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How to decorate a salad original?

important not only to learn how to cook, but also the right to serve and decorate dishes.And if in daily life, many prefer not to spend time on it, then the hosts would like to make holidays so beautiful and original.Learn the art of food decoration is simple, the main thing to have the desire and be ready to give it time.

Decoration salad: Photo

The style can be varied, it all depends on your imagination and skills.If you're new to cooking, you can try to do the decor for their dishes, based on the photo.Over time, when you have mastered the art of decorating festive meals, you will have your own original design ideas salads.The style must be chosen according to the occasion on which you cook a festive table.So salad dressing birthday be materially different from the Christmas decoration of dishes.

How to decorate a salad original?

How to decorate a salad original?

How to decorate a salad original?

How to decorate a salad original?

How to decorate a salad original?

How to decorate a salad original?

How to decorate a salad original?

How to decorate a salad original?

How to decorate vegetables for registration of salads and other dishes?

now become very fashionable carving - carving on fruits and vegetables.Also, three-dimensiona

l elements to decorate salads, etc. can be done. Ways.

fried potato rosettes.These flowers can be made from potatoes, turnips or beets.They can be submitted as a separate dish and apply for decor salads.Make these flowers is quite simple, just need to perform all carefully and be patient.To take a middle-aged big buds potatoes.It is necessary to wash and peel.

sliced ​​potatoes on the circles, both chips.It is important to make them thin no more than 1.5 mm, it is best used for cutting special grater.If you do not have it, do it with a sharp knife, slowly.Make sure to circle the thickness at all locations was uniform.

1 circle made thicker al., About 3 mm.From this shape brusochek to bud.He will serve as the basis for all of the flower.

All Templates for flowers and small toothpicks fold in a bowl of cold water and salt.To 1 liter of water, add 1 hour. L salt.Keep potatoes in a solution of about 2-3 hours. This procedure will help to soften the petals twist and dissolve starch potatoes will be easier.A toothpick after soaking in a solution will not burn when frying in oil.

Take central part of the bud - brusochek and tightly wrap around the petal.2nd petal wrap in others. Side.Then secure all layers of the bud with a toothpick.

remaining petals wrap well, just a bit dismiss them from the center.So Rose will open, and a large full-blown.Follow the main rule - 1 swing the tab clockwise, and the second - against.Petals fasten with toothpicks.

How to decorate a salad original?

finished with flowers Shake off the water and place them on a paper towel, leave for 5 minutes to dry.

small containers frying put on fire and fill with oil.Warm it up to the required temperature and lower flowers.Immersed in an oil of recommended head down.When the petals unfold, the rose begins to brown on all sides until golden.

Remove flowers from the oil and place on dry paper towels, they will remove excess oil.Finished rose salt.Twisting the movements of the potato, remove toothpicks roses.

Chrysanthemum Carving of Chinese cabbage.To decorate the salad as you need chrysanthemum small head of Chinese cabbage, weighing about 300-700 of the upper part of it should be cut off, leaving a 12 cm and remove the upper leaves.

How to decorate a salad original?

for carving is best to use a knife with a groove, but if you do not have this, fit the cover on the banks of olives turning.Carefully use such a device, it has sharp edges.Begin to make cuts in the cabbage.The length can be different knife lead from the upper edge to the bottom.

First line should be thin and closer to the base gradually thicken.Not dorezayte about 2 cm to the ground, cut the large sheets remove.A slot on all the leaves.Toward the middle of the flower leaf length decreases.Lower chrysanthemum few minutes in cold water, delicate tips of the petals are slightly curved.

How to Cullen hot peppers?From hot peppers can get the original decoration for salads and pickles.To protect the skin from burning, you can wear gloves or coat it with oil.For the flowers you will need a red or green hot peppers.

How to decorate a salad original?

Cut the pepper pod in length, start from the stem and drive a knife to tail.

Flesh around the stem cut away, taking care to ensure that the seeds were left on it.This must be done very carefully, try to keep all the seeds.

Pepper expand and rinse in cold water.Cut out of a petal like calla lilies.

In turn make a small hole and insert the stalk with seeds.

leaves for flower can be made from green or cucumbers.Arrange the dish composition.

These calla lilies best to draw sharp salad or dish of pickled products.

Roses of different vegetables - universal decoration for salads.It is best for the production of colors fit:

How to decorate a salad original?

  1. pickled cucumbers and fresh
  2. Radish black
  3. Carrot Daikon
  4. Squash

From tools required peeler.Vegetables take small and long.

  • To make roses from a cucumber, you need to cut out of it strips 10-12 using peelers.When you get to the middle of the cucumber, turn it on others. Side.Strips of the middle part will be fragile and broken.
  • The result should be a lot of plates.The middle part of the vegetables needed.
  • Perform core.One of the strips in the spiral roll tightly.Around the core wrap first petal.1 Put the edge of the plate for a tube and bend it away from you.The second end of the lower down towards the base of the flower and wrap around.It should form a loop.
  • next plate put on the base of the 1st tab and bend it on my own, and wrap around the edge.Now the flower has petals 2, follow the same way even 9-10.You do not need to use toothpicks to attach the petals.Plates wet and thin so well connected to each other.
  • original color of a radish.You will need black radish or daikon and natural poppy.

How to decorate a salad original?

  • Radish medium size peel and wash, cut crosswise into 2 equal parts.When cut, perform a shallow hole about the middle.In a circle, cut the first one, and then the second layer.The preform is split with yourself roots.
  • Using scissors follow petals in the first row.Petals in the 2nd row make staggered with respect to the 1st.
  • middle, made of round slices of radish.Cut it.In a small dish, pour a little poppy, top midway dip into it.
  • Flower petals can be painted with food coloring.And with the help of toothpicks, attach the core to flower.
  • beautiful and original from chrysanthemum onion.You will need a small or medium onion and beet juice.Most suitable thin-walled bulb flower from it turned out beautifully.

How to decorate a salad original?

  • head was clear and clean, cut the tip of 0.5 cm. Then, a thin, sharp knife, make a slit in the center, before reaching the bottom.Then follow the same cross-sectional view.Then make similar cuts as much as you will.
  • Then dip onion in water at room temperature.After about 40-60 minutes the onion bloom.Time of blooming depends on the variety, some quite 40 minutes, and another 2 hours. To paint chrysanthemum dip it in a fresh beet juice in whole or grease only the tips and edges of petals.

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Having mastered the simple and beautiful elements for decoration, you will already be able to decorate a lot of different dishes.Cultivating the art can be infinite.Over time, having studied the basics of design, you can easily come up with original decoration options for salads, main dishes and preparations.

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