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Touching congratulations to the wedding in verse.

Wedding - a happy, joyful and exciting day in the life of a young couple.Beautiful dresses, wedding rings, white doves, champagne, limousines, gifts and, of course, congratulations on the wedding decided to call a lot of guests, each of which should wish the newlyweds something good, warm and good.You can write your own greeting or use ready-made options.

Gifts for the wedding: the idea

Touching congratulations to the wedding in verse.

  • Currently, the most popular gift for a wedding is money.This is a rather banal, but one of the most useful things that you can imagine.Many couples are asked to give their own money, which they freely dispose of and acquire everything you need.If you want to be original, you can give something else other than cash.
  • For example, parents of bride and groom are incredibly generous gift to the newlyweds.If they can afford to buy an apartment, land or car.Some give a large sum of money, which should be enough for the mortgage payment.
  • bride's parents often give things that can act as a dowry.These include furs, e
    xpensive jewelry, large household appliances, furniture sets, a set of expensive bed linen, etc.In some cases, parents of the bride and groom agree in advance and make a joint gift young.
  • As for friends, colleagues and relatives, there may be a variety of gifts.Most often give cooking utensils, various sets, household appliances.It's not bad gifts, especially if the young is empty.Only now it is advised to consult with the other guests (if possible) and check with themselves heroes of the occasion, that they no longer useful.
  • From home appliances will be a good gift pancake maker, multivarka, steamer, fondyushnitsa, microwave, vacuum cleaner, toaster, coffee maker, etc. These things will please any mistress!
  • good idea to ask the young people, what they are interested.For example, you can give a nice picture (known or unknown artist), a collection of writings of any author, sculpture, a large collection of movies.You can make an interesting gift with their own hands.
  • Now, there are many interesting and original new products which can give young.For example, a robot cleaner, a personal planetarium, a wireless baby monitor, mini-bar, radio nyanya.V general ideas for a wedding gift can be a large number, the main show imagination and come up to the selection of humor.

touching greeting for wedding best friend

Touching congratulations to the wedding in verse.

drop the bitter tears,

What podruzhenku lose.

She is no longer up to the festivities,

not trembling before the meeting.

Our dear friend,

You're forever spouse.

Nest you will be build,

Where I do not have girlfriends.

to stay our friendship,

Catch up with you, we need -

urgently get married

houses and friends again.

one after the other to give birth

We'll start, and then again

Shall we walk together -

stroller and roll.

our dear girlfriend,

Now you're a faithful wife.

So be thou always loved,

beautiful, funny, gentle.

let pass by any misfortune

And let your eyes shine with happiness.

you on this bright day from us

Take our friendly mandate:

take care of her husband, children give birth

And his house charming girlfriends invite.

That came this happy day -

day that you wanted so much!

most significant in your life,

new roads and successful start.

Clean Diamonds your beauty

Here, at the solemn wedding sparkles -

Let these bright colors of life

Days caress your warm concern.

Happiness to you, my dear!

strong love, multiplying wealth,

and travel to foreign lands,

active life, rich and sweet.To

on hand you your husband wore,

Many gave a variety of gifts.

If you are tired - the dishes washed,

I would be with children and caring and affectionate.

Sea of ​​flowers, romantic nights,

holidays more than the harsh everyday life.

fun and partying with friends,

new developments and new joys!

Girlfriend dear, I do not have that close,

Today overshadow you all sunlight:

his weightless, airy beauty,

Today the whole world before your feet only.

you get married, so long awaited,

Someone who will love, who burn down

His love, care, warmth,

Who in your life will be a fairy tale and a dream.

I want, girlfriend, to a new life

inspires you, you just hold

For hand husband always and everywhere,

And do not drown in a series of gray days.

family let the window open to the world,

was like sunshine to the elixir,

gave birth more beautiful children,

I'll cross different, believe me!

My dear friend,

How is your veil!

fun the whole county,

You look like a dream.

Remember as a child we played

wedding, children, this and that?

dolls in dresses decked ...

embody you own.

What's next on your list?

All is not yet fulfilled il?

Then you write notes

not let tired arm.

dare you all desire

In order to execute.

You are now living with the knowledge,

Do you have an assistant.

most touching congratulations to the wedding in verse

best friend, today is your day!

your dream come true!

not imposing shadow on the fence,

I congratulate you!

be Happy in his new family,

safely at home,

so much happiness I wish you,

As a nobody!

You're my best friend,

And, then, deserves the best!

main love and be loved,

And God from adversity stored!

Let your dreams come true,

And yet everything that you want!

you and loved, and the desire,

and happiness on your face ...

But quite recently

With you we played in a princess!

Perhaps it is no coincidence ...

Now I, ladies and gentlemen,

Let me tell you a big secret:

A wife (groom's name) guessing!

He made a wise decision,

Replacing the fate of their route.

Hearts Valentine's gravity,

We are celebrating here today!

Live in harmony and in prosperity,

be faithful and friends!

Let love does not give shrinkage

And the platinum anniversary!

Wish lullabies,

Let there be joy of life is decorated!

Let the world happiness is too small!

Happy Wedding (groom's name) and (name of the bride)!

Remember girlfriend,

How long have we dreamed together,

That will raise with you

and class begin to live,

And the whole world at our feet,

and circle head,

luck, happiness andLove

Accompanies always,

And that has always been close

favorite people,

To easily carried on the hands

And that love is forever,

And to him cook borscht,

and candlelight dinner,

ANDto give him children,

and joy forever,

And in a wonderful wedding day

come true all your dreams,

Today the world is at your feet

Now you are the bride!

friend, so many ways passed along,

And now you get married here go.

And I want to wish you Zdorovenki children,

I hope that soon play with them.

I know you're the most beautiful bride,

And forever you will stay together with your loved ones.

For cams you always I will keep,

leaving you - love, respect.

touching greeting for the wedding of her sister's sister in verse

Touching congratulations to the wedding in verse.

sister's wedding congratulation

the clink of glasses, the noise of guests

I want to congratulate the sister I:

Today it opens you

Family books - firstPage!

And in this book - a fascinating story,

It is about love of course writing.

uninteresting Heads is not here,

No, unfortunately - explanatory notes.

'll have to figure out what to what?

to grasp the basics of family life.

love and loyalty to her husband to save,

and "Left" not to let thoughts!

Him I give you - easily,

decent husband - a family and need!

Let it be your sense of deep,

and "bitter" we shout in unison!

Today you, my little sister,

becomes his wife.I

fun and somehow sad,

After we party with you.

fact we're like two friends

Delili their joy.

And now you're his wife,

I wish you love!


blue sky over your happy family,

I wish you happiness golden,

Want to build your house!

I love you, my little sister,

love and happy for you!

Now I am very, very bitter,

Kiss him soon, love!

This day is like a fairy tale!

nursing my heart

full of good, warmth and affection,

As a wedding ring!

all my heart I wish you

whole life to live in a loving,

After it in the air

And you will be happy to do!

two beloved hearts

Live many years!

my dear little sister!You

wedding day congratulations!

I kiss you hard,

And wish you much happiness!

You are so pretty today,

next to you is your favorite,

And just happy soul,

Because you have - is unique!

So be joyful as always,

let you bypass the weather!

Give birth children - and then

bypassed exactly adversity!

We grew up with you side by side

And we all shared for two.

And, today, I will not hide the tears

read congratulatory verse.

These tears - there is no sorrow

only pride and joy in them

for love, for a happy share,

Tu that you divide by two.

Congratulations, let rock monkey

Party to bypass trouble.

Let rushing life like a holiday

Only yasnoyu head.

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Wedding - happy event in the life of a young couple.On this day, they legitimize their relationship, receive gifts, greetings and instructions.Original farewell better make myself, putting the soul.If you do not have the time or talent as a writer, you can use ready-made greetings to find on the Internet.

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