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Salad with wild garlic: how to cook?

Ramson - the product is definitely not for everybody.However, not being a basic component of the dish, it can appeal to almost everyone, spicing touch.The most commonly practiced in the use of green salads, which increases their value to the body.Every hostess is helpful to know how to prepare a salad of garlic, and what tricks are present in the cooking process.

salad with wild garlic: food choices

Salad with wild garlic: how to cook?

Before develop specific recipes, it is worth a few words to say about the intricacies of the leeks, and select it.The main criterion here, of course, visual freshness.Leaflets should not look wrinkled, flaccid.Ideally, they are missing any damage.If leek is taken from your own site, it is there on the same day, freshly cut.

Keep the greens can be used only for 4 days, and the shoots must lie in the refrigerator previously sprinkled with water.The method of drying and grinding with wild garlic is useless: it greatly reduces its value.But freezing is allowed, but no more than a year.

for dishes with wild garlic suitable product in fresh and pickled.The second option would be to taste like a caper.

combined with this green way almost every vegetable, meat, eggs and cheese.It is interesting to set off wild garlic cream sauce, if it replaces basil and perfectly complement the soup or hodgepodge.About what marvelous leave her savory pies, you can not mention.

However, even though that garlic is present a long list of useful features, its use should be limited or reduced to "no", if there are ulcers of the stomach or gastritis in acute stage.The daily rate of the green should not exceed 17-20 shoots, not to replace it with a positive impact on diametrically opposite.

salad with wild garlic and eggs: the best recipes

most accessible recipes that can be implemented for 2 min., With a nearly empty fridge - salad with wild garlic and eggs.Of course, the easiest way to elementary crumble boiled egg, mix with chopped garlic shoots and pour vinegar or lemon juice.But you can add a little bit of imagination and transform even such trivial dish - to highlight the dining room table.For example, due to the sauce.

salad with eggs and wild garlic sauce

Salad with wild garlic: how to cook?


  1. Ramson - 2 beam
  2. Eggs - 3 pcs.
  3. sesame oil
  4. milk (cream) - 50 ml
  5. lemon juice - 2 ch. L.
  6. ginger powder - 0.5 hours. L.
  7. Salt and pepper - to taste Preparation


  • lettuce is boiled for 3 hard boiled eggs, to be converted into small cubes.
  • then just cut 2 bunches plucked and washed garlic.
  • ingredients together in a large bowl, lightly flavored with pepper and salt.
  • Separately preparing the sauce: sesame and vegetable oil in a ratio of 1: 2 is supplemented with 50 ml of milk or cream.1-2 min.All liquid whipped hand blender, turning into a mass similar in consistency to yogurt.
  • Then poured lemon juice and pour ginger powder.If desired, the prepared sauce mitigated sugar.

salad with eggs, garlic with olive oil

based on garlic and eggs should try another version of the salad, ideal for any meat dishes.

Salad with wild garlic and eggs


  1. cucumber - 2-3 pcs.
  2. Eggs - 2 pcs.
  3. Ramson - 1 bunch
  4. parsley, dill - 0.5 beam
  5. Olive oil


  • 2-3 fresh cucumber small cleaned and cut plates, which are then further divided into 4 parts.
  • cooked hard-boiled eggs, broken into small cubes.
  • beam garlic should break as finely as possible.
  • Another green note - parsley or dill from them quite half of the beam.
  • perfect for filling olive oil and your favorite herbs in a dry powdered form.

Salad of wild garlic, eggs with sour cream

Salad with wild garlic and eggs


  1. Ramson - 1 bunch
  2. Corn - 1 Bank
  3. Cucumber - 1 pc.
  4. Radishes - 150 g
  5. Smetana
  6. Eggs - 2 pcs.
  7. cumin, coriander - to taste


  • vegetables, eggs and greens cut arbitrarily.Add corn and mix well.
  • Sauce perform cream and sour cream combined in equal shares, to which is mixed coriander and cumin.If necessary, you can salt the salad.

Salad of marinated garlic: interesting recipe

Salad with wild garlic and mushrooms

salads, which include pickled wild garlic in cooking is very little attention is paid.What is unreasonable even for reasons of amazing taste of the product, and its many benefits.

hearty dinner will be the composition of the mushrooms, beans and garlic.Wanted to boil eggs in the amount of 2.3 pc., Selected 100 grams of mushrooms (pickled or salted better), clean the bulb onion salad varieties (eg Eksibishen).Also required jars of pickled garlic and canned beans in tomato juice.Each product should be 100 g Beans can simply boil if there is no desire to take a ready-made.The sauce is sour.Smetana requires 200 g, fat content does not matter.Final note - spicy herbs and spices.

Preparation takes 2-3 minutes, eggs and mushrooms .: interrupted knife into small squares, torn leek, beans added to the whole bowl.Onion bulb is broken down into half rings.Sour cream whipped with herbs.She is charged with preparing salad.

those who think, where else can add pickled wild garlic, experienced hostess recommended to try to turn it into a recipe Laghman component or make stuffing dumplings.Usually, there is still need to mashed potatoes and onions.These dumplings are often then fried in a pan.

How to cook garlic salad with cottage cheese?

Ramson interesting in combination with cheese.This green salad - a real salvation for those who are sitting on the protein diet.Cottage cheese is better to take home, but also low-fat will not worse.It is enough of 2 200 head radish washed and cleaned, cut thin plastic, intervene in the curd.A bunch of wild garlic (fresh), onion and feathers are torn or shredded with a knife.The final touch - a pinch of pepper.If the dish is a protein diet, it is charged with sour cream.

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is no coincidence that many housewives often use wild garlic in cooking.In skilled hands it will become a universal ingredient supplement that converts any main dish or appetizer.Despite the specific taste, garlic shoots used in moderation, will please any gourmet.