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Polenta with milk.

Polenta appeared in our country recently, but despite this, she went into the daily diet of many people.The dish is not only amazing taste, but also a mass of useful properties.Corn grits used to prepare porridge, is a versatile product, so it may be included in various recipes.

What is the use of corn porridge?

Use corn grits is retained even after heat treatment: all elements and vitamins fully ingested.The product contains a large amount of vegetable protein and valuable substances (lysine, cysteine, arginine, histidine and tryptophan).Linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic unsaturated fatty acids helps the body to regulate blood cholesterol levels.Many doctors advise to eat porridge for people suffering from blood diseases, diabetes, allergies and gastrointestinal diseases.

Polenta with milk

Because of B vitamins contained in the rump, a man easily overcomes depression.Vitamin E is beneficial to the state of the nails, skin and hair, so for a long time preserved the beauty and youthfulness.Vitamin PP regulate vit

al processes in the human body, but because of vitamin A increases immunity.

Silicon helps to regulate the digestive system, phosphorus - regulates the nervous system.Part of the cereal dietary fiber relieves the body from decay products, toxins.

corn porridge is often used in baby food, t. To. She is considered to be low-allergenic product.

This course is quite a low-calorie, so it is often used during a diet.Calorific value of corn porridge is vsego86 kcal per 100 g of product.

This product may, in some cases, cause damage to the body.Experts do not recommend its use for people with poor appetites and underweight.Corn porridge is contraindicated in patients with gastric ulcer, especially in the period of exacerbation.

How to cook corn porridge?

How to cook corn porridge?


  1. Corn grits - 1 tbsp.
  2. water - 2 tbsp.
  3. milk - 2 tbsp.
  4. Butter - 2 tbsp
  5. salt and sugar - to taste


  • In a small saucepan pour the milk, put on fire and bring to a boil.Wash the corn grits.In others. Pot, pour water, add salt and bring to a boil.In boiling water Stir in cereal, cook for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly.Water should be almost completely boil.
  • Pour into porridge hot milk, stir and continue to cook on low heat for about 15 minutes.Porridge is necessary stirring every 5 minutes, otherwise it may stick to the pan.
  • in the finished porridge put the butter, stir and add the sugar.This dish is served hot, especially for breakfast.

corn porridge with milk: the recipe

Corn porridge with milk: the recipe


  1. Corn flour - 3 tablespoons
  2. Milk - 300 ml
  3. Water - 150 ml
  4. Salt - to taste


  • Sift cornmeal, dilute it with water.Pour the milk into a small saucepan, bring to a boil and slowly enter the weight of the flour, stirring constantly.Season with salt and cook the porridge on low heat for 10 minutes.
  • Serve corn porridge with milk hot.
  • may wish to add a piece of butter, grated cheese, cheese or jam.

Polenta with dried apricots and raisins

Polenta with dried apricots and raisins


  1. Corn grits - 1 tbsp.
  2. Dried apricots - 100g
  3. Raisins - 100 g
  4. Water - 4 tbsp.
  5. Butter - 4 tbsp
  6. sugar and salt - to taste


  • Rinse dried, cut into small pieces and place in boiling water.Add salt and sugar.Bring to a boil again, pour the corn grits and simmer until thick.
  • Place the pot of porridge in others. Pot with water and place in a preheated 150 degree oven.Bake until cooked.When serving pour the butter.

porridge made of corn grits with cheese

Porridge made of corn grits with cheese


  1. Corn grits - 1 tbsp.
  2. Water - Article 2.5.
  3. Onions - 1 pc.
  4. Brynza - 100g
  5. Vegetable oil Salt and sugar - to taste.


  • Cook corn porridge on the water.Peel the onions, wash and cut into small cubes.
  • brynza and cut into small cubes.A little cool porridge, mix with cheese and onions.
  • Pour the finished dish with vegetable oil and serve.

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Polenta - one of the favorite dishes of Moldovans, Romanians and Italians.Each kitchen as additives using different ingredients.Despite the fact that the Russian porridge made of corn grits appeared quite recently, I loved it and happily eat.Our hostess often prepare it with milk and butter.

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