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Reasons for weight loss

People lean on the nature of the health problems associated with underweight, no, they feel good, easy to carry diseases, eat five times a day.Those who lost weight not depending on their desires, often feels weak, they have no appetite, low blood pressure.Thinness is not caused by a disease, only an aesthetic problem, because evil live longer full.

Reasons for weight loss

reasons for weight loss can be many.If thinness began to progress, it is cause for serious concern, and seeking professional help.Medical examinations and tests to help identify the causes of weight loss.If you are healthy, you need to look for the causes of thinness in the other.

Causes weight loss

  1. Malnutrition .This happens after the diet.You long to limit yourself to food, and when they reached the desired weight, you began to develop a fear of getting fat.Are you afraid of food, obesity, and therefore eat less than you need for normal functioning of the body's weight continues to fall.
  2. your diet unbalanced .The quantity and quality of foo
    d can is large enough, it may be diet and it seems acceptable to you.But over time, the body's resources are being depleted.If the body does not receive the necessary material, it starts to get calories from internal reserves.While these stocks there, all right, but after as vitamins, amino acids, minerals will be spent, degeneration begins to develop.Here it is necessary to sound the alarm until the disease has not become irreversible.
  3. Anorexia .It observed in adolescents and is associated with mental disorders.In this case, you need a psychologist.
  4. Psychological trauma can cause stress, deep experiences that lead to rapid weight loss, although in general the body can be healthy.After overcoming problems of normal weight.
  5. reasons for the rapid weight loss kroyatsya in metabolic disorders, due to an imbalance of nerve impulses.

Metabolic disorders can be caused by:

  • consequence of a serious illness, surgery.Restore power to help a balanced health food.
  • also nerve problems may be caused by irregularities in the functioning of the endocrine glands.This phenomenon requires hormonal therapy.

to stimulate the body to create fat tissue and muscles of the food calories you need to eat more to consumption exceeded its consumption .

Reasons for weight loss

not always cope with the disease is only possible with the help of nutritional therapy, sometimes requires medication, which increase appetite, improve the functioning of the digestive system, helping to produce gastric juices.

cope with thinness is not easy, so be patient, do not be discouraged because of the temporary absence of the results, believe in success.

A Have you ever encountered a similar problem?If so, you struggled with thinness?

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