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Wedding in the winter: the idea.

Normally wedding season is in June and October, but in the cold season is not observed Wedding booms.But the triumph of the winter can be not only a necessity, but also a mutual desire to couples.Winter itself is associated with the expectation of fairy tales and miracles.White snow, white dress of the bride, all this represents purity, sincerity.Yes, and no bad weather.The wedding day is no frost will not cause inconvenience Love Heart!

best time for winter weddings is the second half of January and the month of February.In December, it starts the post, so it is at this time not to give rapid celebrations.But before the New Year begins Pre turmoil, so guests may experience other activities like the same corporate parties or pop stars.In addition, prices for rental of the hall and necessary for the triumph of the purchase will be more expensive.

But in preparing a winter wedding may arise and difficulties.For example: the weather may bring, and if the snow on the street will not have to organize the p

hoto shoot indoors.The bride will have to dress warmer, that is to buy in addition to the dress boots, coat or a coat.Flowers for a bouquet is better to choose frost to bouquet lost his appearance.In the winter it starts to get dark earlier, after 3 hours the day starts to wane, so photo and video is best done in the afternoon.Even before the shooting need to calculate the time to face the newlyweds had a natural color.

few ideas for winter wedding design in shades

Wedding in the winter: the idea

Red and white wedding.The combination of these 2 shades are very advantageous to look for a wedding, especially if it takes place before the New Year, Christmas or Valentine's Day.These colors are symbols of sincerity and passion.Red lipstick can be, bridal bouquet, red dress detail, in a red dress can dress a witness on the table will look nice laid red napkins, candles and so on. Decorative elements.And in a photo shoot, you can use red viburnum berries - get really great!

Black - white wedding.Its uniqueness is based on a bold combination of colors.It crossed the simplicity and luxury, elegance and taste, worthy of the highest celebration.The main thing - fine place ornaments and do not depart from the proper proportions of the colors, for example: the tablecloth is white with black lace, white flowers.Plates, dishes and napkins black and white.

golden-cream wedding.This combination will give the triumph of softness and richness.The bride can be dressed in a cream dress, matching his room can be decorated like candles and golden candlesticks.You can also pick up the glasses for drinks with a gold border.

gray, blue, brown, white colors.Very soft and harmonious combination.Cool white, blue, gray color are perfectly combined with the winter landscape and brown shade will bring comfort and warmth.These tones are in harmony with the porcelain, glass, crystal, wood, silver.You can even be used for decorating the hall and the bride's bouquet real pine cones.The bride will look great in the dress of pale blue, and the groom, in turn, can choose to match his tie.

winter wedding: how to choose a dress?

Wedding in the winter: the idea

Winters in Russia harsh, so brides at this time of year does not have to sweet.In order not to freeze and do not spoil the mood of the bad weather, you need to carefully choose her outfit.In bridal salons nowadays you can find many insulated clothing.Often they are sewn from velvet, taffeta, jersey, satin, brocade, velvet, wool and knitwear.This dress bride certainly will not freeze!Coloring is better to choose a calm: snow white, ivory, champagne.Also, in the cabin to dress the bride can choose a cape or coat, the latter is more suitable for finery, and harmonizes with narrow dress coat.But the dress should be selected under the general theme of the wedding.

bride can be dressed not only in the wedding dress, some couples opt for this relatively common celebration outfits such as: white pants or jeans, a white tunic or sweater, or a phony ugg boots, short jacket or coat.There will also be relevant marriage white suit, tight pants.

What to wear to a wedding in the winter?

Wedding in the winter: the idea

Grooms do not spend as much time on the choice of costume, as a bride, but they have to follow certain recommendations: First, we should opt for a three-piece suit, and are made from fine wool.Even if the bride does not like a formal business style, he'll have to give up his point of view in such a solemn day.

By the way, the bride shoes to choose lighter than the bride, because she will have to buy 2 pairs.And the boots should be chosen from natural materials and heels.By the way, better to deliver shoes to triumph.Also, care should be taken to acquire the warm tights, gloves or mittens to the legs is not exactly cold.

bridesmaids should wear the clothes cool colors, better silver or gray, but no less urgent look dress black and dark brown colors.The dress can be supplemented with an ornament.Men can wear a formal suit or trousers with a shirt.

photos: winter wedding

Wedding in the winter: the idea

Wedding in the winter: the idea

winter wedding: photo night

Photos: winter wedding, the bride with a veil

Photos: wedding in the winter, romantic photo

Photos: winter wedding.

Photos: winter wedding.

Photos: winter wedding.

Photos: winter wedding.

The preparation of a winter wedding photo shoot should be treated no less responsiblethan the triumph, while the young in the photos will look natural and beautiful!

primarily over a dress the bride must wear the robe, otherwise it will simply freeze and spoil not only the mood, but also the general perception of photography.Route photo shoot should consider in advance, a professional photographer will indicate that the presence of young and guests on the street should take the most minimal amount of time.

The main ideas for such an event no one should choose a roof, high-rise buildings and bridges, as well as coastal and so on. Place, because snow and strong winds can easily spoil everything.But at the same time you do not need to be limited to the registrar, parks and streets.Today many hotels and so on. Places that have at their disposal a beautifully decorated courtyards, can for a fee can provide for a photo shoot the newlyweds their possessions.A beautiful benches, lanterns, gazebos, swings and so on. Attributes of landscape design, will become a real decoration of photos.

Wonderful photos are obtained in the winter woods.Snow-white dress of the bride will look great on the nature and background of the snow carpet!If possible, do not miss the opportunity to be photographed against the backdrop of the old estates and castles.Ornaments can choose bright colors: scarlet cape, a bouquet of bright colors, original umbrella - all complement the overall picture.

Even red hearts cut from plain paper and hung on trees give unique pictures.A fluttering in the wind light thin fabric create a romantic atmosphere.You can even put in a wood small table with a bottle of wine and a basket of fruit.Excellent scenery become vintage cars, objects of past centuries, a variety of accessories.

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Wedding - one of the brightest and most important events in the life of every person, so be prepared for it in advance andcarefully.But it is not so important - what exactly is a celebration of what time of year it will be held, the main thing - that unite two loving hearts for life thread of love and harmony!