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Wooden wedding: how many years it?

five-year wedding anniversary is popularly referred to as wood.In itself, the tree - a symbol of life.This is the first sign of a lasting wedding anniversaries, as previous materials are not as durable: cotton, paper and so on. The spouses should remember that all the changes that will happen to them during this period, which will decide on their family life.

most famous tradition of a 5-year anniversary - a joint Planting a tree.Most often, this time, the family lived in their own home, so the tree can be planted in his yard.If the removable housing, the tree can be planted in the yard of the family home, that is, in any case, the area should be his.After all, this tree will be a symbol of the family and not to be trusted him an outsider.If

native angle spouses still do not have, you can plant a mini tree.Today at garden stores can buy a lot of copies of normal seedlings of ornamental trees of the same aspen, birch, oak and others. By the way, the tree should be durable, that the family was strong.Y

ou can find the right kind, based on the nature of the family, for example, if a distinctive feature - reliability and loyalty, it is best to plant acacia or oak.If the welfare and well-being - the maple, but if the opposite - the romance and tenderness - birch.Alder and willow are symbols of devotion, and fruit trees (plum, apple, pear) - Fortress of all kinds, parents and children.Exotic trees should be planted for those looking for harmony and seeks new experiences.

Wooden wedding: how many years it?

Tree spouses must be sure to choose together as, in fact, put it.Hand in hand, need to circle around the seedling, and the saying, "like a tree firmly as flowery tree, the tree flexible like a tree firmly, and whether our family this forever and ever."Of course, should take care of the little tree and protect it, as well as for the family itself.

the south of Russia, in the 5-year wedding anniversary, the couple certainly suited to running water and, as in the midsummer night, throw a wreath there, begging for water vitality to the family planted a tree.In Siberia the other hand, go into the woods and knit 5 ribbons vending tree.

Gifts for wooden wedding?

Traditionally on this anniversary wives give wooden household utensils and furnishings, but the husbands - snuff and tools for work related to the tree.But we can dream up and give the couple something original:

  1. wooden decorations - earrings, bracelets, cuff links made of expensive woods;
  2. Pieces of furniture;
  3. plants or pet, only pre-need to ask the spouses themselves or their loved ones, how they would react to such a surprise.

spouses Parents should give their children the seedlings or flower room.

Wooden Wedding: script

Wooden wedding: how many years it?

Wooden wedding in our time, when so often there is a loss of simple values ​​in life, love and loyalty, it's pretty weighty date, the celebration of which should be memorable and vivid.

begin organizing the celebration should be a choice of venue.Ideal for this, of course, fit a country house or cottage.If the selected room wooden wall, they can decorate the pine or spruce branches with cones.Still very creative greeting will look spouses have been laid out from the same branch.

It would be nice if the tables and chairs would also wooden, and utensils are also at least partially made of this material.Well-placed in the room for a celebration antiques - irons, old utensils, tools for weaving.These items can be used for competitions.

Excellent fit in the interior of the premises, wooden figurines, and if not, you can buy boards, panels, spoons other utensils.They cost is not expensive.You can also hang on a wall collage of family photos anniversaries.

If your area has a music band that performs music in the guitar, violin, or the like. Wooden musical instruments, then you should definitely order their performance, at least for a short period of time.This musical program rarely leave anyone indifferent!

Wooden wedding: how many years it?

invitation for guests can be made of heavy paper, which is made under the bark.And they can indicate not only the date, time and venue of the anniversary, but the dress code for guests.The latter can include the presence of each of the invitees at least the 1st wooden object.After all the guests assembled, the spouses must first congratulate the people closest.Then you can spend a few contests, for example:

  • «Who is stronger?".The participating men.For the competition will need: an ax, a deck and wooden bars.Members of the team start to chop wood.Who will cut down over time is the winner.As a prize, the visitor can present one of the wooden interior.
  • «Musical."Guests should be divided into 2 teams.After separation, the leading involves cutting the prepared music of the songs that mention the trees.Win the team that guesses the fastest song and sing it.
  • «Dance."It should be of type 2 guest teams, it is desirable that the participants were only men, but it is not mandatory.Bidders are costumes - scarves and long skirts and 5 minutes of time to change and come up with a dance number.The winner is the team that is most like the present.
  • «Matryoshka."For this competition should buy or find somewhere more dolls.Then dolls understand, it is desirable that they are different in size, and mixed in a basket or box.After each participant is given one minute to ensure that he collected as many dolls.Wins respectively one who collects the most figures.

perfect ending of the holiday can be a fireworks!

Wooden Wedding: Photo

Wooden wedding: how many years it?

Wooden wedding: how many years it?

Wooden wedding: how many years it?

Wooden wedding: how many years it?

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Wooden wedding - an important anniversary of married life.And, of course, it should be celebrated.No matter how it happens - with friends or alone with each other, the main thing - to the hearts of anniversaries never extinguished the fire of love and respect for each other!