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How to donate money for the wedding?

Wedding - is not only a joyous celebration, but during the troubles, for honeymooners and guests.For future spouses still have time to choose a useful and beautiful gift.Today, more and more young are asked to give money, but you need to present a beautiful show.

How original donate money to the wedding?

Today, there are quite a few different options for presenting the money as a gift, and you can trust your imagination or use the existing options.

umbrella of money.We must take the simplest Umbrella and gently put into the bill.That money does not get enough sleep, they should attach a thin thread.The main thing that remained invisible strings.

How to donate money for the wedding?

The most important thing is beautiful to present such a show.You can read the poem or sing a few lines from a famous song of Larisa Dolina and after pronouncing the words, "And all that in addition to easy to remove with the help of an umbrella" over the young reveal umbrella.

original and unusual look at bills like this, but the biggest challenge is to

put the money carefully and not to get tangled strings.

picture of money.To create a picture, you must take the simplest large picture frame.In the chaotic order placed under glass bills, while over each worth making a small sign, which would mean the estimated consumption - for example, on the future of the baby diapers, flowers to his wife, the husband of beer, etc.Here you can completely surrender to the flight of imagination and create fun and creative writing.

How nice to give the money to the wedding: examples

original and unusual look of plaid money.But we must be prepared for the fact that the creation of such a gift will not only require a lot of patience, and time.

So, to make a blanket out of the money necessary to take notes and carefully place them into beautiful cell interconnected.Probably, plaid is not the most desired gift for a wedding, but the newlyweds having covered such a veil, you can make a real splash.

  • Money surprise - another lovely gift.In this case, it is necessary to pre-purchase wrapping paper and make out of it is not very large parcel.This parcel is handed to young and they need it soon deploy.Under each layer of paper should be in bill.Pulling each note, the young will have to kiss each time a bill to be higher ratings and longer kiss.Inside the bundle may be little sweeties boys and girls who will find as a result of the young.If you wish, you can give a short explanation of such a gift - a way of visiting the family is not easy, but with each step will give an unforgettable experience and will lead to the completion of the family.
  • Balls of money.Young is awarded a rather large box, which is pre-paste over the beautiful wrapping paper and bow supplement.The resulting need to offer a gift to open at once, it's not only them, but guests will be interesting to see what is inside.Once the box is opened, it will fly from balloons filled with helium.By the end of each ball on a string must be tied notes.It is not only original, but also a difficult option of awarding money to the wedding because the balls have to be folded so that the strings are not confused and not torn, otherwise the surprise may be damaged.
  • Beautiful envelope.It is much simpler and easier to buy a special envelope for money, also presented today a huge selection of different options.Very interesting look big envelope with colorful congratulations, but in this case the amount of Gift is present in smaller denominations.
  • Casket with money.Unusual and at the same time exquisitely beautiful looks old box or trunk, which can be filled with different denomination banknotes or coins.Such a gift can cause a storm of emotions, not only the young but also the guests.In addition, he will remain on the trunk memory for years to come.
  • If the chest was too large, can be reduced to create a visual effect, place the painted or photocopied money.Also at the bottom you can put notes with pictures of the young.
  • money for the winter.Designed to present the bill will be very simple roll in the bank, and to present, as a joke gift, adding a comic beautiful wishes congratulations.Best of all bills will be exchanged for smaller ones to visually bank seemed a lot of money.

How to donate money for the wedding?

  • Wedding handbag.The bride will come to a real delight, if money is present in the bag, which will fully meet together and the hairstyle of the bride.In addition to the money it will be put, and others. Items that may be useful Suite - for example, powder, lipstick, handkerchief or a mirror.
  • Such a gift can give witness to be aware of the bride's dress.But it is best to discuss this point with the young, you do not accidentally find themselves in an awkward situation, because someone might have a present and prepare a second bag will not bring joy.
  • Money Tree.Very interesting and unusual looks improvised money tree for the creation of which can be taken as the basis of a photo or painting and decorate bills.
  • Sweet money.You can take a nice box of chocolates and sweets to put in place the note.But the best thing in this case is to present the money in foreign currency, as in a box from under sweets not put them very much.This sweet gift will not leave anyone indifferent, and cause positive emotions.
  • Cash flowers.In this case, you can take a beautiful vase, put in her beautiful fresh flowers and petals place between denominations.In this case, it is necessary to present a gift very carefully to make sure we do not lose.The best way to consolidate bills on slips by a thread.
  • garland of money.Unusually, effectively and memorably it looks garland created from banknotes.Such a present will be a surprise, but give the young only positive emotions.
  • money in cabbage.Such a present like a joke not only young, but also the guests.It is necessary to take a basket filled with cabbage and every leaf to shift banknotes.Presenting such a gift, you can not just wish the young material profit, but soon replenishment in the family.Children
  • money.Beautifully present money as a gift can be as follows: - put money in the shoes booties or baby.This surprise is not only original but also very nice.

How to give money to the wedding?

How to donate money for the wedding?

as to what exactly the amount necessary to give to the wedding, will have to decide on an individual basis, thus can take into account not only the guest material prosperity, but also related to the young.Most importantly, it was a gift from the heart, and then it will be appropriate any amount.

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money as a gift - the best solution for a wedding.After all, the young just starting to live together, they will have a variety of different costs.To beat such a surprise is interesting, you can use the original packaging and ways of giving.

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