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Special Greetings to the wedding.

deadline approaching an important event with friends or relatives, major gifts already purchased, but it is absolutely unclear how to give and what to say?Or the young abandoned generous gifts, but should prepare interesting congratulation?It is necessary to abandon the classical wishes at the table: it is best remembered for dynamic scenes and presents his own hands.And you can always transform any standard poetic greeting in their own way, creating a more original version.

Special Greetings to the wedding: bridal scene

very interesting congratulation can become a scene that interprets the old story in a new way, where the protagonists will be the bride and groom.Most of these miniatures are designed for a bride for the wedding celebration that originates because of association of a number of childhood where there were dreams of a charming prince.Therefore it is necessary to know in advance what your favorite fairy tale was to recreate it when greeting her.

exemplified by the modern bride Assol wa

ited in Gray, or Aurora, "woken up" the kiss of her prince.And, perhaps, she had to make a difficult choice once and give up something to show for yourself happy version of the Little Mermaid?

Special Greetings to the wedding

Bring to a final scene can be in the following words: "All the stories end with weddings because then life is often not similar to the one that was before it.But with your personal tale wedding just beginning, really, introducing novelty into the usual routine.Suppose that these changes do not frighten you, and will only strengthen carefully guarded from external shocks feelings to your union proved - after marriage is different, and much better than before! ".

jocular greetings may play friends of the groom or bride, plugging in miniature, even parents, for example, to tell the people about what is evil mother-in-law and meticulously - in-law, as a new member of the family check-in-law and father in law, how relations with the brother in law and daughter in law.This was the whole evening the young hear many times, but the most fun is not just to make the text, and to play a humorous scene.

Unique Gifts for the wedding: crafts with their hands

Special Greetings to the wedding

Congratulations to the wedding the young can get in a few weeks after the holiday if they give such an original gift, like a tree wishes.It can be performed in 2D and 3D formats.Last most difficult: you need a glass half-liter or liter bottle to paste colored paper brown shade, and then, using a thin metal wire, make a lot of branches.Paper green (if the wedding in the fall - orange and red) leaves are cut, they are written from the inside of the wishes and then leaves is placed on the branches.Attractive whole sculpture would look if all of the "crown" will be littered with leaves.

For wood in 2D-format all the branches and trunk are drawn on a large square of paper and pasted leaves for the tails.Within a few days left to read requests, the young will tear off leaves from branches.The text can think in advance and give the newlyweds a tree in the early evening, and you can arrange a competition for guests, so they wrote a short requests over a given period, and then glue or attach the leaves to the branches.

from simple and original gifts can easily bring a horse ride or a balloon flight, accompanied by a thematic photo session to happen the young could not forget.

Special Greetings newlyweds a wedding

Special Greetings to the wedding

for the congratulations in the poetic form, which can be recited, and as a toast at the table, sometimes it is easier to apply to a professional or find that among the guests who easilyadds rhymed lines.And compose a short speech in prose can almost every: you simply have to play with the words, their meaning, and possible parallels all already familiar sayings.This greeting is acceptable and the names of the spouses to beat, and their nature, and the history of dating, and some habits.But, as with others. Gifts addressed to the young, it is important not to go too far in seeking to do as much as possible and specify the original greeting.

For example, it is easy to make a little speech, based on someone's quote: "Everyone knows that the great men were behind him almost no famous women.But without them, they would not have changed the history and the world.So let the (bride's name) will be for (groom's name) the very muse, guardian angel and a guiding light in a single face, sending him to the commission of a personal revolution and paving his way to the top! ".

more romantic version of the book and for those couples whose relationship is long gone to its climax: "They say that legends can enter a story without a happy ending.Then we wish to history (groom's name) and (name of the bride) has not been described by any of the authors of novels, because it should be and will be the most happy and not having their finals. "

Special Greetings to the wedding

parallels the life of the newlyweds can not only fairy tales, but also with other, more realistic moments.For example, a school or university "Kids first time sitting down at their desks, they will know that good bye to teachers only after 11 years, and during this time they have to go through a lot of difficulties.Newlyweds, only to put his signature in the registry office, understand that it's forever.On their new way of life will meet a lot of pitfalls that every year will bypass all the easier if to take up arms.We wish (groom's name) and (name of the bride), so that they have the strength and wisdom to accept all difficulties with dignity, and to the outlet for their family life will never come: this segment, they have to go hand in hand, will be infinite in the earthand heaven. "

And we can not ignore the congratulations songs that are easy to implement, and the older generation and young people.The latter can choose the rap, or today's popular tune, modify the text under the young person.And parents often rework the old wedding songs, orienting them to the combined married children.Such a greeting may amuse and touch.

original congratulations for a wedding sister

Special Greetings to the wedding

differ whether something texts of congratulations from parents, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues?Only in the case where the emphasis is on connections that are able to change because of a change of marital status of the bride or groom.So a friend can hypocritically lamented the fact that the time for sittings will now smaller one - which is not to meet at any time and have a beer while watching a hockey game.Parents cry that gave his daughter to someone else's family, or, on the contrary, rejoice in addition to the face-law.A sister or brother rejoice for spouses who have found their happiness, and for the fact that they no longer need to worry about their fate.

For example, the bride of his brother will be pleased to hear the following: "When you are beating the boys in the sandbox, they fled.When you are in school to communicate with them more often than girls, they are for you no interest.When the institute you were immersed in the study, is not looking for fellow students, I began to fear that no one will capture your heart. (Groom's name) became a miraculous exception, and I hope you are not in vain drew attention to it, and II can really entrust you in his arms.Yet, no matter what happens, you will always remain and my strong man's shoulder. "

Congratulations from my sister can look completely different, "the dreams we shared with you in secret, the reality received a lot of differences.But off course it turned out to be only for the better: your mom's veil of downy shawl was replaced by expensive fabrics and dress made curtains - design outfit, and it's only a small beginning of all the wonderful changes.Especially you wish to indulge her husband pleasant trifles, and they all turned to diamonds.You got her prince and the kingdom, and together you make him flourish in all its glory. "

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Main, in the preparation of the original sister congratulations, take into account all her lovely habits and features, one way or another connected with the issue of marriage and to redraw its own way to create interesting text.And most importantly - to congratulate heartily.Word coming from the heart, even woven in just confused phrases say much more than diligently to invent congratulations.