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Painting mousse hair: how to choose?

Most spontaneous action, and frustration associated with the change of hairstyle, usually refers to hair coloring.Every woman wants to change.However, not all are willing to radical changes.It is for these situations were created tint hair mousse.You get dyed hair, but it can easily get rid of the color.

Link to the changes in the fair sex will never be quenched.Especially strong desire to get out of the rut becomes stressful periods.It was then that committed the most insane actions.More often than not they relate to changes in the appearance of hair.Cherished cut off during the previous ten years, braids, burning brunette become gentle blonde and owner perfectly flat strands are recorded on a perm.

often happens after going to the hairdresser head creeps question: "Why did I do that?".Mowing is not like because it was too short, blond lokonykazhutsya frivolous and locks do not fit into the overall image.But nothing back will not return.In order not to encounter such a problem, you can use the paint

for hair mousse.With its help, you can experiment with hair and easily back to its previous form.

What is the mousse hair dye?

difficult to say which of the characteristics of the paint-mousse hair bulk.Therefore it is necessary to cover all its differences from conventional dye.

Painting mousse hair: how to choose?

  1. ease of use.Perhaps it really is able to attract many women.The overwhelming weight of their salon visits, not because it guarantees 100% right shade, and because of the inconvenience of self-dyeing their own hair.Without the help of others is necessary.Mousse is applied in the same manner as a means for laying and easily distributed through any of the strands of the ridge.
  2. Respect for the hair.3 Every woman at least once tried to tint balms, whose popularity has fallen to the beginning of the 21st century.They are short term changed the tone of curls, but much of their dried.This required serious maintenance afterwards.In the case of toning mousse for curls volospodobnogo damage is not applied.This result is much less compared to the effect of a permanent dye.Mousse is much softer.
  3. low resistance.For some, this parameter is a minus, for someone plus.According to the manufacturer, is 8-10 times to wash your hair, and the result of staining will disappear completely.As for the real data - should be considered separately each specific paint.
  4. not the widest selection of colors.This sin many permanent dyes.In the case of a palette of paint hair mousse, still sadder.12-13 variants - the maximum that can offer manufacturers.For most women, this amount is sufficient, but those who used kmnogoobraziyu shades, will be disappointed.
  5. Today this format dye represented both professionally and in the domestic segment.The latter are often more accessible to both the cost and prevalence of sales.First zhepredstavleny only in special stores for hairdressers.
  6. Unlike permanent dyes, which means a professional can make a mistake because of the necessity of self-selection oxigent, proofreaders, etc. Important components mousse originally supplied in a ready configuration, regardless of where it is purchased.We can only recommend to pay attention to products that have been tested leading hairdressers and ordinary people.This Palette, Wella and 2 by means of the brand Schwarzkopf - professional Igora and household Perfect Mousse.Price corridor - from 210 to 450 rubles.

principle of working with paint for hair mousse

As mentioned earlier, toning mousse hair is much easier to use.Consumers once full kit needed for staining.This applies even to professional tools.The paint is simply diluted in a special container.

have Igora Expert Mousse packaging is bottle dispenser, in all the usual styling products.With household mousse a bit more complicated.Wella and Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse have a plastic bottle.It proposes to mix the powder or cream emulsion.These desserts are also available with dispenser.Palette provides a dye by a paper cup.

work with paint mousse is much easier than with permanent dyes.Additionally, only need gloves and cape to protect clothing.It is desirable to find a comb with frequent teeth.It will help spread the agent.You need:

Comb dry hair, unwashed desirable to scalp had a protective film.The dye in the mix vessel, and shake if necessary.

By clicking on the spout or bottle itself (for Wella) squeeze out the required amount of money and apply on hair mousse distributing them from the roots to the tips of light massage or use comb.

After the whole mass of hair is completely covered with paint, to collect her barrette (not metal!).Remove traces of agents on the skin.The dwell time for each dye individually and indicated on the package.

Rinse mousse without using shampoo to treat hair balm.Dry the usual way.

Painting mousse hair: how to choose?

By and large, difficulties in painting no.At the same time, be sure to refer to the choice of color, since, as already mentioned, a palette of paint hair mousse rather poor.In addition, not all women understand the meaning of the numbers on the box of paint.It depends on them the end result.Name mousse can often be misleading.

When choosing a color decoding room.The figure to the point - the basic tone.Here the numbering goes from 8 to 1 integers, which corresponds to a light-light brown and blue-black.Between them - gradation light brown, brown-haired and dark hair.

digits after the decimal point - the side tone.The one to the left, is the base color, which will be ironed brighter.The one to the right - extra.He will be looked through here minimalno.Esli zeros, then shade net (natural brown, natural brown, etc.).It contains the green base.On bleached hair during leaching can give Zelenitz.It also drowns out the original color redness.

number 1 - an indication of the ashes in the shade.It cools down the overall temperature.2 - purple note.Kills unwanted yellowness.On this cold tone ends.

3 - gold.4, 5 and 6 have various variations red - from orange to red.A 8 is a pure coffee flavor.

If you want to get the golden strands of brown hair initially, then toning mousse may fail.Like any other. Bezammiachnymi dye, it does not lighten.Therefore, the paint palette hair mousse starts with 8 - light light brown.Lighter shade is not in the professional segment, or in everyday life.

reviews tinting hair mousse

to choose the most successful version, should examine the best reviews on the most purchased items.Then, by comparing to determine for themselves the winner.

The highest demand among Russian women using SchwarzkopfPerfectMousse.Paint palette mussanaschityvaet as many as 15 shades.All of them are only natural tones.Here there are even 10 rows and 9 relating to the blond.But, judging by the comments of women when they give leaching ugly red pigment and originally painted, and the native hair.But good dark shades.Sedin this tool is painted with dignity.In addition mousse has caring action.Tresses remain healthy and shiny.The paint is washed away after an average of 2-2.5 weeks.

Igora Expert Mousse of all existing similar means she was named the most suitable due to its size and no need to mix the components.Like the rest of toning mousse has no pungent flavor, easily distributed through the hair, it gives even color.Contains caring ingredients, facilitates combing.Inside the structure of the hair does not penetrate.This only works with a light gray (20%).Disappears completely from porous hair after shampooing 3 with smooth - after 8.

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With regard Palette Color Mousse, then judging by the comments on the forums, it has become a worthy continuation of the dyes of this brand.Still gives a darker shade than the specified still dries hair and still keeps long.Needless to last, plus the previous disadvantages - an open question.

One of the main positive momentovtoniruyuschego mussamozhno assume no pungent smell, the negative impact on the hair and ease of use.Many have found for themselves in this means a simple solution to the problem with the transition to the native color or a great way to experiment with looks.Specifically, toning mousse hair is worth attention and for good reason in such demand.