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Copper Wedding: How old?

7 years from the date of the wedding - a significant date in the life of every family.In people, this wedding is called copper or wool.At this stage, the young family has managed to go through a lot and achieve certain results in otnosheniyah.Sleduet noted that copper is not only durable metal, but also quite valuable.This suggests that the seven-year marriage is not only strength, but also of great value for a couple.

Copper Wedding: a little bit about the history of

believed that the seven years of married life - it is a serious term.If you believe the old Russian tradition, copper symbolizes the family well-being and prosperity.In ancient Rus' wife exchanged coins of copper, uttering the words: "I thank you for material well-being in our house."

Copper Wedding: How old?

In addition, this anniversary the couple is required to hang a horseshoe over the door a little.It does not necessarily have to be copper or iron.Some used wooden or decorative items.Horseshoe arches hangs up, thus forming something like a bowl.This

symbolized prosperity.

After strengthening horseshoe attached to a piece of parsley or holly.These herbs help renew the positive emotions that are experienced in love on their wedding day.After celebrating the wedding of copper grass is not removed because it was thought that they clean the family home from the negative, and the house from evil spirits.

In the ancient copper wedding was made to wear a so-called "sound" clothing.It was believed that the more tinkling ornaments suspended from the waist sundress men and women, the happier they will be later in life.In addition, people believed that the sound of metal, vaguely reminiscent of the sound of bells, discourages families from misfortune, misery and evil spirits.

children in this day gave coppers: copper coins, which they had always worn around the neck.By tradition, it was also decided to poke small copper coins into the slot on the doorstep and lay them on the corners of the house to bring him wealth.In some provinces the peasant placed in any flat dishes, copper coins, covered them sprouted grain and covered with a scarf, periodically watered.A sprinkling that speaketh: "The grains grow, wealth wear.How do you above, the deprivation in the house. "

Copper Wedding: How old?

Gifts for copper wedding: what to choose?

Many people ask - what to give to a copper wedding?In fact, plenty of gifts can be limited only by the imagination of guests and the couple themselves.Today, you can use any souvenirs, household items, and interior items.Following custom, you can give each other in a copper coin with original inscriptions.

Guests can prepodnestiseme copper horseshoe.A husband can give his wife any jewelry and accessories made of copper - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments, belt etc.A good gift for a wedding can be a copper utensils.Today, there are plenty of original, beautiful and necessary utensils of copper.For example, you can pick up an interesting vase for fruits, bread box, tea and coffee service, a samovar, and even the pelvis.By the way, in a copper basin is much easier to make jam.

known that the name of the second copper wedding - wool.Therefore, we can not ignore the gifts of wool.You can select any products made of wool: hats, scarves, sweaters, scarves, gloves, belts and t.d.Priyatnym and useful gift for the entire family will be a good woolen blanket that warms in the cold and decorate the room.

Congratulations copper wedding poems

Copper Wedding: How old?

louder, copper tube!

your day today, no doubt.

We remember exactly, and probably,

What with you for 7 years.

not pipe together - you, my dear,

7 years ago went to the registrar,

Stamps in passport useful

We all put on the eyes.

and copper wedding, beautiful,

you note - go ahead!

will let you happy for copper,

Let only bring happiness.

Seven - the best number!

It brings happiness!

For the wedding of copper this is

As umbrella of bad weather!

Live long and loving

And be only better,

hide from the snow and rain,

Meet the ray of the sun!

Copper wedding - this is no joke!

Married 7 years - it's not jokes!

difficulties were even trouble,

together with each other, you have always been!

fidelity in marriage, you have distinguished,

and shortcomings soon resigned,

Peace and tranquility in the home lives,

your house as a cruiser sails through the storms!

There is an excellent reason,

Greetings at this hour!

Because today anniversary!

Wedding copper you!

7 years lived!And by the way,

7 - lucky number!

Giving copper horseshoe,

To you always lucky!

caught up with you Lucky Seven!

Could you prove the reliability of the senses!

But before we will shout: "Bitter!»,

Let something else to say:

Let this day solemn, triumphant

bravura march rejoices copper,

And we wish you on your wedding day copper

All that happiness ought to have!

This copper wedding, honey infusion -

This year our honeymoon, a small milestone.

We'll tingle all over the world

silver and the gold and then play ...

the meantime, let the sonorous brass rings -

This does not change - seven years to overcome.

It voiced happiness that fell to us,

to mark his friends call us.

This copper line more fun other,

Because we found these young people.

troubles and sadness on the road behind,

stars only happiness we predicted.

Copper wedding - as much as 7 years!

It - love and fun dawn.

Let it be the sun, sea and palm trees,

Again look at the distance we have wonderful,

where gold star, as fate.Let

lead you to success trail.

Let congratulations on the anniversary

Weddings rage as glass cappuccino.

How many we wish you!

Joy, happiness, all good deeds -

only success and realization!

Let it be a holiday, as the sonorous singing!

7 years you went to the wedding of copper,

problems together safely avoided.

and strengthened their union is now,

rid yourself of all temptation.

copper wire itself bound,

That separation had never known.

to happiness was copper,

A carefree life and times.

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Copper (wool) wedding - this is the date that the couple celebrating 7 years after marriage.Copper symbolizes the strength of the union and the welfare of the family, and wool - the softness of the relationship between spouses.Digit 7 - happy, so it is necessary to copper wedding to celebrate in a big way, even if the marriage is not so smooth.Memories of the beautiful wedding day, on 7 years ago to help a more sober look at the existing problems and differences.

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