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Parameters ideal figure.

At different times understanding of the ideal figure was different.But at all times the woman tried to beauty and the standards that sets the fashion.Until a few centuries ago people tried to determine what the options are ideal, and that should be taken into account in their calculation.Currently there are many equations and tables for calculating parameters in accordance with the height and weight of the human, values ​​are somewhat different.Some systems are based solely on height and weight, and take into account other human body type, and even the third age.Consider the most common system of determining the ideal parameters.What are the parameters of the ideal figure?

Parameters ideal figure

parameters for large women (boned) with an average body height (165-167 cm):

  • Waist - 70-76 cm
  • Hips - 95-106 cm
  • volume of the chest - 810 cm more than ½ of the growth
  • Bust - more chest girth 8-10 cm
  • length feet - more than 2-4 cm ½ of the growth

Women Slim tonkokostnoe addition to the average growth:

  • Waist - 60-64 cm
  • girth hips - 85-94 cm
  • volume of the chest - 84-86 cm
  • Bust - 4-6 cm more than the circumference of the chest
  • long legs - on 69 cm more than ½ of the growth

For women of average build with average growth:

  • Waist calculated by the formula - the growth of minus 10 cm
  • Hips - 20-30 cm greater waist circumference
  • volume of the chest- 2-5 ½ cm more growth
  • Bust - at 8-10 cm greater circumference of the chest
  • leg length - 4-6 ½ cm more growth

also very important figures of proportionality.It is determined by a formula that offered modern scientists.It is necessary to measure the circumference of the thigh just below the gluteal fold.The result is multiplied by the sum of the volume of the shoulder, hip and neck.With proper proportionality factor that you get as a result of calculation, should be in the range of 0,54-0,62.

Parameters ideal figure

can find the ideal settings for the following formula:

  • Waist - 2 girth neck
  • neck girth - wrist circumference 2
  • Average ratio of hip ratio and waist - 0,6-0,72

Parameters ideal figure

Alternative Formula:

To calculate the ideal parameters for this formula, multiply the value of their height in centimeters by the coefficient listed below:

  • waist 0,35-0,4
  • For breast 0,5-0,55
  • for hip 0,52-0,6
  • to wrap shins (in the most protruding part of the calf muscle) 0,21-0,23
  • to wrap wrist 0,09-0,1
  • to shoulder width 0,18-0,2
  • for neck circumference 0,18-0,2

Previously to determine the optimum weight use the formula, where from its height in cm had to take 100. The resultingnumber, according to experts, who brought this formula should have been considered by your ideal weight.

But later found that this formula is not entirely correct and accurate.It is suitable only for people from 45 years, and even then not always.And if you use this formula, the slenderness and thinness would be considered something abnormal, respectively, all the tall people with asthenic constitution would be considered unhealthy.

now added to this formula addition, in accordance with age.For example, for women 20-30 years of indicator must be subtracted from the obtained 12% after 50% add 5-7.But then again, with the new formula takes into account the amendments do not build, and many experts believe that it is better not to use, and to determine the parameters of the special tables.

Ideal proportions of the female body: table

Exercises for the ideal figure

is important to know how much weight will be optimal for you.If this figure is greater than or, on the contrary, less than the norm, it is necessary to adjust shape.After all, once and underweight - is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also harmful to health.

  1. initial position - on his knees, the back should be straightened.Hands straighten and lift up, stretch.Slowly lower your arms, palms facing upwards and held in a horizontal position.Repeat about 10 times.
  2. Starting position - standing with your back straight, feet placed shoulder-width apart.Hands lift forward to shoulder level, palms, connect, and push each other hard, and then relax.Make sure that your elbows positioned at the same height.Do this 15 times.
  3. initial position - kneeling.Straighten your back and pull your arms forward at shoulder level.Then he rewound his hands behind his back as much as possible, and springy swing them.Do repeat the exercise 10 times.
  1. Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart.From such a position do springy slopes in opposite directions and waving his arms above his head, first right, then left.Try to do the maximum deflection.Exercise should be repeated at least 10 times.
  2. Starting position - sitting on the floor, his hands clasped behind his head.Carry forward bends and elbows touch the knees.Do springy rocking in such a position.Repeat 15 times.
  3. Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart.Hands combine high above his head, make the maximum right and left turns.Follow body circular motion, so repeat 15 times.
  1. initial position - on his knees, his hands holding on to the heel.Make deflection so that the body from the hips is in the same line.After Flex the upper body to the extent possible, back and leveled off.Perform each exercise 10 times.
  2. Starting position - sitting on the floor, hands on the rest on the floor.Legs pull and lift.Then, while holding the legs in the air, spread them apart, as much as possible.Keep feet again and slowly lower them to the floor.Do this 10 times.
  3. Start position - kneeling.From this position slowly sit down on the floor, first right, then left.At the same time diverted to the hands of the opposite side.Perform each exercise 15 times.
  1. initial position - on his knees, his hands apart.Alternately, have a seat on the floor, leaning to the right and to the left.At each change of the position of the trunk straighten.Do this exercise about 15 times.
  2. Starting position - hands on her waist, feet shoulder width apart.Perform circular movements hips right and left.Do repeats 10 times.
  3. Starting position: standing, his knees bent.How can you raise the legs up and hold them for a while in a stationary position, and then put aside.Exercise should be repeated 15 times.

elastic and flat stomach - the dream of many of the fair sex.However, even the girls with proportional figure ugly folds of fat are found in this area.To tighten the stomach and cause muscle tone do these exercises:

  1. Starting position - standing, feet brought together, hands on her waist.During inhalation, as much as possible gather in the stomach, and when you exhale, relax it.Perform 30 times.
  2. Starting position - standing, his back against a wall.Keep legs and hands extend along the body.As you inhale, lift straightened hands and fingers touch the wall.During the exercise keep the body straight, and then return to the starting position.Do repeats 30 times.
  3. Starting position - sitting on the floor, legs straight, hands behind his back and rest on the floor.Slowly lie down on the floor.Legs thus should remain straight, arms placed alongside the body.Take the starting position.Perform each exercise 20 times.
  4. Starting position - lying on his back, legs straight, arms out to the sides.Alternately tighten the legs to the abdomen and chest while throwing knees and crossing your feet.Take the initial position.Perform repetitions of 10 times.
  5. Starting position - lying on his back.Foot lift at a right angle and then gently place them on the floor.Bending your knees, tighten them to the stomach, and then straighten your back and pull up.Do 10 repetitions without interruption.
  6. Starting position - lying on his stomach, his hands grasp the ankles.Upper body lift and lower your head back and shook her in that position.Perform each exercise 15 times.
  7. Starting position - sitting on the floor, pull the legs.Behind lean on his hands.Hold a small ball of the foot and lift the leg as high as possible, but keep your knees together.Repeat 20 times.
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  • modeling figure.Is it possible to lose weight often?

If you think that your body is far from ideal, this set of exercises for you!Just a few minutes a day, and the figure will be the subject of your pride.Do not believe me?Be sure to check!

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