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Cast iron wedding: how many years it?

cast iron wedding - so called 6 wedding anniversary in Russia.The symbol of the 6 years of marriage, is cast as the name suggests - that is, carbon-rich iron.In the old iron was a symbol of domestic comfort.This is not too strong and the overall prime element opens a kind of metal coming period in the life of the spouses.

In Germany, 6 years of marriage called "sugar wedding", she is a sweet relationship between husband and wife.And in the other. Countries this anniversary is called "candy" or "mountain ash".

Cast iron wedding: how many years it?

One of the most famous traditions in iron wedding - a clear demonstration of the accuracy and thrift wife.On this day, to show all exposed cast iron pots and pans to all the friends and passers-by, people knew that the hostess exemplary and neat, well monitors the cleanliness.The whole point here is that the dishes of a material such as cast iron, must be constantly cleaned, otherwise then do it will be very problematic.If after 6 years of marriage utensils iron glitters, therefore husband acc

urate and neat.

in the Baltic countries by 6 wedding anniversary gifts to spouses often bunches of rowan, it was assumed that these berries help a woman give birth to a son, and therefore heir kind.In France, the guests compulsorily give spouses the house of candy and cookies, so-called "candy house," which is also referred to as neat and clean accommodation.

Gifts for pig iron wedding?

let the name of this anniversary, and not quite honorable, it is still a holiday 2 hearts who love each other, and so it is a must have to celebrate!On a visit at the same time better just to call relatives and closest.Their support can help a young family in the next life.And at 6 birthday with wedding figurines to decorate the home of cast iron, cast iron cook pots and pans variety of dishes, as well as thoroughly clean the house and surrounding area.

Cast iron wedding: how many years it?

iron Gift for the wedding, too, decided to give cast iron.Very good Prezent will fireplace with iron bars - a symbol of hearth and home.In this case, and heavy on hearing the name of the wedding becomes much softer.

Congratulations iron wedding: options

Iron - brittle metal, it can be very easy to break.Therefore, in the name of "cast-iron Wedding" there is some warning spouse need to fear the emergence of schisms and be attentive to each other.After all, this omission could result in a crisis, not only for husband and wife, but also for their children, who are usually already available at this time.

But even iron - the metal is fragile, however, it is plastic, it can be easily forged, from it we can create anything you want, including a very strong and happy family!A main condition for family well-being - is the maintenance of the fire of love.

Cast iron wedding: how many years it?

But congratulate the couple with iron wedding?The first step is to come up with unusual and creative greeting, pair it will be very nice.Cast iron can be forged specifically portrait kissing couple, it will not leave them indifferent.Or you can order a card from the same material or a horseshoe for good luck.Today, there are still blacksmiths, who will gladly fulfill any request of the customer, the main thing in this matter fantasy! Also, do not forget about the speech or toast.You can advance yourself to come up with a nice greeting in prose or verse.

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cast iron wedding - it is by the standards of the day is not so short period of time for marriage.Do not be afraid of difficulties and let the hearts of the couple never goes out the fire of love and family respect and understanding prevail!

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