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Adjika: the best recipes from the Bulgarian pepper.

Adzhika - it is flavorful and quite relish deep red.If we take the traditional recipe of its preparation, then it will not be used tomatoes, but add garlic, chili hot pepper, a variety of herbs, hops-suneli, walnuts.

delicious combination adzhika with fish and meat dishes, it is perfect to garnish vegetables, interesting combined with rice or cheese.In addition, today there is a lot of variety of recipes and cooking options of the seasoning, so every woman can choose for themselves the better.

Adzhika of peppers: recipe

If you have the desire to cook something unusual, then it is worth paying attention to sweet adjika diner.For the preparation of dressings do not need a large amount of ingredients - is at the heart of the red pepper, garlic and fresh herbs.

Provided use the recipes below, you will adjika a pleasant and distinct taste pepper.And it will be something similar to lecho.To the dish has become an unusual, refreshing, pleasant fragrance, use fresh herbs.

Adzhika of peppers: recipe


  1. Tarragon - 1 bunch (15-20 g)
  2. Garlic head - 2-3 pcs.
  3. Cilantro - 1 bunch
  4. Spicy chili pepper - 5-7 pcs.(500-700 g)
  5. Vegetable oil - 1.25-1.5 Art.
  6. Salt fine - 2-2,25 h. Liter.
  7. Bulgarian sweet pepper - 2-2,25 kg


  • first engaged in the preparation of vegetables and herbs - my, spread on paper towels so that they have absorbed all the excess water.
  • start carve pepper - cut into 2 halves each, fully remove all the seeds and partitions.They will taste bitter and may greatly damage the taste of the dish.Do not forget to remove the stalk.
  • Prepared pepper halves cut into fairly large pieces, then crushed by a meat grinder.
  • now are preparing hot pepper - chili carve along the same lines as sweet Bulgarian pepper.Before processing hot pepper is recommended to wear gloves, because it will be very zhech.Propuskaem peppers through a meat grinder.
  • Clear the garlic from the peel and grind using a grinder.
  • vegetables resulting mixture is poured into the prepared pan and place it over medium heat, leave for a while, until it boils.
  • Once the vegetable mixture begins to boil, fasten the fire to a minimum, and introduce a small amount of vegetable oil.
  • adzhika simmer on lowest heat for about 30 minutes, not forgetting regularly interfere with, to not burnt.
  • At the time, until the stew is adjika, are preparing greens.CUT tarragon leaves and throw away the stems, as they are very hard and we do not need.
  • After 30 minutes, add to the saucepan to adzhika prepared dish of greens and simmer another 10 minutes.
  • sterilizing jars (you can in the oven or steamed), jars of spices spill and rolls.

Adzhika red pepper Preparation

Adjika red pepper Preparation


  1. Vinegar - 100-120 g
  2. Hot pepper - 45-50 g
  3. Sugar - 2.75-3 Art.l.
  4. Bulgarian pepper - 0.7-0.8 kg.
  5. Sol - ¾ Art.l.
  6. Garlic - 75-80 g


  • to adjika was tasty, it is necessary to choose peppers - juicy, ripe, fragrant, fleshy.Use only need good vegetables, without darkening or others. Flaw.
  • Pepper cleaned from the stalk and seeds, remove the membrane, and then thoroughly washed with water to remove the remains of seeds, otherwise they will be severely gorchit.Narezaem large enough plates and shift into a deep container.
  • now clear the garlic - you can grate, cut into thin slices or pass through the press (the best option).It is important during the grinding garlic save as much juice as it will give the finished dish more acute.
  • mixture of peppers mince - should get a mass of uniform consistency.
  • now are preparing hot peppers - washed, dried with a paper towel, as should leave any excess liquid.Clean it as well as Bulgarian, then mince - turns out the basis for future adzhika.Not recommended for this purpose use a blender because you can spoil the consistency of future meals.
  • To add milled peppers and garlic juice, knead all well.
  • The sauce introduce salt, vinegar, sugar and mix everything thoroughly.It is desirable to knead the ingredients using a wooden spatula so that they are distributed evenly.
  • most important step in preparing adzhika - a training package.It is necessary to use the lid and the jar without cracks and rust should not be so. Flaw.
  • Prepared dishes washed baking soda and running water.Then the cans are sterilized for 10 minutes in the oven, and the lid is boiled same time in water.
  • Then we shift into the prepared container ready adjika and tight-fitting lid.It is worth remembering that in the absence of sterilization and sealing cans, ready adjika be kept much smaller.
  • Store adjika, which was prepared for this recipe can be in the refrigerator or cellar - the main thing that was cool.
  • Adzhika will be a wonderful addition to any meat dishes.

Adzhika sweet pepper: a simple recipe

Adzhika sweet pepper: easy recipe


  1. Garlic - 130-150 g
  2. Sugar - 2/3 Art.
  3. Red hot pepper - 80-95 g
  4. Vegetable oil - 115-120 g
  5. Sea salt - 1,5-2 Art.l.
  6. Vinegar - 0.75-1 Art.
  7. sweet pepper - 1,75-2 kg


  • first engaged in the preparation of sweet pepper - remove it from the stem, seeds, wash, dried and cut into large pieces.
  • cleans and chop well and hot pepper.We shift 2 types of peppers in a bowl of a blender, add them peeled garlic cloves.All stir well until the mixture acquires a smooth consistency.We shift
  • vegetable mass in the pan and place on a plate, introduce vinegar, sugar, oil and salt - all good knead.At a minimum the fire, occasionally making it difficult to prepare adjika 1 hour.
  • Using this recipe you can prepare for the winter adjika.In this case, you will simply spread the sauce over the pre-sterilized jars and roll cover.If there is no desire for conservation, then you can keep adjika simple food containers.

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Adzhika - a great addition to meat and fish dishes, as well as side dishes.But the classic version snacks sharp enough, and therefore will not please everyone.You can make an alternative form of this sauce on the basis of pepper.It will be more soft, sweet taste, very fragrant!

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