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How to cook adjika tomato?

Dishes peoples of the Caucasus have long been dispersed to all countries, so today even everyday table can be found not only the elements of Slavic cuisine.For example, loved by many adjika - hot sauce on the basis of cayenne pepper, garlic and salt.In Russia, it is prepared as frequently as lecho, especially if the failed harvest of tomatoes.

Although classic recipe of this sauce in it suggests the presence of a pepper and spices, but in the culinary arts are always welcome change.Because today adjika prepared even from non-standard components such as continues to be tomato-based recipe.If you follow all the rules, it should be said that the addition of other ingredients in the sauce makes adjika based on it, but for ease of understanding the symbols and these options are called the same.

traditional recipe adzhika

The traditional recipe


  1. Hot chili pepper - 0.5 kg
  2. basil - 50 g
  3. Coriander seeds
  4. dill, parsley
  5. Garlic - 0.3 kg
  6. Tomatoes - 0.7kg
  7. Salt


  • initial stage is the prepa
    ration of pepper: it is required to wash, dry paper towel through, and then deprive caps.Pods can not be cut or remove seeds - they have to stay in one piece.
  • Then rinse in cold water sprigs of dill, basil and parsley, similar to pepper dried on a towel.
  • All ingredients, including salt, laid in a meat grinder or blender, where the scroll until the puree weight: Blender is 2-3 minutes on medium speed for the grinder - 4-5 reps.
  • If you want to taste traditional Georgian variant adzhika tomato, then together with the above components is required to put in a meat grinder 120 g shelled walnuts, and all the grass is replaced by hops-suneli.
  • What happens next depends on how you plan to use the product.For long-term storage adjika must undergo heat treatment process, and for an instant you can use to prepare raw food.
  • In the latter case the mass which was obtained after mixing the ingredients in a blender or grinder, transferred into glass jars or the like. No metal utensils.Cover sheet or cover, but not tight, and left in a cool dark place.It is desirable that it was not a kitchen, but in the cold adjika clean for the next 4-5 days is impossible.
  • This period gives the dish for the fermentation process and eliminate excess fluid, so that the sauce will thicken.
  • Daily 2-3 times a day is necessary to stir adjika, and on the 6th day of Bank closes tightly and moved in the refrigerator or pantry.There it can be stored for 3-4 months.

Adzhika tomato and horseradish: recipe

In Siberia, was also created a recipe based sauce adzhika, where in addition to frequently used in the dish tomato joins a list of its ingredients horseradish.In preparing such adjika not difficult traditional Georgian version, but a little less sharp and more familiar Slavic cuisine.

Adzhika tomato and horseradish: a recipe


  1. Tomatoes - 1.5kg
  2. Horseradish - 100g
  3. Garlic - 70 g
  4. Sugar, salt - 1 ch. L.
  5. Butter - 75-80 g
  6. Spices - to taste


  • Horseradish cleaned, were dried and passed through a grater: it requires the smallest side.For the same purpose, you can scroll through the product a few times in a meat grinder, but at least - at first to go the tomatoes and garlic cloves.
  • Because tomatoes are soft, 2 times is sufficient to hold all the ingredients by hand grinder to the resulting mass was homogenous.
  • add all the spices and oil, was stirred.
  • adjika then shifted into a glass bowl, covered with a towel and put them in the shade for 2-3 days.Store in the refrigerator should be using the glass jars with tight-fitting lid.But eat adjika have 1-2 months: She begins to wander and require heat treatment.
  • If you need to prepare adjika tomato and horseradish for winter or a longer period, the prepared mass is laid in a pan, which is placed on the plate.The product must reach a boil over high power and cook, covered, for 35 minutes at low heat.He was then dispensed into hot jars, lids rolled and adjika is cooled under a blanket or a few towels.

Adzhika tomato and garlic: recipe

A simpler version of the garlic-tomato adzhika may become less acute, and to have a more pronounced taste vegetable, assuming the character of a classic addition to fat, bread or meat.

Adzhika tomato and garlic: a recipe


  1. tomatoes - 1 kg
  2. Bulgarian pepper - 0.3 kg
  3. Chili - 2 pods
  4. Garlic - 200 grams
  5. Sugar, salt - 1 ch. L.
  6. vinegar, spices - to taste Vegetable oil


  • Washed tomatoes dropped into a bowl of boiling water, which are in 3-5 minutes.After that, with their sharp small knife to peel, and tomatoes are added to the bowl of a blender.Then purified and deprived of seeds pepper, diced and spread to the tomatoes.
  • have washed chili caps are removed only themselves pods are placed in a bowl in one piece, like garlic cloves.
  • The last made into a blender and seasoning salt and sugar.All the ingredients are scrolled on medium power for 1-2 minutes, or scroll through a meat grinder twice.If you use vinegar, he poured at the same time.
  • This adjika tomato with garlic stored no more than 2-3 weeks due to the presence in it of bell pepper.And to her taste is preserved during this period, unchanged, inserted into the sauce 1-2 tablespoonsvegetable oil or olive oil.If you need to prepare a similar adjika the winter, it is transferred to the pan with high edges and heated for 20-25 minutes.Next, the classic sterilization in glass jars.

Adzhika plum and tomato: recipes

unconventional ingredients like apple or quince, too, are taking place in the Georgian adzhika modifications.Quite often here there and plums, which add sweetness hot sauce, making it taste really versatile.What kind of plum used adzhika - does not matter, though given origin meals, the most successful will be the yellow variety.

Adzhika plum and tomato Recipes


  1. Tomatoes - 2 kg
  2. plums - 0.5 kg
  3. Bulgarian pepper - 0.5 kg
  4. Onions - 0.5 kg
  5. Chili - 4-5 pods
  6. Carrots - 1 pc.
  7. salt, sugar, herbs - to taste
  8. Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp.l.


  • removed from the washed plums stones, but with tomato - skins.Bulgarian pepper is also necessary to clean and chop.
  • All ingredients, except oil, scroll grinder to obtain a puree.
  • then homogenizing need to pour vegetable oil and mix everything carefully.Adzhika brewed 3-4 hours on low heat and under cover, poured into banks, which are required to cover rolled.
  • After that, banks need to turn the neck down while in this position until cool.

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Those who like less pronounced tangy taste, can taste lite version adzhika with plums and apples to tomatoes.By changing the ratio of sharp and sweet ingredients taste turns soft.3 kg of tomatoes already taken 0.5 kg plums and sour pickled apples, 0.2 kg of Bulgarian red pepper, garlic cloves 0.3 kg, 2 pods of chili and 70 ml of olive oil.Technology of preparation is the same: plums and peppers are cleaned bones with apple skins are removed, all the ingredients smalyvayutsya grinder, and cooked in a pan for 2-3 hours. They can be spread over the glass jars without cooking, but then the banks are put into a large bowl and bask in thewater bath 1-1.5 hours.

Bright aroma and unforgettable taste - adzhika distinctive qualities, which became a favorite dish in many nations.Ease of cooking allows you to open a prescription, even if the guests are already on the threshold.Crude adjika requires only 30-40 minutes of free time.And so it was kept longer without cooking, simply increase the number of acute components: chili, garlic or horseradish.

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