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How to sterilize the jars?

Every housewife trying to make a home-made summer that winter will simply not interchangeable.Thanks to the preservation, even in winter you can enjoy the fruits and vegetables, thus greatly save the family budget.But for making preparations need to know how to properly sterilize the jars.

Today there are several different ways to sterilize jars, so that every woman can choose a more suitable option.

Sterilization - a heat treatment of glass jars, during which the destruction of microbes.

The simplest and most effective way is to treat the steam cans.You will need to take a pot with water and put on a plate.Once the water begins to boil rapidly, removed the lid and grill pan is placed.

How to sterilize the jars?

Banks thoroughly washed (preferably use baking soda or a simple mustard solution), and then placed on the grill - severely upside down, so that the steam can freely get inside.

Instead, you can use special lattice dividers spray, which are used in frying.There are overlays on the pan, thanks to which it is possibl

e to sterilize the first or several cans.For 3-liter cans need 15 min and floor liter liter and 5-8 minutes will be sufficient.

If desired, instead of the pan, you can use a simple tea, of course, if you plan to close a few cans.In this case, the capacity will have to just put on the spout.

If the bank was well-sterilized, it becomes completely dry and clear.After completion of the steam treatment, all containers carefully removed and placed on a prepared towel.We must act cautiously so as not to get burned by steam.

important in the still warm, banks begin to lay the workpiece.Then poured marinade or syrup (recipe given).On top of the container covered with a lid, which must necessarily be boiled for at least 10 minutes.

Sterilizing jars: Proven Ways

  • You may want to use, and others. Banok.On sterilization method is one of the oldest and few modern housewives use it.First you need to pre-wash all banks, after which they are placed upside down on a clean towel (you can use any c / b canvas) and left for a time, until completely drain all the water.
  • then put the container on a sunny window sill or in a well lit place in the loggia.Through sunlight destroys all germs and bacteria.Before laying the banks preservation, they should pour over boiling water, to warm the glass.
  • Sterilization can also be performed using the method of boiling.For this we need to take a large pot and place on the bottom of a wooden lattice or a single tablet.Then put the pan in the banks and poured into water (containers must be completely covered by water).
  • must try to ensure that, during the sterilization process did not happen contact the walls of the jars, and this can be placed in between the tissue.Once the water comes to a boil, boil need at least 15 minutes.While banks are not cooled, they should get out of the water carefully.
  • for sterilization, you can use a double boiler, but it must be quite large.This method is the most simple and fast.The steamer has placed the banks washed and placed upside down, the cooking mode is set for exactly 15 minutes.
  • to sterilize can be using the dishwasher, which can operate at a water temperature of at least 60 degrees.The loading machine clean jars and set the mode to the maximum temperature (not less than 60 degrees), it is not necessary to use a powder or any other. Additive.
  • aerogrill If there is, it is perfect for sterilization.This is done very easily - washed cans are placed on the lower grille, then put the ring-magnifier.The sterilization process must take place at least 15 minutes at this temperature should be 120 degrees.If small sterilized jars, then it will be enough 8 minutes.
  • Do not forget that the cover and be subjected to sterilization procedures.In this case, you can use the steamer, boiling pot and steam.Not recommended for microwave aerogrill, dishwasher.

How sterilized jars in the microwave?

How to sterilize the jars?

to start carefully wash all the banks, and the need to inspect them to the glass for cracks and chips.It is important to remember that a microwave oven can not be placed entirely empty cans, so poured a little water.Set the heating time is exactly 2 minutes.

If both sterilized several jars, then set the timer for 3 minutes.Large capacity will have to be put to one side.

also can be done in the microwave and pasteurization blanks.The banks are stacked washed vegetables, poured half the required volume of brine, then covered plastic container with a lid and set the timer for 2-3 minutes.Then topped pouring boiling, banks are closed with metal lids.

How sterilized jars in the oven?

The oven can be sterilized jars of different sizes.Washed containers are placed in cold or slightly preheated oven upside down on the grill or pan.

Turns oven and is heated to 150 degrees (at least).For pint cans volume is sufficient for 10 minutes for liter - 15 minutes to 2 liter - 20 min and 3 liter - 25 min.

However, banks may be placed on the grill and clean the metal cover, but without rubber inserts, t. To. At high temperatures they deteriorate.

No matter what kind of sterilization method is chosen, it is necessary to work in the kitchen gloves or use oven gloves, t. To. The banks will be very hot, and there is the risk of getting a serious burn.

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How sterilized jars with blanks?

If the prescription must be sterilized jars with preparations already, then you can use the following methods.

How to sterilize the jars?

With boiling water.At the bottom of a large casserole put a towel or cloth and put the bank since the blanks, then filled with water.It is important that the water temperature was the same as that of the workpieces.Due to the use of hot liquid container may burst.Water is poured so that it reaches the "coat hanger" banks, put the lid on top.Once the water boils, the sterilization process should last as long as indicated in the recipe.

With oven.On the grill or pan is placed with the Bank of blanks, and the oven should be heated slightly or completely cold.On top of the container are covered with lids, included oven.Sterilization takes place at a temperature of 120 degrees.

If the recipe does not specify a specific duration of the procedure, then you can use the following indicators - floor-liter jars for 10 minutes is sufficient for 0.75 liter cans - 15 minutes, for a liter - 15 minutes, for 2-liter - 20 minutes.

Please note some subtleties:

  1. After the sterilization, the banks can not turn bottomed up;
  2. Do not touch your hands to the neck of the container, ie. To. Will have to sterilize them again;
  3. Not to burst the bank, the heating temperature should be gradual;
  4. When using the method of sterilization of water, it must be heated together with the banks;
  5. During sterilization in an oven, the door can be opened only after the temperature drops to 80 degrees.

Each sterilization method has its advantages and features.It is best to choose one that is best suited for you.Sometimes the way is indicated directly in the recipe.If not, be guided by their abilities and maximum comfort.

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We usually are not a lot of canning.So, on the little things: a jar of this jar.I put a pot of water on the fire on top of the bars from the oven and top banks.And for 5 minutes before removing thrown into boiling water for a long time cover.
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