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Music for weight loss - 100% method

you think that the process of weight loss is always fraught with hardships, constraints, changing lifestyles and excludes pleasure?In fact, everything is much more pleasant.Scientists from Montreal proved that favorite music can contribute to weight loss .

Do you like music?So you can outsmart the body and give it instead of serving a portion of sweet pleasant sounds.Feel the rhythm of the strength to overcome the reflex absorption of food.Not only nutritionists, cosmetologists and use this technique to the spa, the music helps to relieve fatigue, stress, and thus put himself in shape becomes much easier.

Music slimming

experts confirmed that music for weight loss is very effective .After the melody is pleasing perception pleases and soothes, improves mood and hormone production schastyatak well as a chocolate bar.Man gets pleasure comparable to the appreciation of food, sex.This explains why music is so highly valued by humanity.

But the melody should be loved .It is this melody increases dopamine levels


hundred volunteers in the study, it was found that the positive effect has a melody without words.The words evoked the audience Association, which blocked the therapeutic effect.

Music can replace food.When during the diet you have the feeling of hunger, cheat the body, including your favorite songs, even if he takes pleasure in another way.Some consider this unethical use of musical works, but in the fight against overweight all means, especially affordable, good.

True, this method is not suitable for people with no musical ear and developed musical taste.But this can be corrected.Enjoying associated with recognition.One does not always like the food at first glance, it is necessary to taste, to love, to get used to, and the same with music.The melody should be heard more than once that she loved, from gourmet to become not just a music lover, but strategically necessary.

sweet music together wonderful panacea for weight loss - the revived spirit, forgot about hunger and the pleasure received.

as practiced music for weight loss?

Music slimming

Choose a relaxing melody that helps you to forget, to dream, to recall the pleasant moments of the past.Typically, such action renders the music at which the heart beat of 60 beats per minute.Such frequency normalizes metabolism and has a wellness character.If you pleasant memories and dreams you surrender to the aromatic bath, the effect of weight loss will increase.At this point the rest imagine yourself slim, beautiful.

musical auditory training not only helps to cope with hunger, but will strengthen the forces support, will fall in love with your body.

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