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How to keep the beets?

from beets can be cooked a lot of variety of delicious dishes.Conveniently, when the root is always at hand.But not all housewives know how to store it for the winter.

How to store beets in the winter: tips

To beets preserved until spring, in the first place, it must be correctly assembled.It is advisable to carry out this procedure in dry weather - ideal time mid-October.During this period, we have not yet occurred freezing, but the weather is already cool.

Harvested beets need to lay out in the sun and give her a chance to dry out properly, otherwise it will start to rot.Then carefully removed all traces of the land, however, it is strictly forbidden to wash the beets.

How to keep the beets?

Now we need to carefully examine all the roots for damage.It is important to remember that the tainted vegetable may not be placed in storage, it should be used first.

If you plan to store the beets at home, you need to cut all the tops, but you can not break off the leaves, or is likely to damage the roots.From the stem must

be left about 2 cm, but not less.Once all the preparatory work will be fully completed, it is possible to shift the beets into the room to dry (it should not only be sufficiently cool, and well ventilated) for about a week.

Store beets in several ways, but the best - a basement, where the temperature should not exceed 2 degrees.It is advisable to store the used sand, as it prevents the evaporation of moisture, therefore, does not allow the crop to rot, also prevents the formation of mold.If you can not use sand, then you can simply replace it with sawdust or peat.

In case beets stored in drawers, while their bottom is recommended not to place very large tubers, and laid on top of larger ones.The fact that the average size stored beet is better.

Throughout the winter perfectly preserved vegetable in the event that it sprinkled with a small amount of wood ash or chalk simple.You can also try and storage method with clay mash - it needs roots smear, and then to pass on to storage.

You can also use another method - in plastic bags.One such package contains about 40 kg of beets, but the most important thing - you can not tie or close.Throughout the time of storage, the packages must be open to allow air to flow freely.

After a while you will notice that there was dry rot.Do not worry, as this disease is very common.To prevent its development, it will be enough once a month to perform simple preventive maintenance - beets need to sort through and delete all the roots, begins to rot.If the infected beet too much, you can use a little trick - with a knife carefully cut out all the affected areas, and then sprinkle a small amount of wood ash.Thanks to this technique it is possible to save the crop until the spring.In

if eventually begins to germinate beet, meaning it is not appropriate humidity level and temperature at which it is stored.All regrown tops should be cut.

How to store beets in the cellar?

How to keep the beets?

For long-term storage of beet in the winter, it is necessary not only to properly prepare the vegetables, but the room where it will remain for the winter.As it has been described above, the ideal option - a cellar.

is necessary to properly prepare the cellar - the temperature must be the life of no more than 2 degrees Celsius, and it must be dark enough.If possible, it is necessary to provide in the cellar at least the minimum ventilation.Do not store vegetables in the apartment, as they will spoil quickly.

Now we need to properly prepare the cellar - pre-dried in the sun pour sand on the bottom of the boxes or the floor, then lay out all the roots, which are also sprinkled on top of the sand.If you follow this rule, beet will receive the necessary amount of moisture and will not rot and the formation of mold.

How to store beets in the refrigerator?

How to keep the beets?

If you can not store the beets in the cellar, you can use the fridge.However, in this case the retention period will not be longer than 1 month.Do not leave the roots in the refrigerator for a long time, as they begin to rapidly lose vitamins and moisture.

Before shift on storage in the refrigerator must be cleaned beets, but not washed, and then shift into clean plastic bags.Advance in packages make several holes.Thanks to this little trick root vegetables can be stored for several weeks.

Increasingly, beet storage in the refrigerator use special vacuum bags.However, in this case, vegetables should be not only thoroughly clean, but also washed to remove all traces of foliage.Then all the roots, without fail, are handled in a special saline solution and are passed in a pre-prepared vacuum bags.Thanks to this, store beets in the refrigerator can be over several months.

can use and others. Way - beets grind in a meat grinder or food processor or chop is not very small cubes, to shift into plastic bags and place in freezer.With this stored vegetables will be much longer, however, they may lose some of their flavor and vitamins.

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course, a way to store beets in the refrigerator is not the best option, if possible, it is better to opt for the cellar.In any case, you should regularly look over roots and remove those who have started to fade or deteriorate.For storage you need to choose a medium-sized beets, because, in contrast to the large, onanamnogo less likely to suffer from a variety of fungal diseases, and wither as fast as fine.