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Running for weight loss: reviews.

Women use in the fight against overweight variety of ways.Most of them lead to the fact that the weight after some time back.This is mainly due to the fact that dehydration occurs.In order to really burn body fat is best for jogging.This cardio will help you to achieve impressive results and improve health.

as running affect weight loss?

Running for weight loss: reviews

Indeed, running - one of the most efficient ways of modeling the figure.This is due primarily to the way our body is arranged.We must realize that the most correct weight loss - is the transformation of fat cells into energy.As if we did not want, they do not disappear, but only reduced in size.The main task - to burn their contents.It was then a layer of body fat starts to become less.

Running suitable for this purpose can be very useful.He called cardio.During jogging starts quickens the pulse - the heart is working faster.It is believed that under certain heart rate a person enters the so-called fat-burning zone.The body needs energy it receives from the fa

t reserves.Similar results can be achieved by jumping rope and cycling.All 3 types of physical activity are kadiotrenirovkam.

advantage of as running affect weight loss are obvious.It helps to burn the maximum amount of calories.In addition, if you are just starting to run, it is important to comply with certain conditions.They will help make training easier and more speed up the fat burning process.

Running for weight loss: Tips for Beginners

In running many important nuances.Beginning on what time of day to train and finishing speed.Many beginners do not realize that it is important to train at least a certain time.It is believed that the fat burning process starts after 30-40 minutes.So if you have run 3-4 km in 20 min., Then the benefits of weight loss will not be any.That is the way our body.Out of this situation may be several.Some coaches are advised to just run for 40 minutes.not very fast pace.The result in this case will be guaranteed.It is also advised to arrange interval running.During his alternate sprints, walking and the average rate.This method can be advised for those who have not a very good shape.

There is a special way to burn fat after the first minutes of running.In order to lose weight quickly.You can use a vitamin-like substance L-carnitine.It can be synthesized by the body and act independently with the food.L-carnitine performs many important functions.Among them - the fat burning.In fact, it transports the contents of fat cells in order that it is converted into energy.

Often in our body that lacks substance.Therefore, there are difficulties with the metabolism.There are others. Symptoms.Among them - tired.Additional receiving levocarnitine helps accelerate the fat burning process.So many people take it before jogging.There are liquid and tablet form of matter.To exercise better stop at the first.

Running for weight loss: reviews

L-carnitine is sold in stores of sports nutrition in bottles and ampoules.Normally it is taken in small amounts for 20-30 min.before the workout.During this time he begins to participate in the process of metabolism.As a result - the fat burning will begin with the first minutes of running.Therefore, you will be able to practice much less time.Drink a number of levocarnitine depends on its concentration.

Another important point - the run.Some people prefer the morning, someone evening.It is a very controversial issue.Some people think that the morning jogging helps burn more fat.On others. According to this training provides an additional load on the body.

The fact that a few hours before the evening jog can not eat almost no discussion.But breakfast before a morning run - also one of the points of dispute.It remains to advise fit into your daily workout.Run when you want it.In just a few hours before a workout is better not to eat a heavy meal.

If you decide to run, follow the generally accepted rules:

  1. Prepare comfortable clothing.Better to choose sports sneakers, in which the feet will be comfortable.In the hot summer, you can use shoes with a grid.In autumn and winter, when the weather is not very cold, it can be run in special tights.Before running
  2. necessarily mash.Make tilts in different directions, the rotation of the pelvis.It is also useful to stretch the leg muscles.To do this, rotate socks, running on the spot.
  3. Follow appliances.The foot should be placed so that a general movement reminiscent of the spinning wheel.You can alternate the types of races.For this purpose, lift the hips and zahlёst.So you will be able to train different muscle groups.
  4. If you're running on an empty stomach, after training it is necessary to eat something.It is worth doing after 30 minutes.After running.Usually eat proteins and complex carbohydrates.
  5. Remember that certain people run can be dangerous.This applies to those who have too much body weight.Such people make better use of walking and lose weight gradually.When the weight is reduced, it is necessary to enter the race.
  6. Choose the right place for training.It is believed that optimal coverage - it land.If you're running on the asphalt, it is likely to get injured.

Running for weight loss: results

Running for weight loss: reviews

training results will not take long to wait if they are approached comprehensively.It can be reset in about 1 kg per week.To do this is to adjust the menu.Reduce total caloric value.Calculate the daily rate for your age and physical activity.Then subtract from it even 10-15%.This will be enough for fast fat burning.

menu should be a lot of protein.This diet will help you to maintain and increase muscle mass.What it is more, the weight loss will go even faster.The reason is simple - the muscles consume a lot of energy.And she, in turn, stands out due to fat.

Sweets should be eaten in small amounts up to 17 hours. In the evening, the best dining in protein and complex carbohydrates.It can be boiled or baked chicken breast with vegetables.Enter the menu fish, beans, beans, soy.Dairy products should choose not very fatty.Also it is necessary to drink about 1, 5 - 2 liters.of pure water per day.It speeds up the metabolism, removes toxins from the body, it helps burn fat faster and gives a feeling of fullness.

In many ways the results of running for weight loss depends on the frequency of workouts.The first time you need to take breaks.Your body is not used to the stress.Therefore, you can run through the day.Thus the muscles are better able to recover.Also it is necessary to increase the length of runs.None of this progress would not.

advantage of jogging is that the body is losing weight complex.Thus, under the fat layer begins to form relief muscles.When you burn her surrounding will see the trained body.It's much better than losing weight on a diet.From it you will not grow muscle.In addition to important result can be attributed to increase endurance.Due to the run you strengthen the heart muscle.Go headaches, confusion, depression.

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Running not only helps to reduce weight quickly.It makes your body more resilient.In order to get rid of the extra kilos is to run for at least 40 minutes.If you are taking L-carnitine, the duration can be reduced.The quickest results can be achieved if we combine exercise with proper nutrition.If there is a menu proteins and complex carbohydrates, a sufficient amount of water and regular weekly run takes about 2 kg.

January 30, 2015 01:01
before I ran 5-6 kma day form was perfect, but there was recently tried zadyshka.Right now I want to buy L-carnitine and start running again.
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