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The body mass index for women.

Few people know that losing weight is also important to correct.Rapid weight loss can be dangerous for the organism.There are certain medical standards that help to get ahead, whether to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.The most popular method - measurement of body mass index.It is a series of digital values.According to the formula calculate and compare them with your figure.

BMI: how to calculate?

In today's society there standards of beauty imposed by glossy magazines and fashion catwalks.They are significantly different from what is considered the norm in terms of physicians.In order not to get health problems and mentality better focus on the opinion of doctors regarding the extra kilos.There are many techniques that allow to calculate the ideal weight indicators.

The body mass index for women

The easiest way to find a body mass index for women - to compare their weight and height.From 2nd figures subtract 100. The resulting number is compared with the weight.The ideal body weight should be 2-5 kg ​​less of it.For exampl

e, if your height is 170, weight 73, the ideal would be about 65-68 kg.It is assumed that women between the ages can have equal figures 1 to 1. That is,height minus 100 for them equal weight.

Nutritionists use, etc.. Formulas.It is necessary to consider each of them individually, that is. To. They take into account the different nuances.

Quetelet Index is calculated by dividing the weight in grams by height in inches.For women 26 to 38 years the norm is considered an indicator 340-380.Deviations in a big way is a sign of excess weight.An ideal BMI for women over 40 years old varies to a value 400.

Body Mass Index: What is the norm?

  • commonly used throughout the world is considered to be another formula.Height in meters should be squared.Then the weight is divided by the resulting number.Example 65: (1.7 * 1.7).As a result, you get a digital value that should be compared with the special table.Total is present in it 4 indicators pointing to a lack of weight, normal, extra weight and painful mass.
  • index of 30 or higher - in people with a body mass index diagnose obesity.It is considered a disease.When the index of 30 should consult a doctor.Obesity greatly affects health.It is suffering from cardiovascular system and many organs.So to lose weight must be strictly supervised by a doctor.Large exercise in the first time is not recommended.Initially, people with such a measure with the right diet may experience a sharp burning fat.

The body mass index for women

  • index 25-29.9 indicates the presence of excess weight.In this case, get rid of the extra kilos to help proper nutrition and sports.From the menu on the simple carbohydrates and fatty foods.The focus is on proteins.Also, for quick weight loss should drink plenty of water.Helps reduce body mass index and cardio as running, jumping rope, long bike rides.
  • sign of normal weight is considered an indicator of 19 to 24.9.Lose weight in this index, even if you think that somewhere in the folds of the body has too much not worth it.The only thing to remember - to maintain shape.It is best not to overeat, periodically engaged in fitness.
  • dangerous is the index with the index of 18.5 or lower.Usually it indicates the weight deficit.A small body weight can also cause problems with all systems of the body, as well as obesity.In women, the menstrual cycle begins.There are problems with the reproductive function.With such a body mass index should consult a doctor.This may indicate a variety of diseases and be a sign of anorexia.
  • Before you calculate the BMI using this formula, it should be remembered that it is not for everyone.Calculations can safely try to figure their people with an average growth of 155-174 cm. If you are below or above, then the calculation will need to be obtained from the index take away or add 10%.Also it is better not to try to consider your ideal weight through BMI with regular exercise.Indicators may be incorrect due to the fact that your muscle mass is more than the average person.

How to calculate body mass index?

The body mass index for women

  1. can use formulas and Lorenz Brocchi.The first is universal enough.It takes into account different body parameters and adjusts the weight of a model.By its height in centimeters of subtracted 110. The result is then multiplied by 1.5.As a result, you get a number that is an indicator of the ideal weight for your figure.
  2. Brocchi formula may be slightly transformed.First option is suitable only for those who have averaged parameters of the structure.Many nutritionists calculate the weight of it, taking into account the type of shape.Accepted provide astenikov, normostenik and gipertsenikov.First look very fragile.They have thin bones, long limbs.Second-bodied are due to muscle mass.They can be broad bone.In hypersthenics observed difficulties fat burning.The outlines of the figures look round at the expense of body fat.
  3. decide to start with the type of its constitution.Then go to the calculations.Because of the growth of a certain number of subtracted.If it is less than 165 cm, it is equal to 100. At 166 and 175 - 106. If the increase is in the range from 175 cm. And above, subtract from it 110. Then, depending on the type of figure add or subtract 10 from the result obtained%.If the shoulders and massive chest, the value increases.On the contrary, the result obtained asthenics must subtract 10%.
  4. Lorenz Formula for women whose height is less than 175 cm. Its only disadvantage is only that after 40 years it is better not to use, t. To. It does not account for age-related changes.The calculations carried out in three stages.First of growth in centimeters subtract 100. Then again from it (initial value) subtract 150 and divide the result by 2. At the end of the 1st day is subtracted 2.
  5. Many prefer al. Ways to determine your ideal weight.This is due to the fact that we all have individual health indicators and figures.Reflection in the mirror is primarily dependent on the amount of subcutaneous and visceral fat.What it is, the more your figure from the ideal.For comparison, a woman with the same weight but different percentage of body fat will look completely different.More toned figure has one in which it is less.

ideal figure for women is considered to be 21-24% fat content.It used to be that to measure its quantity in the body can only be a doctor.Now, this procedure is more accessible.Special instruments are in gyms and fitness clubs.You can also get electronic scales with body fat measurement function.They are not very expensive, stand as usual.The device operates at the expense of pulses.It measures the time of passage through the adipose tissue and on this basis outputs its percentage in the body.

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BMI for women should be determined in order to understand whether or not to adjust the figure.For this purpose, various formulas.The most common height in meters squared.Then the weight is divided by the resulting number.The obtained result is checked in the table.Since the norm is a value from 19 to 24.9.For more reliable results should be used, and others. Methods of calculation, taking into account their age and the type of shape.