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Linen wedding.

Every year, the bonds of marriage are stronger, are replaced by the names of anniversaries.Linen wedding a lot different, for example, from its predecessor calico.Uncertainty and instability are starting to fade, but the loyalty and reliability of the contrary occupy leading positions in the relations between the spouses.

Linen Wedding: How many years of life together?

In the old days county personified prosperity.Those houses were the objects of this material - tablecloths, curtains, towels, reputed far the poorest people.Linen wedding, that is, four years of married life, indicating that the couple slowly rise to their feet and become more independent financially.In another way, this anniversary is called a wax - it means that a husband and wife have become more flexible in a relationship, we have learned to smooth out the rough edges.

Linen wedding

In ancient times to the 4th wedding anniversary prepared in a special way: the husband was producing dolls made of straw, and then put them under the icon in the

corner of the house red.The wife, in turn, was to embroider or sew towels as a gift his wife a new shirt.Keep figures followed up the next year, there were a belief that in this case, and the family will be strong, and the husband and wife to each other intertwine like flax fibers.Linen wedding - it's a good excuse to brush up old feelings and to be alone with each other.

Most often this date is celebrated in the home environment, among the relatives and loved ones.By itself, the linen symbolizes warmth and prosperity, then where else, neither at home, note the 4th anniversary of marriage?The room can be decorated with items of linen: embroidered tablecloths, napkins, towels.By the way, fine antiques will look at this celebration.

Since this date is also referred to as waxy, it will not be superfluous to light the candles, it is desirable - flavored.They give an atmosphere of romance and tenderness.If you wish the newlyweds to celebrate this anniversary in the nature, meadow, you can pitch tents or tent.Apparel spouse can be very simple - a shirt for her husband and for the wife sundress.

morning you can arrange a romantic stroll while visiting general memorable places, or even to arrange a photo shoot there.

Also on this day, you can make the elements of antiquity - for example, weave and drop a wreath on the water, or sit by the fire could move dance.In general - you can celebrate as the couple led their hearts!

linen Gifts for the wedding?

Linen wedding

Most often this anniversary is celebrated among family and friends the most slimy, so the celebration is not that wide and family.Give the newlyweds can bed linen, towels, curtains, sets of napkins, tablecloths, scented candles with candle holders and so on. Knacks.

is also necessary to pay attention to the gifts of the spouses to each other.It can be as a gift - surprise, for example water park or a parachute jump and paintings linen or woven stuff.You can also give each other wardrobe items, cushions, panels and many others.

Congratulations on the wedding linen: features

Gifts and congratulations on this anniversary can be very diverse, but they must necessarily symbolize prosperity.It is possible to present a gift the couple embroidered on canvas painting scarf for her husband, a bag for his wife, and the veil for the marital bed.

Linen wedding

A real surprise for the couple can be prepared in advance greeting holiday program, which will include entertainment and competitions.Such a gift sure to be remembered for a long time and bring a lot of positive emotions jubilee.

You can also make a gift with their own hands or to order in the workshop, for example, wicker baskets or straight. Household items.And as a congratulations, you can prepare a song or a poem in honor of the couple or even order a musical ensemble, which will perform such work.In general - in choosing a gift is important imagination and knowledge of taste preferences of spouses.In this case, do not be afraid of what will be a present they do not like!

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linen wedding - this is another step taken jointly by marriage.Husband and wife come together, understand each other better, and certainly have learned something to concede.The following year, the family is waiting for the first anniversary - a very important period.At this time, the most important thing - to continue to develop relationships and to try to save the love and affection for each other.