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What makes bubble gum?

Remember as a child we were wondering, What makes bubble gum?I remember we even invent their own recipes, and fun to share with each other the secrets of cooking.Although homemade gum was obtained was not such as shops, everyone was happy.Today we will try to catch up and prepare this chewing gum at home.In the USSR

gum imported illegally, and if a person chewed it, he was considered a success.Even in the "dashing" 90th gum pointed to the social status of a person.

Over time, Russia decided to start our own production of this product.Thus, through various experiments, the market appeared "Frutella."Later conditioners experimented with different methods of preparation of the product.Gum produced even from the resin and birch juice!Despite the fact that such a chewing gum is, frankly, not very appetizing appearance, it is quite delicious and, most importantly, useful for our body.

How to make chewing gum at home: a recipe


  1. Powdered sugar
  2. corn syrup
  3. Citric acid
  4. Glycerin
  5. flavor


  • Mix everything except the powdered sugar and flavor until smooth.Cooked weight to put in the microwave for 1 minute.
  • When all the ingredients are dissolved, and the mass becomes very sticky and pulling, to get it out of the oven, and add flavor. Warning!This should be done very quickly, because the flavor is to get it into the hot mass!
  • To build a small mound of powdered sugar, and slowly pour the melted mass there.
  • powder can be used instead of sugar, but it will squeak on the teeth.
  • Slowly stir the mass until complete thickening and hardening.
  • Homemade gum split with a knife to the same figures and wrap them in beautiful wrappers.

Gum, cooked at home, is considered more useful.And your child to see with their own eyes that you know how to cook gum, will take you witch!

Chewing gum for weight loss: Truth or Myth?

Did you know that chewing gum is not only delicious, but also useful, because it helps to lose weight?Moreover, this method has already been used millions of girls and women around the globe!You do not need to spend time and money searching for "special chewing gum for weight loss."Suitable most common chewing gum!

Most magazines claims that chewing gum burns as much as 100 calories per hour!Is it really?The answer is - yes!It turns out that when you chew gum, the stomach begins to produce gastric juice as after a meal.This fixes the brain and produces a signal that is fed body.Therefore, the feeling of hunger for a while blunted.In other words, chewing gum, we are deceiving your body.

There is also a special chewing gum for weight loss, which contains fat-burning ingredients.This produces a gum-known American company Slim Gum.It is used by professional athletes and women who are actively involved in sports.

However, remember that losing weight with just one chewing gum - the method questionable and unsafe for health.In no case do not chew gum on an empty stomach!Gastric juice in an empty stomach can cause the appearance of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, up to a stomach ulcer.

If you want to lose weight without harming their health at the same time, start with proper nutrition and exercise.Chewing gum is only intended to blunt the feeling of hunger in between meals.

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For example, if you are used to a lunch break to look in a nearby cafe, and there to enjoy a cup of coffee and fragrant pastries, better chew gum!You will feel satiety, but in this case, instead of the usual 400-500 calories in your body will go only 150-160 (this figure is calculated calorie chewing gum).If you adhere to these rules, the problem of excess weight gradually cease to bother you.

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