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How calcined iron skillet?

No matter how hard the producers to change the material used for the production of pots and pans, no aluminum does not replace cast iron!Even flavor of food cooked therein is significantly different from what is typical dishes exposed to treatment in the aluminum dish.But the technology works with cast iron products is not easy because it needs to pay a lot of attention.

cast-iron frying pan: the first use of

No matter how expensive was your new cast-iron frying pan, the following rules and guidelines required to comply strictly.This will help to keep the original appearance and quality of products the best way.It is worth noting that the initial stages apply to any products made of cast iron from pots and pans to the pot.

Once the purchase will be removed from the packaging, it should be washed in warm water with a sponge and soap, but that the process of cleaning is complete.As iron is required before sale covered with sealing means that prevent the multiplication of bacteria and other microorgan

isms as well as rust on its surface, the chemical will need to eliminate.

After the soft pre-wash the pan with steel wool to clean, but you can not scrape it until the surface of the steel shade.If you do not have this type of sponges, you can use a stiff brush.In the future, this brush or sponge will be used only to this pan, and soft foam rubber sponge disposed of immediately after use.

next step is to complete drying of the product: it is recommended to carry out in the oven.In its absence allowed to use the plate, but in any case the temperature, which affects the pan should not exceed 200 degrees.Taking into account the fact that now it is only important to dry the product, not ignited it, experts advise to heat the oven to 120 degrees only, and keep the pan in such conditions for 40-50 minutes.You can first remove the remaining moisture through the paper towel, and only then proceed to the inner dry iron.Followed by calcination stage of the pan, which should be paid more attention.

How calcined iron griddle right?

How calcined iron skillet?

Step 1: heat a frying pan on the stove.What she types - gas or electric - it does not matter: you can warm up to any maximum power.Then you must wait until the color of the walls and bottom of the pan starts to change to a lighter in comparison with the original blue-black.Fully warmed product, ready for the next step should be dark gray.This signals the destruction of the protective layer, which caused pig iron producer.So liquidated dangerous to the human body chemicals.

Stage 2: hot skillet transferred into the sink, which instantly cools cold running water.Such a dramatic change in temperature harden iron, so do not be afraid for his safety.In case, if at this stage the product will break up, we can safely return it to the manufacturer's claim in marriage: competently calcined iron must withstand such actions.Therefore, rinsing step and cooling after a strong heat it becomes a test of quality.

Step 3: Return the pan on a hot stove.Until the moisture evaporates from the product, it is filled with coarse salt in a large amount.She must fully cover the bottom with a layer of 0.5-1 cm. The thickness decreases by half, and salt together in a pan will become hot to the point where the white grains turn yellow.It is likely that under high temperature, they begin to shoot.The main thing is that the process took 10-15 minutes: a short period of time suggests that the power of the burners was too high.At this stage, as the pan is cleaned from potential chemical agents that handles the product in the factory.

4 is the final step: re-repeated rinsing in cold water, becoming final, and the pan is placed on paper towels.They can also immediately remove the excess moisture, and then leave the product is dried at room temperature.Some hostess for this pan is moved on a warm hotplate, but its thickness has to be only 1 / 3-1 / 4 of the maximum, to prevent a new calcination.This initial processing of cast iron frying pan is complete, but there are a few rules to care for this product.

cast iron skillet burns: what to do?

How calcined iron skillet?

Some women are faced with the fact that during the frying pan begins to emit smoke, chadit and burn up her products, even if prepared in a large amount of oil.This is possible, if not carried out grease, carried out without laying any products in dishes.This process requires the use of the pan of olive oil, the choice of which is important to come to mind.It should be a special oil for frying, Unlabeled «virgin», which testifies to its spinning top, which is undesirable during heat treatment.At the time of heating the pan with oil it will start to burn, emitting smoke, and all work will be ruined.

pan, with which you will work, should be warm.For this purpose it is possible to hold the burner with a weak power for a few minutes.However, it should not be allowed to overheat.Now a soft sponge to apply a sufficient amount of olive oil so that it is completely permeated it and this sponge is required to walk on a cast-iron frying pan, without missing anything.And external and internal surfaces must be carefully handled oil.

better to overdo it with its layer and then remove the excess with a paper towel, rather than leave the dry islands.This is especially true of the bottom and the inside of the flanges.Moreover, taking into account the ability of iron to absorb the oil, it is unlikely you will be able to overdo it with grease.

As long as you treat a frying pan, an oven heated to 175-180 degrees.Raise the temperature does not make sense - calcination step has already been taken.On the lower level is set grille and placed the pan on it.This is done so that the bottom looking up: if any drop of oil that will be collected on cast iron, will flow down.So they do not contaminate the oven, under the pan, put on the bottom baking tray or other flat container.It can be replaced with a simple sheet of foil, most importantly, stretch it by the diameter of the pan.The product will be heated for 4-5 hours, for which oil is completely impregnated iron.Properly baked pan takes the same black color as it was typical at the time of purchase and is lost during calcination and purification.

best cast iron pan: recommendations on the selection

How calcined iron skillet?

to a cast-iron frying pan serve you as long as possible, it is important not only to comply with the rules for its operation, but also a responsible approach to its choice.Unfortunately, unequivocally say which manufacturer offers the best frying pan, ready to go through fire and water and work out every ruble impossible happen all the ups and dips.Even the study of the overall rating is not much help, so it is enough just to understand how to choose the correct cast-iron frying pan.

  • main landmark - the weight of the product.Undoubtedly, the hand-held heavy dishes difficult, but in the case of iron is its weight is of paramount importance: too easy pan hardly last a long time;
  • next point - the thickness of the flanges and the bottom: the optimal value is considered to be 3-4 mm laden with guests;
  • uniform coverage - an important factor.It concerns the lack of any chipping, concave or convex parts, chips, scratches, and especially a good frying pan should not be a hint of rust;
  • But the color of the product almost no value: of course, the black looks good, but in reality it is only a signal of the impregnation chemical sealing means, which would have to get rid of.

Other parameters such as the shape, diameter, and the presence of the cover is left to the future owner of a cast-iron frying pan: the quality of the food being prepared in it are not affected.It is enough to remember that the pancake is considered pan with low bumpers, high designed for fire and wooden handle will be most useful when working with a frying pan in the oven.

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Otherwise, the best frying pan - the one with which you prefer.And to prolong her life to help the above rules, which necessarily should be used on the day of purchase.After the dishes will only maintain in good condition, do not forget to clean it without detergent and choose for cooking only a wooden spatula.

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