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How to love your body?

Luxury feel comfortable in your body statistics available only two women out of three.25% of women are hoping that will be happier if you lose weight.But satisfaction and joy will not come to the place of the lost kilograms, if you do not learn to love yourself, love your body.

How to love your body?

One reason anorexia is a dislike to her.Even those women who brought his body to exhaustion, still consider themselves fat.

Learning to love yourself is strategically important , if you do not learn to love your body , is it worth to rely on mutual feelings of others.

How to love your body?Guide to Action

1. Pay attention to the advantages of the figure .Each person can find something in their appearance than to be admired.Try right now to find a 2 - 4-esteem of his body.Remember the compliments that I have ever done.Ask your man call what you have to like him.Then dress to emphasize their dignity.

2. Look at your naked body often .Do not come to the mirror with a dismissive look.Undress, examine your body in

the mirror, roll to a different Toron to see his body.Enjoy the fact that you like, and then move the view of the figure flaws, but do not dwell on them and just look.Do this exercise every day, praise yourself compliments.When you look at yourself will like it, move on to another exercise.

How to love your body?

3. Take care of your body , start to care for it, make gifts to their figure, buy cleaning products, go for a massage.Since your body can bring you pleasure, for it is already possible to love it.

4. Do not compare yourself to the models on the cover .Everyone used to seeing perfect nude body from the TV screen, in magazines, faced with the reality of it is difficult, we have to think that everything is perfect except you.Go to the nudist beach, look from a distance, and you will realize that real people are far from ideal sung.However, this does not prevent many to live and be happy.Do not compare yourself with people who are beautiful body helps to make money, especially since all the photos in fashion magazines are treated in Photoshop.Compare yourself with women of your age and lifestyle and you'll find that perfect look.

5. Do not impose their complexes other people .A man has to know what you do not like in yourself.In any female figure there are fans. important to be well-groomed and again to love yourself .If you are charming, cheerful, only stupid man will leave you because of the extra kilos, but the sad skinny will bring all crazy.If a man criticizing your forms, you are constantly dissatisfied, with no apparent reason, he has a bad temper.You do not need the extra facilities you need another man.

6. most important self-fulfillment in all areas of .Problems with the figure will bother you less if you will be successful on the job, a happy marriage.

How to love your body?

7. Another little secret, praise clothes, hairstyles her friends, and if you're brave enough , even strangers you women do it sincerely.You see, as a compliment made by another cheer up you. You will learn to see the good, not only to others but also to himself.

Love for yourself does not come overnight, it needs to nurture, nourish, cherish, then, as in the tale of the ugly duckling, the body will respond to you in return, and you'll turn into a beautiful swan.

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