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Menu in 1000 calories per day.

Restricting caloric intake has long been recognized as one of the most successful moves in the fight against excess weight.The vast majority of diets reduces this figure to critical marks, but the most sparing techniques offer to fix it for 1000 kcal.But it looks like the menu at 1000 calories a day?How it correctly to make?

1000 Calorie Diet: Menu, features, advice

one of the organizations for Health figures were derived common dietary energy separately for each sex.Transgress this forbidden even in the face of an acute desire to lose weight, but still low-calorie diets do not lose popularity.

one that speaks of the need to keep within 1000 kcal, still quite loyal.It is allowed to follow the rules for 2 weeks, then will have to increase calorie menu.

By and large, this is a reasonable algorithm, for example, for the warm season.The daily power supply circuit can be formed so as not to feel the hunger and the body does not impoverish.But it will have to try.And the first thing to fix in mind that

all the calorie intake should be as useful.With such a framework to maintain a balanced diet is quite simple.

The basis of this diet should be food with a low glycemic index: it is most fruits and vegetables.From plant group especially close attention to compile the menu for 1000 kcal deserves any kind of cabbage, sweet pepper and cucumber, asparagus beans.An excellent choice would be citrus, pineapple.Peaches, nectarines and kiwi are suitable for snacking and elevated blood sugar.

protein group also is required, and, provided it is not only some dairy products, and meat, and marine life.Since 1000 kcal - it is still not too much will have to follow the energy value.So often purchase veal or chicken instead of lamb and pork.But fat cottage cheese or yogurt will not play a special role.In addition, the diet to 1000 calories a day from your diet removes fats, which should come from nuts, fish, butter.The last is not heat-treated form.

Menu in 1000 calories a day

in question reduced calorie meals will help steamer.This is the best way to cook the most light food, in addition, time-saving.The same figure in it is brought to the desired condition faster than in a pan on the stove.Not too much to increase the energy value of foods and cooking with baking, if you do not use additional fats.The main thing - do not fry or do it on a dry frying pan.

Sample menu at 1000 calories a week

At first, make the menu for a day will have to examine carefully the information on the packaging or on the Internet, as well as weighing products.In the future, already be able to do about it.The most commonly used products are suggested to be a sign, to have information at your fingertips.

What could be the diet for a week?We will try to bring the most interesting and varied scheme.


  1. Breakfast recommended divided in half: the main satiety have for lunch, while after waking up drunk to a cup of tea or coffee.For her - half a grapefruit.
  2. Lunches perform serving (50 g of dry cereal) porridge, drenched with boiling water.Experts for reasons of conservation benefits advise that way to cook porridge, instead of cooking it for a long time.For oatmeal - 1 tsphoney and cinnamon.
  3. Lunch been much denser: rather weak chicken broth that is cooked on chicken breast (250 ml), a large tomato or bell pepper.You can take a slice of yesterday's bread.
  4. By mid-morning snack is taken savory apple, baked in the oven.
  5. supper salad can be prepared from cabbage and cucumber.Dressing 1 tsp actolive oil.Portion - 200 g


  1. first breakfast can not be changed if it is enough for you.Otherwise - a cup of tea is added to boiled egg.
  2. Lunch - a banana or peach 2-3.
  3. Dining pumpkin squash puree without sugar, cream and butter.In 200 g portions to him can take 100 grams of boiled beef.
  4. At snack - yogurt in the amount of 1 tbsp.
  5. supper Greek salad (150 g).


  1. breakfast in tandem with herbal tea make millet porridge on the water (50 g of dry cereal), it is added to dried apricots (20g).
  2. for lunch - orange.
  3. Dine suggested chicken breast, carrots and onions, stewed with water.Serving dishes - 200 grams
  4. In any snack handful of berries.
  5. supper is cucumber-tomato salad (200 g).

Menu in 1000 calories a day


  1. Morning is proposed to start with a cup of yogurt and a pinch of cinnamon.
  2. Lunches perform 2
  3. Meals are baked in the skins of potatoes (200 g).It is allowed to take 10 grams of butter and a sprig of parsley sure.
  4. snack suitable for 5-7 almond kernels.
  5. desirable casserole supper consisting of eggplant and tomato, filled with egg white with the addition of grated cheese.You can eat up to 150 g


  1. to a cup of coffee on a dry frying pan 1-2 slices of bread.It can be cut to 40 g of solid cheese.
  2. for lunch -chereshni 200 g
  3. Lunch steam salmon (150 g).To her side dish perform medium-sized cucumber and lettuce.
  4. Snack omelette presented in a double boiler.Cooking of egg whites (2 pcs.) And low-fat milk.Supplement - pepper.
  5. For dinner boiled asparagus (200 g), combined with cherry tomatoes (3-4 pcs.).


  1. morning begins corn porridge (dry - 50 g).
  2. Lunch represented a major apple or peach.
  3. For dinner made from minced turkey cutlets cooked in a double boiler (150 g).On a garnish - cauliflower (200 g).
  4. By mid-morning snack is offered freshly squeezed juice from the orange.
  5. Dinner is served vegetable broth (250 ml), to him a loaf of bread (35 g).


  1. recommended for breakfast in the oven to make cheesecakes, mixing low-fat cottage cheese with egg white, vanilla sugar and a pinch of semolina (2-3 pcs.).These same - green tea.
  2. for lunch taken half pomegranate.
  3. Dining cooked rice (100 g ready-made), and a mixture of steamed carrots with pepper (150 g).
  4. 2-3 mandarin perform snack.
  5. Celery salad with greens, which boiled egg - Seventh Day dinner.

As you can see, even if the diet is not rich, but not hungry.At long intervals between these meals is allowed to take 1 piece of fruit or vegetable, to the extent that does not exceed 100 calories.

Menu for 1000 calories a day: reviews and expert opinion

Menu in 1000 calories a day

the part of nutritionists to such a diet is not the most flattering comments.On the one hand, the 1000 kcal not so far from minimum strap supplied for women.C. et al. - Almost critical value, no problems perceived only in the absence of sport.Minimum exercise in a gym in the morning or easy home workout will not do: we'll have to increase the energy value of at least 1,200 kcal.

Often you can hear that the understatement of strips up to 1000 kcal detrimental to metabolism.Leading nutritionists make their own adjustments, if such a framework to hold only 1-2 weeks, and even after the increase by 200-300 calories, your metabolism will not worsen.In contrast, given the fractional power and not too large batches it improves speed.

tried this technique a woman say that in comparison with the more stringent low-calorie schemes is very loyal to the system.The probability of failing at it smaller, and most of them occur at too sharp reduction of the energy value of the menu.In addition, there may be hypoglycemic reactions during severe stress: depleted diet on complex carbohydrates.

single moment stands lowering the load on the pancreas and liver.Because this type of diet is perfect as a prophylactic measure.A chtobyizbezhat backlash from kidney is gradually diminish calorie.If initially it reached 2000 kcal, it takes at least a week to smooth her fall.It will be a preparatory stage.

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If you want to personally assess the menu at 1000 kcal per day, make sure that the contraindications to this eating plan you are not available.Among them, in addition to the pregnancy and lactation period, the number of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract that are in the acute stage.This diet is different enough variety and transferred fairly easily, but the time should not exceed 1-2 weeks, asIt is a low-calorie.