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Wedding in style mods.

now gaining increasing popularity stylized wedding.After all, this is one of the most important celebrations in life and it is sure to be remembered not only for the young, but also to all guests.

Wedding style dudes: photo and description bachelorette party

Wedding style dudes - it's catchy music, colorful costumes, and of course, the inimitable rock and roll that will impress any visitor.

But before the wedding, it is necessary to carry out a bright bachelorette party, requiring compliance with the basic tendencies of this style.The most important thing to adhere to the following tips:

Wedding in style dandies

Wedding in style dandies

Wedding in style dandies

Wedding in style dandies

  • room where will be a bachelorette party, must necessarily be decorated with garlands of lights.If you wish, you can make them yourself from the old gramophone records.On the walls you can Tale posters, photos of Elvis Presley, etc .;
  • We must abide by a strict dress code - girls should wear dresses with fluffy skirts, bright colors, make the volume hairstyle and do not forget about the appropriate fo
    otwear, which should be high heels;
  • interior can be supplemented with an old player, of course, if I can get it;
  • festive buffet may consist of cold appetizers and wine;
  • Most importantly, it is necessary to pre-select the appropriate music.

Wedding style dudes: video and features celebrations

The most important is the appropriate design of the wedding.When it comes to the groom's suit, it must consist of a checkered jacket, shirt bright color and plaid pants.

Greater attention should outfit the bride, in fact it will be in the limelight.It is advisable to stop the election on a bright wedding dress which should be A-shaped silhouette.If desired, you can add puffed sleeves, but it is not a mandatory attribute.

to dress looked more interesting, you can tie a waist belt, which must be others. Color.Do not forget about the accessories, since they create the necessary bright accent - it can be necklace, a large number of multi-colored bracelets, hat with flowers.Shoes should have a sharp toe and have a small heel, because the bride has to be a day of dance, and too high heels will make it hard.In addition, these shoes are not consistent with the overall style of the wedding.

to triumph in style dandies went right, you need to take care of the appearance of the guests must also be dressed appropriately.Women choose the dress with a fluffy skirt, which can be a variety of colors.It is important and hairstyle and bright makeup - looks impressive and beautiful combination of red lipstick and black arrows.Regarding the appearance of the men, are a perfect choice to be tight pants, pointy boots and a bright shirt.

Example Scenario wedding style dudes

Wedding in style dandies

The most important thing to take care not only about the appropriate attire, and wedding details to consider a scenario in which must be interesting contests and sweepstakes.

also worth to think and original invitation, which can be in the form of old black and white photos of young or vinyl with a photo of the bride and groom.

is necessary to choose the right and the place where the celebration will take place.Desirable to find a banquet hall, decorated in the form of American jazz club.If desired, the walls of a cafe or restaurant you can decorate the old Soviet propaganda posters or pictures of 60s, the city

is advisable to choose a banquet hall that lacks rigor and officialdom.Just an ideal option would be a cafe with bright walls and colorful spots in the interior, where cozy sofas instead of chairs.It is advisable to take care to live music, but it is a choice to stop at an institution where there is a small stage for a celebratory concert.

gala banquet is possible not only in restaurants but also in nature.In this case, just the perfect option would be to order a special exit the tent, and, of course, not to forget the staff.

Wedding in style dandies

It is worth remembering that the wedding carried out in the style of hipsters, requires constant dynamics, and therefore a place in nature is necessary to choose the appropriate - it might be picturesque large glade, and in this case, it is perfect for standing buffet serving dishes to the guests.

to present long remember the triumph, we must prepare for them small gifts - for example, is an excellent option as a present to present colorful neckties for men and silk scarves for women.

Regarding the menu, there is virtually no specifics that would more clearly emphasize this style.Therefore, you can safely stop the choice on a classic banquet set of dishes.But, most importantly, pre-negotiate with the chef that they all have a bright decoration.

to create an atmosphere of originality and diversity, should be put on the table as many fresh fruits and vegetables, and they should not be sliced.It is important to remember that the dudes always differed originality and brightness, so when you make a banquet table, you can rely on your imagination.

But the most important thing at a wedding - it's fun to be in keeping with the idea of ​​celebration.It is mandatory, must be present at the ceremony saxophone.It is desirable that the leading and was dressed in an appropriate style, perhaps under the famous singer 60s.

Wedding in style dandies

Regarding competition, the ideal option will be the dance marathon - for example, guests will dance to some world-famous rock and roll song, and who will last the longest, is to get a stylized gift.

Young guests can demonstrate staging dance boogie-woogie, which looks very bright and interesting.Of course, I have to spend a lot of time in rehearsal, but the end result is worth it.

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the wedding took place on a pre-cooked scenario, it is necessary to carefully consider all, in the case ofappropriate use and guests.Of course, do not forget that all those invited should be warned that there will be a strict dress code, which is required to meet the need.They should also bring along a good mood and desire to have fun from the heart!

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