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Decoration salads with their hands: a description of steps, ideas and recommendations

has long been proven that external beauty plays an important role in everything.Even the most mediocre product, properly designed, will attract the attention better than the same, but without this.With regard to the statement of different dishes as applicable, so nice to be able to submit a cooked food is worth every hostess.Especially when it comes to the festive table.In particular, decorate salads with their hands quite difficult.

Decoration salads with their hands: the choice of "ware»

Decoration salads with their hands: the choice of "ware"

Given that the salads are often dishes, mainly appearing on the holiday table, and the absence - in the everyday, decorate them simply do not have time, becauseyou need to prepare several kinds of food, at the same time preserving their freshness.Therefore, in most cases, salads are simple mixture of several ingredients, served with sauce and laid out such a "bunch" in a beautiful bowl.Express method, which have enough strength hostesses, is the addition of greenery laid out in a circle, or stuck in the midd

le.However, this is not the only way to design a salad, which you can think of, even if only to disassemble simple and quick options.

example, enough to replace the "dish", which will be served a salad to greatly affect its appearance.And it does not mean that you need to include a few of porcelain or glass salad bowls were selected for the best: the cup can be more natural and exotic.In particular, it is always possible to shift the mixture of ingredients in a dish of hard fruit or vegetable, deprived of their entrails.It is best suited for this peppers, pineapples, coconuts and avocados and apples.Of course, the particular product selected depending on what components make up a particular salad: Meat with vegetables is unlikely someone spit in half a grapefruit, as well as fruit will feel strange taste in the pepper halves.Here it is worth mentioning the pumpkin and zucchini, as an excellent container for vegetable salad, and they are perfect for warm salads, which are further heated before serving.

Of course, we must not forget that the "dishes" for the salad can be baked from a simple recipe for its test, or formed from a less familiar products - plates of bacon or salami.The latter option is suitable only vegetable salads, but the salad dough completely universal.To create them, you will need 300 g of flour, a pinch of salt, 100 grams of cold butter and 3 tablespoonsboiled water.The dough is obtained by combining of the components is obtained bland, elastic and not sticky.Thereof formed "bowl" with the walls of the average thickness (5-7 mm).To at the bottom of the heat treatment tartlets not risen, ruining the whole structure, inside the recommended pour peas.Baked this "dishware" for 20-25 min, without convection temperature of 200 ° C, with convection, it is lowered to 180 ° C.Spread the salad should be refrigerated in tartlets.If it is a fruit, and themselves "bowl" you want to eat with a salad, you can add 2-3 tablespoons battersugar or powdered sugar.

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Decoration salads: photo and description of steps

Decoration salads: photo and description of steps

Decoration salads

Decoration salads sausages

If you have enough spare time, you can get acquainted with the methods moresophisticated decoration salads.Some of them take up 5-7 min., And some, in the absence of proper practices, and will take all of 20 min., So they recommended practice.This is especially true of creating complex compositions on the surface of the prepared dishes.

For example, almost any salad can be decorated with edible "flowers", created a soft but retaining the form of the material.For vegetable and meat salads is slices of bacon, sausage or ham.For fruit - kiwi, apples baked or oranges and tangerines.Even if these components are not present in a particular formulation lettuce, they do not change its taste, when a decoration.The easiest way to start a workout on sausages: prepare a thin (5.3 mm) slices of sausage, fold them in half, but the place round the bend to leave so as not to break it.Then they have a track, overlaying each other and from the edge of the latter are beginning to fold into a large roll to fix the food thread wrapped around 4-5 times.Any of the roll ends are cut, so it can be put on the resulting flat surface.Around this "bud" laid out the same slices folded in half, and at the final stage down the folded outer "petals".Sausage is ready to flower, and now just need to move it in the same form in the salad.By analogy with him twisted and laid thin slices of kiwi, apples, etc.Hooking onto each other and can be a little toothpick, which later will fix the flowers on the surface of lettuce.

If this option decorating salad combined with the idea of ​​natural dishes for him, you can get something unusual.For example, to create a salad that resembles a large sailing ship of its kind.For this purpose, ingredients gutted filled zucchini, lettuce necessarily leveled surface, and then focus on the top decoration.4 long skewers prepared or toothpicks and 4 slices of cucumber, cut diagonally - so they will be long, 4 elongated triangles cut from the bell pepper, and 4 rectangular thin plastic cheese.Cucumber and cheese are put on skewers in a folded in half as triangles peppers adorn its very top, as the fluttering flags.Will just stick skewers into the surface of lettuce, and a frigate ready to sail.

Jewellery vegetable salad: ideas and recommendations

Jewellery vegetable salad

any salad - a set of specific components, and its perception of influence in proportion to their ratio rather than the form of presentation.Therefore, you will mix all of the ingredients, or begin to spread them in a certain way, does not matter.And again from the relocation of the terms will not change the taste, you can experiment with the design of salad.

for vegetable salads most important components of putting some layers, after which the final composition is coated on the top and on the sides of dressing, as is often speaks mayonnaise, yogurt or sour cream.They create a perfectly flat on the color and texture of the surface, which can be decorated as you wish.For example, winter salads look attractive, being folded in the shape of cones.From above they are covered by the "scales" of the halves of almonds or pine nuts in one piece.

If nuts in your salad should not appear, and you can paint the surface of the other products: in particular, actively to this end uses pomegranate seeds.In the case where the vegetable and salad completely rejects extraneous ingredients, you can make large flowers with petals thin strips of pepper, round - the carrot or tomato, and stems from the sprigs of parsley.A more complex compositions also require the creation of a certain shape when lying layers of lettuce - for example, oblong fish.And its subsequent scaled halves of black olives, radishes, etc. semicircles.

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Jewellery for salads: what can be done from eggs?

Jewellery for salads: what can be done from eggs?

Jewellery for salads from eggs?

eggs in salads often act on their own ready-made decoration, but if you are bored with simply laid on the center half boiled eggs should consider some new options that will not change the taste of the salad, but a positive impactits appearance.The easiest way - boiled hard boiled eggs sliced ​​into thin slices along: of these slices can be formed flower petals and then put on the surface of lettuce big daisy petals 5-6.Their heart may be crumbled egg yolk, or simply cut in half.

most popular salad decorated eggs using this 'Mimosa'.Its decoration takes at least 3-4 boiled eggs whose yolk and white are divided.Protein is necessary to pass through a large side of the trowel to cover the surface of the mix already laid out in a bowl of salad.The yolk carefully crumbled in other. Dishes, a salad fit for a large sprig of dill, and then from the yolk are frayed fluffy panicles mimosa.Especially attractive is the design looks, if it pour the gelatin and allow to grips: the flowers in a glass shell is incredibly beautiful.

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The above methods of design of salads and other dishes - not the limit: the formulation of any product depends only on your own fantasies and situations.Decoration of the New Year and Spring salad will be significantly different, but the common elements remain unchanged.Play with shape without fear and allow yourself to come up with something new and unique!

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