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Wedding in the style of Provence.

very gentle and romantic looks wedding in the style of Provence.The first triumph in this manner is characterized by a refined unique colors of nature - it is an old French village, the scent of aromatic herbs and, of course, lavender and olive oil.

Wedding in Provence style: photo and description

wedding in this romantic style tender should imetvosnove only pastel colors - milk, lavender, olive, beige, soft shades of gray.Also it is necessary to take into account the fact that the shades of lavender must be in small details - that the overall interior design, and the clothes of young and wedding table decorations.

If it was decided to hold it lavender wedding, then a total color palette must be present and a deep purple and soft lilac, white peretekayuschiyv smoothly.But the final decision on registration of the wedding should take only the young, because it can not only be bright saturated purple shades, but also the presence of soft hints of delicate flowers.

Wedding in the style of Provence

Wedding in the style of Provence

Wedding in the style of Provence

Wedding in the style of Provence

decor in the style of
Provence: the basic techniques

  • greatest attention should be paid the correct wedding décor.It is worth remembering that the main unique feature lavender wedding is just the gentle, light, almost imperceptible aroma -povsyudu be present smell of lavender, but at the same time, it should not be too intrusive.
  • Very interesting and romantic look lavender flowers neatly attached to the invitation, which must also be only in shades of lavender.Also it is necessary to arrange the banquet table, not only flower of lavender, and others. Wildflowers.It is mandatory to have to add the lavender and the bride's bouquet.
  • There are cases that are very hard to find these flowers, but do not despair, because in this case they can be fairly easily replaced by blue hydrangea and purple carnations.In the banquet hall can be arranged flower of pansies and anemones, the combination looks very gentle, sweet and romantic.
  • Flower arrangements can be easily supplemented with lavender and scented candles in the ancient candlesticks lilac, but the candles have to be unobtrusive flavor.
  • During wedding decor in the style of Provence, please note that in the first place should be present is the French country style, which is characterized by simplicity.At the heart of the style should be calm, soft shades of French fields.
  • To make the wedding space is recommended to use a beautiful wicker furniture, a variety of forged items, baskets, wooden boxes, and of course, unique vintage suitcases.If you manage to get it, then you can put in a wedding hall and old vintage bike, which necessarily has to have a beautiful basket filled with fresh lavender.
  • Lavender can be used to decorate the arch, the path to the arch, chairs and tables.But particularly noteworthy is svadebnyydress code.

Making a wedding in the style of Provence: how to do?

Wedding in the style of Provence

course, hold stylized wedding pretty hard, but still possible, most importantly, patience and the desire to create something unusual, bright and memorable.

The wedding traditions of lavender wedding is the fact that all the bridesmaids, necessarily have to wear a dress this shade.

Regarding the image of the bride, he may be the traditional white, supplemented by a few bright accents - for example, it is very gentle and will look interesting boat purple hue or a bouquet of lavender.

most important to adhere to the main rules - the bride's dress should not be too difficult, because the style is simple and involves rustic charm.On this festive day, the bride should look like a magical fairy field.That is why we must absolutely give up too lush skirts, long train and crinolines.Just an ideal option would be easy to drop down the bride's dress made of soft and smooth fabric, but can be supplemented outfit and a little lace.

Special care is necessary to approach to the choice of the bride's hairstyle, which is based to be elegance and simplicity.It can be delicate wild flowers woven into her hair, big hair, loose hair, braids with flowers or ribbons, careless packing.

Once agreed with the image of the bride should take care about the clothes for the groom.Here, preference should be given only natural fabrics, delicate muted shades.It is not recommended to choose a classic tuxedo or a formal suit, as they emphatically are not appropriate for a wedding in this style.The most important thing is to simply dress the groom had a small piece of lavender color - it can be a butterfly or a tie the color you want, as well as lavender boutonniere, attached to the lapel of his jacket.

Wedding in the style of Provence

Wedding in the style of Provence

worth with special attention to think about the menu for the holiday table.If the wedding will be held in the style of Provence, then the appropriate dish will exactly medieval cuisine.Guests come just overjoyed, trying buaybes delicious soup, baked and grilled vegetables (especially artichokes), snails and ratatouille.

Do not forget the condiments, which must contain the herbs and garlic mayonnaise, red wine, sea fish in delicate tomato sauce.It must be purchased in advance abundance of red and white French wines, which can be a variety of grades.

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very beautiful and delicious cake looks festive, bathed in a sweet glaze lavender, which is also a sure sign of a wedding inlavender style.If you can not order a gorgeous wedding cake, do not despair, because you can take a simple and decorate it with sprigs of lavender are also on the table, it will be possible to file and "purple" sweets.

lavender both romantic and grand, gives freshness and coolness celebration.It is this unique combination can make the wedding memorable not only for newlyweds, but also all guests.