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Turquoise wedding: how many years?

18 years of marriage to the people in the name turquoise wedding.For those couples who have lived together for a period, it is turquoise, it is the stone of true love, is a symbol of what they stoically suffered all the hardships and obstacles, helping and protecting each other.On the wedding anniversary is accepted to give to spouses jewels with jasper, amethyst, topaz, and directly with the turquoise.

probably a couple that has lived together for 18 years, is all that is necessary for them to life.So when you can not accurately determine the choice of a gift, it is better not to resort to the most common options.Give preference to traditional or original surprises.

Turquoise wedding: how many years?

  • Products and turquoise.It is believed that this stone repels bad energy and bring prosperity and good fortune the family;
  • Pendants and rings with semi-precious and precious stones;
  • For people who do not wear a lot of jewelry, will be a good gift for a wristwatch strap again with turquoise or cufflinks with or others. Precious stones;
  • can be ordered in a special shop confection, for example - cake, unusual shapes in the form of precious articles;
  • buckles or vases, which are also made of turquoise;
  • bag, tie, belt or others. Turquoise item of clothing, but such gifts should present similar or native people, because you have to know the needs and taste of the heroes of the day;
  • album turquoise, which are grouped together, and family photos anniversaries;
  • Fancy mugs or plates turquoise, they can decorate greeting and commemorative inscriptions or names of spouses;
  • can make a family tree of family anniversaries with a special device for hanging.It can be done in the form of heart, and each piece should write the names of all family members.

Husbands wives to give turquoise wedding often earrings or pendant with turquoise, topaz, amethyst or jasper.If the financial capacity is limited, and the possibility to buy natural stone not, you can purchase an artificially grown.Ladies who love flowers, you can give a bouquet in which there is Morning Glory delicate sky-blue color.Since nature has awarded the plant with heart-shaped leaves, such a gift will be very romantic.

Wives should also not be on the anniversary of her husband leave without a gift.Cufflinks or rings are the most common options.But many men do not wear jewelry, so it is likely that such prezenty will simply gather dust at home unnecessarily.In this case, you can prepare a romantic dinner in the restaurant, relax at the spa, or beautiful and seductive lingerie for myself, where I can then appear before the spouse after dinner or celebration.

A man who is a connoisseur of the epistolary genre, can be presented as a gift a romantic letter written using turquoise ink, pencil or ink.The most appropriate gift to a brutal man in the 18-year-old will be the anniversary of edged weapon, the handle is decorated with turquoise.

Wedding in turquoise: how to organize?

Turquoise wedding: how many years?

itself turquoise exudes calm energy, gives vitality.It belongs to the bright and positive colors.

Wedding in turquoise implies not only careful selection of gifts, but also the correct selection of festive attire.It is better to be forewarned guests in what colors they should select clothes.Then the celebration will look seamless and uniform.If you want to make your image look stylish, yet luxurious, need to include turquoise color in the smallest quantities.

blue tint, combined with neutral colors such as ivory, white, cream, silver, black, gray, looks, though strict, but at the same time very elegant.Inflated balloons, decorations for the holiday table, ladies' dresses, scarves or neck and waist belts, ribbons for bouquets of flowers, and even the wedding cake - these are the subjects in which it is possible and even necessary to use turquoise, the celebration will not oversaturated color data.

Generally itself turquoise goes well with grass-green, pale green and deep saturated shade of green.But a darker shade such as celadon, will look in combination with turquoise rather dull and unattractive.Also, the last shade of good harmony with all shades of red, with the exception of color carnations.

too rich deep dark brown, purple and blue colors will look on the dark background noticeable shade of turquoise.Here are the best combination of turquoise wedding for registration:

  1. yellow and turquoise colors.This bright combination is perfect for summer and spring weddings;
  2. Red and turquoise colors.Such combinations are suitable for weddings in any season;
  3. pink and turquoise colors.Perfect for the warm months of the year;
  4. turquoise and coral shades - is the most suitable combination for the fall, spring and summer weddings;
  5. purple and turquoise colors.The combination gives a very rich, looks very favorably on summer and spring weddings.If you want to use this combination when you make the fall or winter wedding, it is necessary to choose shades darker;
  6. combination of black and turquoise shades fit for a wedding in any season.And adding white will dilute the black and turquoise shades, and also get a great result in the perfect combination;
  7. green and turquoise tsvetaprivnesut fresh note.It is ideal for summer and spring weddings.

Making wedding in turquoise: features

Turquoise wedding: how many years?

integral part of the design, like any wedding, and its anniversary is the invitation.Each pair of want them to be unique and beautiful.You will need to know the exact number of invited guests.Generally, the wedding invitation turquoise are classic, but you can assemble the shade with others. Colors, for example: the coral and lavender.

You can also make the wedding invitations yourself using the photos of spouses.They should be placed at the front of the card, and for the manufacture of a more traditional embodiment - on the inside.In this case, you can print on the back of the picture associated with a wedding or a poem.Inside the card should write the date, time and place of the celebration.

invitation can also decorate using ribbons, beads and so on. Ornamental attributes, everything depends on the desire of style and imagination anniversaries.And if time is not an independent manufacturer, you can buy a ready, which today are sold in a huge range in many stores of each city.

Hall is best to draw, using shades of blue, confetti and balloons, chair covers turquoise, candles and ribbons for a table, but the napkins and tablecloths, you can choose contrasting.In the role of decoration night blue hue may make candles and sparklers.All this will make the holiday especially bright!

way, you can thank the guests for what they are honored by the presence of your holiday.If the anniversary will be celebrated in a circle for the friends and relatives, you can make it reciprocal gift.They must be placed in unusual boxes, for example - of organza.In this case, no need to look for gifts of a certain color, it will not be dissonirovats turquoise scale celebration.

Traditionally answer guests anniversaries give candy or jelly beans, wrapped in foil.If you want to make an unusual gift, you can give guests a beautifully decorated bottles, which are painted blue colors (shades and can be a lot).Children can also give sweets or books, as long as the color package did not differ from the basic tone of the holiday.

Turquoise Wedding: Photo

Turquoise wedding: how many years?

Turquoise wedding: how many years?

Turquoise wedding: how many years?

Turquoise wedding: how many years?

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18 years of married life - it's a great reward for all the work and complexity of the transferred pair together.Turquoise wedding - a good excuse to bring together all the relatives and loved ones, to share with them this joyful date, because the family has now become a "full age."The main thing - to move forward and continue to live together happily!

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