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Bonn soup: recipe for weight loss.

In today's world there are many diets that promise quick weight loss.However, many of them make you literally starving.For Bonn soup diet "is not true.Using Bonn soup diet to lose a few extra kg., Without exhausting himself to death.

Diet Bonn soup: Fundamentals

This diet was invented by scientists from America due to the increased number of people suffering from obesity.The power supply system on the basis of the Bonn soup designed to help people in a relatively short period of time to lose a few extra kg.As a result, a soup diet has become popular all over the world, thanks to the positive reviews, both consumers and scientists.

Bonn soup

In this diet there are a few basic rules:

  • Eliminate alcohol, sugar, flour and others. Confectionery products
  • Daily consumption of water should be at least 1.5 liters
  • in dietingIt should be clear pattern, i.e., these products it can be used only on certain days.Change the days in some places you can not!
  • need daily weigh-in, so you can watch the result.This s
    hould be weighed in the morning.
  • Soup, forming the basis of the diet, you can eat whenever feel hunger.Recommended even pour it into a thermos in the morning so you can eat during the day.
  • Some of days allowed the consumption of meat.It is better to choose lean skinless chicken or beef, from which to extract pre-fat.
  • butter and sunflower oil are also prohibited.To this end, there is only 1 day where you can eat with baked potatoes.
  • Fruits and vegetables are allowed in the diet can be divided into 3 groups: fat burners, fat blockers and low-calorie foods.

By szhigatelyamzhira primarily include avocados and pineapples.These foods have a low caloric value and can choose to fight the fat cells.Avocado can become a substitute for sweets, because, due to fatty acids contributes to enhancing metabolism.

The group blockers includes apples and carrots.They contain pectin, contributing to the movement of food through the digestive system.During the use of products blockers excess fat simply enters the cells of the body.Also, this group includes soybeans.They contain solanine, which do not pass into the circulatory system of cholesterol.

essential for normal functioning of fiber and herbal compounds provide you calorie foods .They do not contain fats.These include watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers.

Bon soup diet: menu

Bonn soup diet: reviews

1st day .On this day, you have to eat soup Bonn 3 times.As a snack when a feeling of hunger, use unsweetened fruit.Drink in the first day can be tea and coffee without sugar and cranberry juice.

2nd day .During the second day of the diet you just have to use the Bonn soup three times a day.In addition to the main course, you can use any canned or raw vegetables except corn, green peas and dried beans.Vegetables are advised to eat in small quantities.For lunch, you can afford a baked potato with butter.Drink this day only need water.

3rd day .You can eat soup Bonn, as well as vegetables and fruits.Drink as on the last day, you can only water.As a rule, on the third day of the diet you can already lose about 2 kg.

4th day .This day involves eating the soup, fruits and vegetables allowed.In addition to water, you can drink and milk.

5th day .The Bonn soup can add lean beef (300 g), and tomatoes.On this day, drink only water.

6th day. Bonn Eat soup, beef and leafy vegetables.From drinking - water only.

7th day .This day allowed to eat Bonn soup, brown rice and boiled vegetables.Can drink water and diluted juices, sugarless.

It is not only diet but also exit program from it.Coming from Bonn diet, do not rush to eat forbidden foods (fat, sweet, flour and alcohol).

In the first days of prepare yourself for breakfast cereals, adding to them the raisins or dried apricots.For lunch, eat boiled chicken breast or beef with green salad to be refilled with oil.In the evening you can eat an omelet from 2 eggs and water.To the dish was more delicious, add the herbs and seasonings.Before going to bed you can afford to drink 1 tbsp.yogurt with low fat content.

Bonn soup for weight loss: a recipe

Bonn soup


  1. Celery - 170 g
  2. carrot - 170 g
  3. Cabbage - 500 g
  4. Cabbage - 300 g
  5. tomatoes - 300 g
  6. green onions - 150 g
  7. Onion - 150g
  8. Garlic - 20 g
  9. Vegetable Bouillon cube - 2 pcs.
  10. Soy sauce - 1 hour. L.
  11. olive oil - 100 g
  12. pounded coriander - 1 tbsp.l.
  13. crushed cumin - 1 tbsp.l.
  14. curry powder - 1 tbsp.l.
  15. bay leaf - 2 pcs.
  16. Hot red pepper - 2 pods
  17. Fresh cilantro and parsley, fresh ginger - to taste


  • All vegetables should be well washed and cut into pieces of small or medium size.
  • prepared ingredients cover with water and boil over high heat for 10 minutes.Then you need to boil the soup over moderate heat until tender.
  • When the dish is ready, season it with spices listed in the recipe.
  • resulting soup you can eat in any amount and at any time when you want to eat.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bonn soup diet

Bonn soup almost no fat, which explains its rather low calorie.Furthermore, the protein content is also small, so there is no risk of an unnecessary increase in muscle mass.Included in the onion and cabbage help maintain necessary for normal functioning of the body's caloric value, while in tomatoes, peppers and celery almost no calories.Due to the presence in it of the last ingredient, soup and it helps to lose weight.

high content of a variety of vegetables in the recipe make it indispensable in the fight against beriberi.This soup can be consumed by people with liver disease, gall bladder, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

However, there are certain groups of people that such a diet is contraindicated.So, to use the Bonn soup is not permitted to those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and pregnant women.Also, be aware that the soup has a strong diuretic effect.

Bonn soup diet: reviews

  • Karina: I like the result of the use of the Bonn soup.To make the soup taste better, I turn it into a puree in a blender whipping.To many it may seem unpleasant taste, but those who love vegetables, quite like it.And to suffer for the sake etomozhno result.
  • Svetlana: The soup will be a great tool in preparing figures for the holidays.Cook it simply, all the ingredients are readily available.As a result, without the constant feeling of hunger, you can lose up to 8 kg per week.This diet is a godsend!
  • Natalya undeniable advantage of a diet is that it is nourishing.The main soup is not just low-calorie and fat burning.Such a diet has helped me to quickly and easily get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

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Feature Bonn soup diet that corresponds to the amount of fat burned to the amount of soup that you consume.So drop those extra kilos on a diet is not difficult.You do not feel hunger, therefore insured against possible failures.

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