the program for themselves.You can set it up to a certain weight you want to lose.

With 25 frame can not only lose weight but also to stop smoking, drinking or acquire any necessary skills.Hours with the procedure You can choose your own.The developers recommend using it for 30 minutes for 3 weeks, then take a break and then repeat.

Do not forget about the individual characteristics of each person, so 25 frames can help is not for everyone.Someone's subconscious can be easily such suggestions and will be able to help 25 frame to lose weight, while others do not obey the program and remains at the weight.

25 frames: the advantages and disadvantages

As with all methods, the frame 25 has its pros and cons.


  • program is not for everyone: it all depends on the characteristics of human perception;
  • most often give for 25 frames absolutely others. Program.This is a unique way to fraud.Therefore, if you decide to purchase technique, check the shop and read reviews about it;
  • Some 25 frame does not act the way we would like.There are people who after watching the program ill anorexia or bulimia, get more health problems.


  • You do not have to exhaust yourself physically demanding, and starvation diets.The subconscious mind will do everything for you, and it will limit the unnecessary products;
  • Technique will not take your time and effort.You can go about their business as usual and lose weight;
  • You can set the program on a certain number of kilos that you have to lose;
  • When using 25 frames you do not need to spend extra money on weight loss.By purchasing the program 1 time, you will enjoy it all my life.

25 shot for weight loss

25 shot for weight loss affirmations Louise Hay Affirmations

- a popular modern technique aimed at positive change in their lives.It is based on ancient knowledge and psychological research.If you believe the reviews, affirmations helped millions of people achieve the desired results in any sphere of life.

Affirmations are like a mantra.In this technique traced the principles applied in the practice of meditation, when the desired state is achieved through control of thought.Positive affirmations fill your consciousness, leaving no room for negative thoughts.You totally exclude them from your life.

Feature affirmations for weight loss Louise Hay is to try to influence in the investigation, but the cause of the problems.She believes that being overweight is achieved due to hypersensitivity and subconscious need for protection.It is the fear and insecurity are pushing the person on the gastronomic excesses.

Affirmation slimming Louise Hay:

«I protect universal love.I keep safe.I want to grow up and take full responsibility for your life.I forgive everyone and create the life that I like.I am in complete safety. "

In this text, there is no word about the overweight, the need to lose weight, etc.Such a direct impact on the cause of the problem allows a person to take another look at the world, to reduce their weight and self-confidence.If you liquidate your fears, and with the emergence of a sense of security is no need to jam stress.

correct affirmation should not be too long, it should not be pieces of "NO".Try to make sentences from 1 offers, at least - of 2.Make sure that the proposals were as specific as possible, and not abstract.For convenience

suitable affirmations can write on a large sheet of paper, which is recommended to hang in a prominent place.The result came as quickly as possible, from time to time you repeat them.

25 shot for weight loss

You can create your own affirmations, and you can use ready-made.For example, these:

  • «I'm beautiful.My gorgeous figure.I love myself ";
  • «I feel healthy and vigorous";
  • «I feel like a well-fed";
  • «I eat a little food, and this is enough to me";
  • «I am a calm, restrained and fed";
  • «I live in harmony with your body";
  • «I lack the 1,500 calories a day to be slim, healthy, cheerful";
  • «I work out every day for 30 minutes."

To enhance the effect of affirmations engaged visualization, ierepresentation of what you want.The details will be in your fantasies about a beautiful and healthy body, the faster will succeed.

Louise Hay advised not to rush and not to wait for very fast results.Everything will come gradually.But the changes were noticeable, nuzhnozanimatsya constantly.

Affirmation slimming Louise Hay, along with 25 overs to create real miracles.Not only will you lose weight in the eyes, but also get rid of unjustified fear, uncertainty, and to rebuild their lives in general.

25 shot for weight loss: reviews

  1. Julia: Order discs with 25 scenes via the Internet.Over 1.5 weeks I lost 9 kg, with nothing does not deny.The main thing is to tune in and hold on the first day.In general, the technique really works, although my friend it has not helped.Probably, the truth of the man and his mood depends.
  2. Irina: I was very disappointed when, instead of the promised results, my weight has remained in place.I watched 25 frame about a month according to the rules, but did not help.Only money spent in vain.
  3. Valentine: I think that the method of frame 25 - it is a real fraud.There can not be such that any program has solved the problem of man.Despite its lack of confidence, I decided to try a technique on myself and was right - pure fraud!
  4. Victoria Order the method in an online store, was satisfied.For half a year with her help I was able to lose 30 kg.Before that I neither diet or one fitness coach did not help.During frame 25 I go about their business without strain, eating almost like and just lost weight.It is now a modern miracle!

slimming Video: 25 frames

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25 frame - is a modern method of weight loss, which affectson the principle of hypnosis.Most of the program give a fake, that does not help to lose weight.Before purchasing techniques strongly recommend that you carefully examine the shop where you are going to buy it.

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