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How to distinguish mushrooms from false?

Mushrooming - some fun and useful in every sense, but rather complicated.After all, some members of this kingdom are dangerous toxic counterparts, recognize that it is possible not to everyone.In particular, it is important to know how to distinguish edible mushrooms from the false: The main features characteristic of each species, as well as the subtlety and cunning, after which you have not exactly fall through and did not use to eat not the fungus.

How to distinguish edible mushrooms from false?

initially is to understand how to look correct estimates of location, and what features are characteristic of him.After that we can consider the group of false honey agaric, isolating their key differences from edible species as poisonous doubles they have a lot.

In the food consumed 3 kinds of honey agaric of the existing 34-x: This summer, autumn and winter, most of them grow on stumps.Because of the vast family of different habitat - namely, the meadows - a characteristic Estimates meadows.

How to distinguish mushrooms from false?

enoki mushrooms are best known mushroom, although the time of collection, as it was already clear from the title, is not rainy autumn.During winter mushrooms go when it snows.Usually encountered in deciduous trees with damaged, as well as willows or poplars.Cap winter Armillaria small diameter does not exceed 10 cm, completely flat, has a brown-red color, but sometimes pale to golden yellow.Young mushrooms unevenness of color: the highest concentration of color in the center and the edge barely touched shade.Thick tubular leg painted a deep brown color, height barely reaches 7 cm. The plates under the bonnet thin and sparse.

Autumn estimates of location - a more traditional mushroom, but a little less frequently collected than winter.Despite the fact that it is edible, it is a parasitic fungus, which medium nepriveredliv its obitaniya.Poetomu meet it possible not only to damage to the wood, but on the potato.And yet, the most characteristic places him - alder and elm, and birch and aspen.It is associated with autumn mushrooms mystical stories of glowing mushrooms, because at night they are able to highlight weak stumps on which sit.

Among the other types of honey agarics - increasing the densest family: from 1 sockets can count up to 50 mushrooms.Hats are large enough in diameter reaches 17-18 cm, color uniform, olive-brown, darkens with age.The shape of the cap depends on how many have lived mushroom.Young specimens have a convex core, mature - wavy edge.The stem is short, 10 cm in height, can be covered with sparse scales that sometimes go on the cap of young mushrooms.

How to distinguish mushrooms from false?

Summer honey agaric - the last representative of the edible species of honey agaric.It grows in deciduous forest areas, as well as estimates of location winter.Its half-mirror displays the last collection period: from early spring to late autumn, znamenuemogo snowfall.From 1 outlet mushrooms grow slightly less than that of Armillaria autumn: 30-40 pc., But their main place - rotten stumps and fallen trees.Cap small in diameter to 5-6 cm, arched in young individuals, and with only a small hump in the center - from mature.Color golden brown, dark humid and lighter - in dry periods.

hat is so thin that when you change the color may become poluprozrachnoy.Neizmennymi saved only at the edge of the groove, as well as easy mucosal surface.Foot height almost equal to that of Winter Armillaria - 6-7 cm, density of the same, and the main difference, apart from the time of occurrence - small flakes under the ring.

Honey mushrooms and edible false: Photos and key features

How to distinguish mushrooms from false?

Now that you know what types of honey agaric eaten, you can see a group of them false brethren and highlight features of these twins.Mention everything instances impossible, because their more than 30, but in the middle lane is not all there.

Externally false mushrooms can easily confuse even as their place of growth.They are just as edible, settle on the damaged areas of trees and stumps, and also grow once the families, tight going in the "bush" of 30-40 individuals.The color and shape of the cap as they try to resemble edible counterparts, but here everything is not perfect.In particular, the edges of the cap false Armillaria often look messy, as if someone had cut short - they can hang translucent thin flakes that are often mistaken for inexperienced mushroom pickers balances membranous ring.

This is the main feature which will help you in the identification of Armillaria - filmy ring located under the bonnet.Its edges fall down why some pickers call it for ease of understanding, "skirt".This ring - the rest of the film, which protects the body of the fungus in its infancy, and it is inherent only edible wild mushrooms.False views do not have it at all.

How to distinguish mushrooms from false?

However, edible honey agaric for any reason, may lose their "skirts", so you should pay attention to other details.For example, in the color of the cap.As can be seen from the information previously submitted, edible wild mushrooms gamma characteristic golden-brown shades, muted and deep.The same can not be said of false wild mushrooms: they are only its color has attracted the attention and signals danger, as a bright red mushroom.The bulk of the false honey agaric is brick-red, acid yellow and similar in color hat, and in some cases are seen and canary-yellow legs.In addition, grayish hat also says that being in front of your eyes, honey agaric not edible.

Then you need to look under the bonnet, looking at shade adjacent plates.If they are unattractive green or yellow, or else all prone to blackening, you are holding a false estimates of location.Edible species in any color of the cap is always characterized by a plate of cream-white or golden hue.At the same hat can be given to the presence of small scales, but this factor should be taken into account only when the study was awarded the young mushroom.Mature specimens, as noted earlier, have a perfectly smooth surface.

How to distinguish false honey agaric mushrooms: video and tips

How to distinguish mushrooms from false?

So, the main parameters that allow you to carry a false estimates of location met or edible group is color plates and hats, the presence or absence of a gray-brown flakesconcentrated in the center of the cap, and filmy ring.Check every detail is necessary because, for example, false estimates of location to their summer coat color is not very different from the edible counterpart - it is the same delicate, not conspicuous.

not cause suspicion and smooth plate of mature individuals, and even the height of the legs with a head diameter: everything here is almost identical to edible Armillaria.In some cases, a filmy residue and bedspreads.The decisive factor is the color plates - gray-yellow, unattractive, the same shade of mushroom pulp and a hollow leg.In contrast to her years in the edible Armillaria it strong and dense.At this point, inexperienced mushroom pickers rarely pay attention, and for good reason: it is broken it a mushroom, you can say with certainty whether it is worth it to eat.

How to distinguish mushrooms from false?

last nuance, which can also help in the identification of Armillaria - its smell and taste.It resorts to it when the fungus has brought home, but still in doubt, and the previous test could not give a clear result.The first taste of false honey agaric has a pronounced bitterness, and it is unlikely he will be able to prompt you for further tasting product.But if it did not bother, it is required to evaluate the flavor.Feel mold in general you do not have a pyramid - the traditional mushroom flavor in edible honey agarics not mixed with any foreign notes.

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In any case, if you visit a doubt the collection of mushrooms - mushrooms false you met, or edible, would be wiser to abandon the ambiguous instance, since there are often dangerous experiments.Put in your cart only those mushrooms whose identity can be established with certainty: it will save the health of you and your family.

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