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How do you know the man?

lot of jokes in the network runs about women's logic and thought, wandering in the girls' heads.But who said that men are more straightforward and open?The thoughts of the opposite sex will always be a mystery, so many girls worried and will excite the eternal question: how to understand the man?Can the gestures, random words and behavior to understand the desires and thoughts of the interlocutor?

How to understand what the man wants?

allegation that the thoughts of all men of the planet is nothing but 3 main pleasures - food, football and sex - do not take, come up with a limited representatives of the same sex, or women who do not know what to talk about with the youngman.Because a man in their desires and dreams can give odds to any girl undergoing a promenade from the house to the office, and saw in my life more than anything.I want a man can no less than a woman, but he will give it to know?

How do you know the man?

The easiest way to find out what they think the source - to ask him directly.The only problem is tha

t this tactic works not always, or it is not always acceptable.For example, when a girl wants to make a surprise, anticipating his desires of a young man, it must act in a roundabout way.But even here the judge need not words that are known to be capable of misleading involuntarily, and by the actions.An indicator of male thoughts and desires are exactly made them deeds and gestures.

example, if you come back from work in a bad mood taciturn young man at the table and asks him not to try to find out the reason and to leave him alone, unlike the woman whose "no" can mean "yes", he really wantspeace and quiet at least for a certain period of time.He does not stop loving you, not hurt, not angry: he really need to be able to understand all by yourself, alone.Only thought, alienation and rapid care to another room, you can understand what a man does not really need us now and intimate conversations.

Here it is worth noting that the young man rarely awakens the desire to hear in your address persuasions.He will not give up defiantly something, if only it began to beg for the consent.In particular, the domestic situation, when a man is something wrong, and she invites him to their active part, but hear failure.When changing role is to talk about what you need to do just a little more active offer of assistance.

How do you know that a man in love?

as previously mentioned, all men's feelings - true, not carefully contrived - you can only guess by his actions.And when it comes to cardiac cases, apart from the active steps and gestures, nothing better for him not say drop unseen for many girls, "I love you" can be, and for the purpose of benefits, as well as for simple calm woman.But it will mean nothing.

learn how to behave as a potentially amorous man, arguing for many decades.However, a single set of parameters to determine the degree of enthusiasm particular woman does not exist.Someone has increasingly resorted to physical contact: takes the hand, hugging, weaves her fingers, trying to casually touch, her hair or a scarf.In every possible way to show such gestures, which has the right to sufficiently close communication.Someone, on the contrary, suddenly begins to keep a distance, as if fearing that she will oppose such treatment of them, and all hope will be lost.

Someone presents gifts with or without offering your company for a free weekend and evening.But these gestures can also be a simple expression of friendly sympathy, unrelated to love.

How do you know the man?

Nevertheless, a few nuances distinguish fall in love a man from just wanting to keep warm, close relationship.In particular, the sudden worsening of attention to the appearance not typical of a young man swings images, and change the selection of perfume, and even attempt to join the sport, if earlier exercise confined to walk to the car and back.Ieany man's efforts to look into the eyes of a woman is not indifferent to him better than he is, and, of course, is much better than the rest of the stronger sex.Because the selection of the ladies of the heart must eventually fall on him, and he will make this all possible efforts.

here include primitive instinct, according to which man - a hunter.Someone this trait appears bright, someone is much less active, but in any case, the desire to win and to win comes to the fore.All nature lover young man shouts that he is ready for feats for his ladylove.At the same time it awakens a desire to protect the girl that could lead even frequent calls and messages with questions about the health, plans for the evening or a day spent.It does not control, if not go over the edge, when the dialogue turns into a regular report: a man is really interested to know what happened to him is not indifferent woman.

How to understand that a man changes?

woman jealousy peculiar to a greater extent than men.In addition, in the classical scheme, undoubtedly, has an exception, prerequisites for suspicion of treason are completely different.The man is a sense of possessiveness, and a woman - the fear of being alone.And if such thoughts exist reasons, do not even get an answer in time SMS message may be cause for a huge scandal or concealed desire to experience a loved one allegiance.Is it possible to somehow determine that the man changes?

First, many will say the same factors that relate to the demonstration, albeit unwitting, of his love.Now, however, he will have to look after themselves for the sake of someone else, but not a home dinner with you.But such a line of action to "read" a man can be, if until now it was unusual to change shirts every day and use given on a holiday fragrance.But what happens when your man always looks perfect?Should I take the silence as a cooling of relations and the emergence of a rival with which communication is probably the most rapidly?

How do you know the man?

If a sudden silence to mean suppression of contact for days and weeks, occasionally intermittent appearance once a month with a couple of faceless phrases about love, it is likely that interest to you men really waned.Whether due to the change of his passions, or is it just the difference roads - hard to say.But anyway, this is an alarming bell, if there were plans for a long cooperative relationship.Treason is suspected in his premises is possible only if the man flourished, as in love, but somehow it is not directed towards you.

But if silence is considered not ringing for several hours the phone, which only came in the morning sms busy at work, and taciturnity men while sharing with you a shopping trip, do not assume that his thoughts are busy strange woman pretending tohis heart.Difficulties at work can not be solved overnight, business negotiations not be completed in half an hour, and stores a man prefers to pay for the goods and give advice where it is in its jurisdiction, but does not discuss all the gossiping, accumulated during the day.And claims by a woman that he has no interest in its news, it becomes an unpleasant surprise for him, because like all that was required of him (sell, buy, deliver), he performed.The girl still offended.

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Overall, the share nazhenskuyu psychology and unreasonable men, because all of its aspects depend on the nature and upbringing.And the only thing that is able to distinguish between persons of the opposite sex - of their thoughts: a woman switches from object to object, processing several tasks at once, a man - short and to the point on each question.Therefore, on a mystery "how to understand a man" can plod exactly the same as on the same related to the woman.