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Failure monthly for weight loss.

menstruation process is very complex , as in any other complex system it may not function properly.

weight and menstruation linked. Availability depends on the regular monthly adipose tissue, if the amount is less than 20% of body weight, menstruation becomes irregular.

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Most teens do not like your body, this complex often leaves human life.But at a young age girl throwing to the winds just to reach the desired weight.Hunger strikes, torture themselves jogging on an empty stomach.

Excessive weight loss causes menstrual irregularities.Going over the line 15% weight loss leads to the cessation of menstruation.Also incorrect slimming reduces the size of the ovaries and uterus. long absence of menstruation can lead to infertility and childbearing.

If you have gone monthly, immediately seek medical attention.

But not necessarily menstruation should disappear from the wrong weight loss, maybe you gipomenoreya.

Gipomenoreya - emmeniopathy , which is characterized by short duration the slim men

strual bleeding lasting at least 3 days.This disease is of childbearing age may lead to problems conceiving.It is a violation of the menstrual cycle is common in women suffering from anemia, malnutrition.It leads gipomenorei use some means to lose weight, a violation of the diet.

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By failure can cause monthly excessive exercise , which also lead to the loss of a large percentage of fat tissue.

Crashes monthly for weight loss common.How to avoid it?

  • Avoid sudden drastic weight loss.
  • Lose weight should gradually correct.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise at the wrong diet.

on our website in the weight loss you will find many ways to lose weight without harm to health.

So the answer to your question - is it excessive thinness may outweigh the joy of motherhood, and a happy family life?Young girls are often indifferent to their monthly or not, the main harmony.This harmony is very dangerous, because the recovery process of menstruation is extremely problematic.Today, hormone treatment does not cause a set of extra kilos, but in any case the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

How to restore menstruation after weight loss exciting question for many girls.Often treated with diet leads to a set of lost kilos, so before you go on a diet, rational approach to the process, choose the method allows to lose weight properly, gradually let it take more time, but health is more expensive.

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But what if the missing periods, how to restore the menstrual cycle?

Rules of Conduct for the failures in the month.VERDICT

  • Treat yourself amenorrhea can not be!
  • call a doctor gynecologist is necessary, it will help to find out whether the absence of menstruation is due to weight loss.
  • Proper nutrition, even diet, but a complex of the regime.

See also: reasons meager monthly.

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