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What can replace the mascarpone?

mascarpone cheese - is an Italian product, which is made from cream with 25% fat content.Also added to them tartaric acid, vinegar and lemon juice.This very high-calorie cheese, because it contains 75% fat and its consistency is more like a cream, and the taste has a very delicate and creamy.It is often used for mascarpone desserts, pastries, cakes and so on. Meals.

Despite the high caloric content of this product is very nutritious and rich in vitamins and others. Nutrients.Mascarpone contains vitamins of the groups A, B, C, K, PP, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium.The substances included in this product, strengthen the nervous system and the immune system, as well as contribute to the improvement of the cardiovascular system, strengthen bones, improve growth and are fuel for the muscles.

But beyond good, it contains mascarpone and harmful properties.First of all - it is a high calorie cheese.The use of this product without measures can lead to obesity and high cholesterol levels in

the blood - and this is very dangerous.In addition, mascarpone is not recommended for children under three power hletnego-age people with diseases of intestine and liver weak, as it can cause various disorders.

The mascarpone cheese can be replaced?

What can replace the mascarpone cheese?

Mascarpone - slivochnoy, soft, fat Italian cheese with a rich, velvety sweet taste.It is often used in cooking casseroles, sauces, added to the risotto and pasta, but most often it is prepared desserts.Often housewives to obtain a less high-calorie meal, or when you do not have mascarpone, are beginning to wonder: What can replace this product, while maintaining the taste and consistency of food?

So in many dishes worthy substitute mascarpone cheese will ricotta - a gentle Italian cheese.They can replace the mascarpone in hot meals and snacks - they have a similar consistency.Ricotta is also an air texture and mild flavor.For equivalent replacement cheese need: 150 g ricotta and 200 ml of cream (fat - not less than 20%).

cheese, put it in the bowl of a food processor or blender and mix all until smooth.Then the resulting mass is to be beat, so that it becomes fluffy and light.For cooking the resulting mixture should be applied immediately.

And if you want to replace the mascarpone for the reason that just can not find it in stores, it is also not a problem - you can cook yourself.It requires 2 product: lemon juice and cream of 20-30%.For every 2 cups of cream is necessary to take 2 hours. L.lemon juice.

Thus, the cream should be heated in a water bath to a temperature of 80-90 degrees to pour the lemon juice and stir everything thoroughly.Then, the mixture should be poured into a plastic or stainless steel container, cover it with gauze and leave at room temperature for 12 hours. Then drain the whey, cheese shift into a sieve with cheesecloth laid by pre-put capacity under it and send it in the fridge for a day toCheese eventually came all the moisture.The finished product should shift into a container with a lid and put in storage in the refrigerator.Use is recommended for 3-5 days.

The mascarpone replace the cream?

What can replace the mascarpone?

to get the suitable weight for the replacement of this cheese in creams for dessert, you can make a creamy mixture.Massa got pretty greasy and delicious.You will need: cream cheese - 150 g, 20% cream - ¼ cup butter - 2 tbsp.l.Cheese need to advance from the refrigerator, along with butter, that products were room temperature.After that, you need a good stretch your cheese with a fork - so it will be much easier to mix with others. Products.The cream should be whipped, add to them the oil, and after, and cream cheese.Ingredients needed to mix with the help of the corolla into a homogeneous mixture, it will turn out very light and fluffy.

But some people are looking to replace the mascarpone is not only for these reasons.The fact is that the cheese very greasy, so it is often trying to replace a healthy diet adherents.The desserts will not replace the cheese with less fat, but in the preparation of pasta, casseroles and glazes can use low-fat, and therefore less high-calorie foods.For example: in the glaze can use a low calorie cream cheese, salads and soups, as well as risotto - low-fat sour cream.The pasta and lasagna can put a soft ricotta or low-fat cottage cheese, and the sauce - a thick low-fat yogurt.

The substitute mascarpone tiramisu in?

What can replace the mascarpone?

Many housewives like to at least once in a lifetime treat yourself and your loved ones so famous desserts like tiramisu.But it contains mascarpone cheese, and it is very hard to find on sale.But it can replace al. Products without harming the taste treats!A great alternative to the preparation of mascarpone tiramisu will mix with cream cheese or plain fat cottage cheese.Also suitable mixture of cream cheese, butter and milk.

Here's one recipe to replace the mascarpone cheese in this dish: cream (shop is also suitable for this purpose) poured into a canvas bag and leave overnight.The next day, the people will turn called sheer cream, which will replace the cheese!Iz1 kg cream usually comes out 0.5 kg.

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Do not deviate from the preparation of new and original dishes, if you just can not find a product like mascarpone.It can be easily replaced in the home, and the dish will not lose their taste!In case you do not want others to use. Ingredient, try to cook the famous Italian cheese alone!

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