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How to remove fat from the knees?

human body is arranged so that the fat reserves deposited unevenly.The types of figures are different.Therefore, the fact that there are people with excess capacity in the area of ​​the knee is not surprising.This problem may occur even slender girls.Some believe it unsolvable.In fact, get rid of fat on my knees only at the complex approach, which includes competent nutrition and physical activity.

thick knees: how to remove volumes?

Every woman at least once to eat a diet knows that weight out evenly.First of all, grow thin arms and chest.There are the so-called problem areas.To reduce the volume of their need to work hard.They accepted to and rollers near the knees.In order to get rid of them, you need to create the right strategy.

How to remove fat from the knees?

If you have a lot of weight, you should start to lose the bulk.It will go away little by little from the entire body.At the end of the most difficult areas remain.Conversely, if a slim physique, you have to apply the pinpoint strikes against fat.In this case, will h

elp to compiled workout.Of course, do not forget about correcting power.If the diet slim women will present harmful products, even the most strenuous exercise will not give a good result.

With a large number of overweight should first make the right menu.Calculate your daily calorie base.Do not get too much understate it.It should match your age and physical activity.Caloric intake per day is calculated by formula.Weight in kilograms must be multiplied by 9.99, height in centimeters - 6.25, age - 4, 92. All these figures add up.Then subtracted from the sum of 161. At the end of the resulting number is multiplied by the coefficient of activity.For a sedentary job, and the average load it is 1.1 and 1.4.In order to start losing weight, basic caloric intake is reduced by 10-15%.The easiest way to keep a diary in which to record the weight of food and calories.Oil from the knees with this diet starts to go through 1-1, 5 months.Without physical exertion process is rather slow.

general problem of fat in the legs and knees decided by a simple counting fat.A similar opinion was expressed by the author of "Diet for hips" Conley.The first changes you'll notice, if you reduce the amount of fat in the diet to 30-40.The body will have no other. How to burn reserves in difficult areas.Women with a lean physique can remove thick knees without recalculation calorie diet.The main thing - do not overeat.More emphasis should be placed on the quality of food and performing workouts.To begin, remove from the diet all simple carbohydrates - candy, sugar water, baking.Complex enter into the diet of a fractional.In the evening, the best such products do not have.Pay special attention to the protein food.Accelerate the burning of rollers and can be complementary ways:

Drink more water.It increases the rate of metabolism.Besides water it removes from the body toxins.After a while you will not only begin to lose weight quickly, but also notice a change in the condition of the skin.

Increase physical activity.The training is based on a combination of strength training and cardio.It is desirable to make them weekly for 3 times each species.

In order to accelerate the process of combustion cylinders, train the whole body.The more muscles, the faster the fat layer disappears.

most effective exercises for the knees

How to remove fat from the knees?

Exercises for beautiful knees should not pump the area of ​​rollers, and burn it.Therefore, use the cardio and weight load.

  1. Starting position - lying on his back.Legs are stretched.Lift them up.Bend at an angle of 90 degrees.Pull up and go back to the previous position.At run time, you should feel the warmth in the area of ​​the knees.
  2. If you prefer to do in the gym, the same exercise can be done there.Perpendicular to the back of the seat lock.Sit up straight, leaning on her.The legs bend at the knees.They should extend beyond the horizontal bar.Lift your legs up and straighten.They must be parallel to the floor.Make 30 extension.Rest for 1 minute.Repeat - another 2-3 sets.
  3. also very good with the fat on their knees cope squats.In addition, because of them worked gluteal muscles.Do not think that we are talking about regular school squats.A much better use of additional weights.When you squat hands take dumbbells.More girls are trained to use the bar.
  4. It is important to do the exercise.Crouching like a movement, when we sit down on a chair.The legs are bent so that the thighs are parallel to the floor actually.The first time you can do about 10 exercises.Over time the number of sets increases.The main thing - to monitor their situation and feelings.

There are others. exercises beautiful knees .Many of them also strengthens the buttocks, inner thigh muscles, and improve the stretch.

  1. Stand up straight.Feet shoulder width apart.Turn right.Do squats, leg stretching and bending it at the knee.In this position stay for 30 seconds.Rest hands on his knees.Straighten your back.Wash stretch the muscles.Slightly lift and take the exit to the left.Also, bend and stretch the leg.Hold this position for 30 seconds.Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  2. Stand up straight.Legs place so that the feet are parallel to each other.Shoulders straighten.Put your hands on the waist.Lift the right leg up, bending it at the knee.Take the movement of the foot forward as if you are pushing the ball.Repeat 5 times, without straightening the legs on the weight.Return to starting position.Repeat the same with the others. Leg.
  3. Another exercise helps to quickly train the muscles in the area of ​​the rollers, and burn fat.Get on your knees.Straighten your back.Get a hands behind his back and start pulling back.Try to reach them to the floor.You must feel how tense the knees.

How to remove fat from the knees?

Similar weight training bodyweight cardio is very good finish.After a period of 20 out on a treadmill or stationary bike.So you speed up the heart rate.As a result of the fat will burn faster.

addition to exercise to reduce the volume of fat is desirable to use additional methods.Many people needlessly skeptical massage and wraps.Problematic is the place to rub the rough natural sponge in the shower.Also, many women wrap film rolls with honey.To 1 tbsp.l.add 1 tbsp.l.mustard.The mixture was applied to the skin.On top of wrap film.As such, the need to lie down under a blanket for 20-30 minutes.If you start to feel a strong burning sensation, then the mixture should be washed off immediately.Wraps can be based on different ingredients.

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problem of fat on his knees familiar not only full of girls.From ugly rollers woman is not immune, even with the slim figure.The reason is simple - especially the female body.In order to get rid of fat while obesity is beginning to lose the bulk.There is no point losing weight.For slender girls better use strength exercises, involving the knees.Everyone, without exception, should reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates in the menu.

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