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How to cook aspen?

aspen - a welcome basket of mushroom in lovers' silent hunting ".This is due to its taste.It is considered that for him, he is second only to white fungus.Prepared from boletus many delicious dishes.Their marinated, dried, fried, make of them spawn.Many people, beware of the negative effects, previously boiled mushrooms.This process has its own characteristics.

aspen and podberёzoviki: rules for the selection and preparation

How to cook aspen?

How to cook aspen?

not always start gatherers of mushrooms found in stores or buy the right kinds.Therefore, before you find out how long to cook aspen, should examine the particular selection of mushrooms.Poor raw materials can simply ruin plans dish.Also, there is a double aspen mushrooms.The use of this fungus can even lead to poisoning.Therefore it is better to know how to distinguish the false from the real Boletus.

This type of fungus is very common.Growing aspen glades, like groups or singly.They can be found almost everywhere - in coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests.The main t

hing that was located near Aspen.Explore a mushroom.He has a broad stocky leg covered chёrnenkimi scales and a wide hat.There are several species of aspen mushrooms - red, white and yellow-brown.It is understood that the color of the cap is fully consistent with the title.

distinguish the real from the false mushroom is possible thanks to his hat and leg.Have poisonous spongy inner part is pinkish or brownish color.Also to be found under the bonnet rim of the same color.On the leg they easy to see color (usually yellow) mesh.Recognize Boletus can fracture it.After some time, the fungus will darken on the cut.

No matter how much time cooking aspen, if you choose a bad mushroom.The main rule - not to disrupt or not to buy old.Check the age of boletus can be in form of cap.What is more, the older mushroom.Such instances less fragrant in ready meals.In addition, they are very fragile, which prevents normal clean and wash Boletus.It is better to opt for a medium-sized mushrooms.

Podberёzoviki also very common in all types of forests.Before you cook them too, should be familiar with a number of important features.It recognizes fungus easily.The foot had covered with brown scales, expanded and narrowed bottom to the top.The cap has a muted color, shape - spheroid.

Unfortunately, in nature there are also false podberёzoviki.They are easy to distinguish from the real thing on several grounds.For a start look at the hat.Its color should be subdued without the greenish tint.At the touch of a false mushroom like velvet.Cap this podberёzovika always smooth!Also false fungus is present on the stem a characteristic pattern in the form of a ripple-like color birch.Most often, it can be seen on the mesh.Pulp false fungus under the bonnet has a pinkish hue.At the turn of the present podberёzovik should be white.

As is the case with aspen to choose is not the old mushrooms.The main reason is that they have poor spongy structure.It is not very pleasant to the taste.

How to cook aspen and birch?

How to cook aspen?

  1. Cooking time aspen mushrooms and podberёzovikov different.The first kind of mushrooms are cooked as follows.First you need to take a fresh aspen.It is believed that they should be cooking in the first 2 days.Oh, these mushrooms are very tender.
  2. aspen cleaned of debris.Do it with a knife and a sponge.You can use for this purpose a toothbrush.Note the hat.It is covered with a thin film.Before cooking it necessarily shoot.Some housewives before cleaning aspen soaked for an hour.This helps ease the process of getting rid of waste.
  3. Clean the mushrooms spread in a saucepan and fill with cold water.Dishes are put on the fire, heat and salt.Then, when the average flame water brought to a boil.All this time you need to stir the mushrooms.On the surface of the foam will be formed due allocated juices.Her clean skimmer.
  4. broth bring to a boil, then cook another 20 minutes at a decrease fire.You can find tips on cooking mushrooms in 2 waters.According to him, aspen after boiling cook another 20 minutes.The water was then decanted and poured into the pan new fluid.Bouillon again bring to a boil.After that aspen keep the fire another 5 minutes.
  5. Cooked aspen can immediately bring to the table.Especially delicious they can be if they are fried onion flavor.
  6. Podberёzoviki cook much longer.First you need to thoroughly clean the mushrooms.It is not only to remove adhering to them the forest litter.Cut off all the rotten and spoiled places.It is also advised to remove and others. Parts.Among them - the tube and base pulp of the stipe.
  7. podberёzoviki Then send in a saucepan with cold water.It is heated to boiling at medium heat.Salted broth to taste.Opinions as to how many boiled podberёzoviki diverge.Best option - 40 min.During this time period will come from a variety of fungal toxins.You can boil down
  8. podberёzoviki in 2 waters.Ready fungi determined by how they are placed in a pan.Properly cooked podberёzoviki should sink to the bottom.

How to cook aspen before frying?

How to cook aspen?

can meet an opinion on that aspen is not hot before cooking.This is because the duration of the thermal treatment affects the palatability of fungi.Also, with such a two-stage cooking lose much of nutrients.

agree with such an approach is not always possible.Abandon precooking aspen mushrooms can only be the case if they were collected in a clean place.Unfortunately, this happens very rarely.

Cook aspen are 2 ways.You can protect yourself and to resort to the basic variant.To do this by the method described above cook the mushrooms for 20 min.In this case, while frying mushrooms cut for 10-15 minutes.You just need to bring them up to a golden crust.

If you prefer to feel the taste and aroma of boletus, then boil them before frying can be 5-10 minutes.Then we have to increase the secondary heat treatment.Usually this is just 20 minutes.Remember that if you want to get the output of golden crispy mushrooms, then it is better to drop the pan is not wet.You can give them a pre-drain, spilling mushrooms in a colander.Otherwise, excess moisture will cause that they simply Extinguishes in a frying pan.

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Even experienced mistress sometimes think about how much cooking aspen.The best time is the 20 minutes.If necessary, the mushrooms are boiled in 2 waters.Speaking of podberёzovikah then subjected to heat treatment for longer.After cleaning the mushrooms are placed in a pot with water, bring the liquid to a boil and cook over medium heat for 40 minutes.If you decide to fry them, then for security reasons as the raw material is boiled.

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