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Condensed milk in Multivarki: Traditional recipes

For most people, the condensed milk - the sweetness of childhood and love for her goes through for many years.However, the stores have increasingly difficult to meet the very Soviet product that is not in doubt in its natural and correct taste.Upset early: because at home you can also cook the condensed milk, particularly if you use Multivarki.

condensed milk at home: the classic recipe for Multivarki

If disassembled into components condensed milk, it becomes clear that the right product is not crowded with preservatives and flavor additives, except for milk and sugar in the composition should be nothing.Modern manufacturers sometimes extend this list up to 10 items, so that the true version of condensed milk remains except its appearance, although this time can be challenged.At home, the same conditions, condensed milk will be prepared only from sugar and milk, and, a substitute will not work - it will not only adversely affect the taste, but simply did not give weight to come to the necessary st


Condensed milk at home


  1. Whole milk fat content of 6% - 200 ml
  2. whole milk powder - 1 tbsp.
  3. Powdered sugar or sugar - 180 g


  • Multivarki In bowl add sugar and milk, then you need to gradually trickle and portions, pour liquid milk, carefully stirring the resulting mass.The slower and more accurately you do it, the better: then appears partitionable hard lumps, and the final product will look attractive.At the end of recommended to whisk or beat the mixture with a mixer at low speed, at a cost of 1-2 minutes.
  • mode, in which you will prepare condensed milk, depending on your model Multivarki.You can navigate the way you expose the program for the first hot meals, but if you explore Multivarki was not there, and the functions you do not know it, look mode "soup", "quenching" or "Cooking".The lid can not be closed, because within a few minutes, which spent waiting for boiling, the mixture should be stirred constantly.
  • After future condensed milk boils, Multivarki mode changes to "Pastries", the cover still does not close, constant stirring is continued.What are the numbers put on a timer - it depends on your requirements for condensed milk: to the traditional liquid sweetness and light enough 15 min., For the thicker you can do 20-25 minutes.
  • If the consistency of the finished product was still detected some uneven - lumps, divorce, and so forth. You can pour the hot condensed milk in a blender and whip it.Or in a bowl off Multivarki immerse hand mixer and finalize the product for 1-2 minutes.
  • is important to pay attention to such details as the cooking time.Besides the fact that it affects the thickness of the finished sweet, and it changes its color: condensed milk, 15-20 minutes to cook.It has a cream color, quite fluid, closest to that option, which is offered on the shelves of supermarkets.If you keep it on the stove or in Multivarki 30 min., The product will have a light caramel color, medium density, and in general can be considered something of a cross between a conventional condensed milk and jam.If you extend the cooking time up to 40-60 min., The sweetness becomes viscous, it will be easy to keep the desired shape, take deep caramel color.The easiest way to prepare a classic creamy liquid mass, and if necessary later in portions it turns into a thick milk caramel.

Multivarki without condensed milk in milk powder: prescription and recommendations

without powdered milk condensed milk obtained more natural, especially if you choose not to store Product with a small percentage of fat (2.5-3.2%)and rustic, fresh milk.This last point is necessary to check before you start cooking condensed milk: in a small bowl pour 100 ml of milk, bring to a boil, and then turn off the fire.In fresh milk on the surface appears lumps, and in this case it can be used for condensed milk.If the consistency of the liquid when heated has changed dramatically, it is useless to try to make of such milk condensed milk: it will only transfer products.

Condensed milk in Multivarki no milk powder

condensed milk


  1. rustic Fresh milk - 1.5 liters
  2. Powdered sugar - 500 g


  • main stage, which takes a lot of time, it is boiling milk.It is poured into a cup Multivarki then exposed mode "quenching", the lid is not closed, and for 1.5 hours is necessary to monitor the milk so that it can not escape.If you have a mode "Steaming", you can select it: there will be evaporation of the liquid, so that the reduced period of preparation.Depending on the power Multivarki You may be enough this time, and may require additional 1-1.5 hours. The main thing is to wait for the moment when, instead of 1.5 liters of milk in the bowl will be only 750 ml.
  • Once this happens, it starts to pour a thin stream of powdered sugar.You can use the classic sugar, but it will have to act more cautiously, making sure that the pellet is completely dissolved.With sugar result is softer.Mode "Quenching" includes another 15-20 min., During which the milk with sugar stir constantly to the deepening mass does not start suddenly burnt to the walls or the bottom of the bowl.
  • If you forgot to check the milk before it is boiling Multivarki, and it so happened that it started to clot, and the time or opportunity to buy a new bottle is not, you can try to save him.To do this, the milk during its warm thrown a pinch of baking soda table: the final taste of condensed milk will not change, but stop trying to milk curdle.

condensed milk in Multivarki: prescription and recommendations

As noted above, the state of condensed milk - its color and density - directly affects cooking time.So if you want to cook the traditional caramel "Varenko" as it was known in Soviet times, it is necessary to stretch the process to 50-60 minutes. If using powdered milk, and up to 2-3 hours, if you work only with a liquid, the product of the village.But not only the time of playing a role in the preparation of condensed milk.

If normal cooking, the liquid condensed milk foam on the surface only adds to the charm, the thick caramel substance had to be completely homogeneous and smooth, so the bubbles are not allowed.If you want to not have to catch them endlessly, standing Multivarki 1-2 hours?Treat the walls of the bowl Multivarki butter: even a very thin layer will be enough to boil the milk and basking evenly.

With regard to products that are used to create a caramelized milk, they are almost indistinguishable from those that are used to prepare the classic sweets.The only thing that is recommended to use the sugar in the form of sand or resort to brown cane: it is larger and more difficult to dissolve, thereby obtaining a more compact structure of the product.As well as changing the proportions of a little milk and sugar - the latter is recommended to take a bit more than usual.

Boiled condensed milk in Multivarki


  1. Sugar - 300 g
  2. fresh milk 3.2% fat - 1 liter


  • On mode "Stewing" or "Soup" milk is warmed and brought to a boil,and then continues to boil with the lid open.Given the specified volume, this process will took 40-50 minutes.
  • is poured in hot milk sugar, stirred until complete dissolution of its crystals (or before partial - if the brown sugar used), after which selected mode Multivarki "porridge".The lid can not be closed, another 5-10 minutes.Stir the mixture should be, then you can only occasionally to watch her.Cooking time - 1.5-2 hours.
  • In relation with Multivarki always difficult to give an unambiguous recommendation on the time and mode, as each representative of the kitchen equipment is different, not only power, but also functional.For example, if multivarka Redmond on mode "Quenching" for 8-10 minutes.after boiling will only retain heat, allowing the liquid when the lid is open roughly boil down, then Multivarki Lentell have every 2-3 mode, as it condensed milk begins to boil again and again.

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Such unpredictable cases can be a lot, so in preparing the condensed milk in Multivarki sure to watch out for her, do not leave a single step.It is only after a certain technology will be tested, and it turns out that it is for your Multivarki it works correctly, you will cease to hold such a serious oversight.