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Rustic Wedding.

Rustic Style, whose name literally translates as "the village", including ideas for a wedding celebration in recent years is beginning to gain popularity.Increasingly, the couple resolved to move away from old traditions, replacing unnecessarily lavish event at a cozy holiday.From dresses and ornaments young room to the wedding cake style "rustic" impregnated comfort.

Wedding Rustic: photos and highlights

In the case of the wedding ceremony definition Rustic - "rustic" - not to be confused with the "simplification".This supply holiday may look a lot more stylish and luxurious than other traditional idea.The only thing that will be missing - is excessive kitsch as a key caveat here - simplicity.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

Best of all, of course, to arrange a wedding rustic summer, when it is possible to hold the event outdoors.Then, all of its elements will fit perfectly into the interior and the environment.In addition, the young will be much easier to choose the right outfit: a simple dress made of fine material,

not weighted decor, warm winter demand capes or modifying its style.

platform for such celebrations are not recommended to choose a restaurant or other familiar institution: all organically wedding rustic fit into the natural environment.Any extensive fields can become a place for visiting the registration as well as the subsequent banquet.Under the canopy of trees on the bank of a river or among the haystacks - everything that can offer suburban areas.The disadvantage of this idea only in unpredictable weather conditions, even in the warmer months.It is difficult to predict the cold snap, rain and squally wind, especially given the fact that the date of registration assigned a few weeks before the event.

And, of course, visiting registration will be an additional item in the budget.If you can not hold a celebration on the nature or circumstances have prevented, you should pay attention to restaurants with outdoor areas and an abundance of wood in the interior.Just add fresh flowers and others. Natural elements as close as possible to the desired setting.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

decor in this situation are all natural materials: hay, burlap, natural fabrics - cotton and cotton, cardboard, wood, flowers.It is important to try to simplify the interior, but not to give up his jewelry.For example, instead of roses and peonies for bouquets pick-me-nots, pansies, daisies, and others. Wildflowers.

If registration and banquet held in the open air tables and chairs can be done independently, and it does not take too much time.An armful of hay, and a bandage is going into rectangles topped with chintz - they become chairs.Tables easily assembled from wooden planks, which are desirable to pre-sanded, eliminating irregularities, but not process the varnish.In addition, great support the overall spirit of the rustic arch, entwined with flowers, branches, covered with sackcloth and ribbons.The same decorative elements can be duplicated even invited guests and, of course, in the clothes of bride and groom.But the most original may even experiment with a wedding cake.

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Making wedding rustic: interesting nuances

Rustic Wedding

  • wedding decoration is in the details, so you can not miss out on anything, including the invitation.You can set the tone for the event, if plain paper choose to Woodstock: its surface resembles tree bark, but the density is slightly less.Full compliance with the chosen style, of course, it is easy to observe using a real tree bark.In addition, the invitation can also be written on sackcloth, a rolled and tied with a ribbon in the manner of the scroll.
  • lot of attention is paid to the wedding photo shoot, which will be the main reminder of the celebrations.Here, not only the bride and groom should look in the selected style, but also the entourage should pick the right one.Nature discovery will haystack, wagon wheels and single from her.Placed in the center of the clearing door with peeling paint and window frame can also look interesting and be an important part of photography.The main thing is to remember that the wood products should be natural, not richly and ceilings lakom.Lyubye knots, cracks, chips, discoloration and so on. Nuances only benefit in maintaining rustic.
  • Banquet requires no less thought than registration.Often, it is conducted on the street, and all executed so that a lesser degree of celebration like a buffet - style of a picnic wedding suits much more.Therefore, discarding the complex dishes, and glass from the instrument: the dishes recommended to choose clay, herbs and decorate it with ribbons.

Rustic Wedding

  • Interesting idea - tueski and baskets made of birch bark, which are laid in the fruit and vegetables.Habitual cotton napkins on their knees to straighten out the guests, it is easy to replace the same, but because of soft burlap.A more simple and acceptable to all the nuances - lace tablecloth, ribbons and flowers that adorn the napkin on the plate, handles of knives and forks, goblets.
  • How to approach to the simplicity of the menu - and the decision of young guests.But it is important to feel the line between foreign delicacies, is a creation of the best chefs and uncomplicated dishes created in less than an hour.Any vegetable stews, casseroles and salads, meat on an open fire, poultry, fish.Excellent complement the festive table cakes, especially when work on their design: the spit, grille and other elements of the test will add a note of home heat.And as the best choice of drinks will be fruit drinks, fruit drinks, jelly and homemade wine.
  • Additionally it should be said about the wedding cake rustic.Of course, it can be ordered in a candy store.But it is not desirable to stop the choice on bulky cake towers, richly decorated with cream-colored beads and so on. Details, due to which the confection becomes stunningly beautiful, but loses all connection with ease.Ideal for wedding cakes rustic, single-stage, decorated with berries and fruit.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Style of dress: dress the bride and groom

last point, which is to become the main girl, it's a matter of appearance.Abandon corset and fluffy skirt, long veils and high heels for many brides very tempting.But do not all agree on a cotton sundress, complete with a bouquet of daisies, wedding atmosphere as much is lost in such surroundings.And if you spend all the celebration in a restaurant in the open air, we have to comply with certain formalities.

girl should choose a simple cut dress made of light, thin fabrics: cotton, chintz, linen, chiffon.No matter how boring they may seem, but the well-known designers prove that such materials may become the basis for a stunningly elegant products.Classic A-line dress or style of "Empire" will emphasize the shape of the bride and adolescence, she adds tenderness, femininity and charm.Head is better not to cover the veil and not to create complex hairstyles on hair wreath of flowers treated florist and careless braid soft waves or will be the best option.Undoubtedly, the desired aesthetic and makeup in natural soft tones.

groom is recommended to get rid of his coat, waistcoat and tie a bow tie.Light-colored pants and white or pastel-colored shirt unbuttoned a couple of buttons on top, simple summer shoes and a lack of styling give it the image of lightness.Will look good and small flowers in the buttonhole of a shirt similar to that present in the bride's bouquet.

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Wedding rustic - wafting new, able to press already familiar tradition of magnificent triumph.There miraculously woven comfort, originality and holiday that will appeal to those who do not want on his triumph excessive formality.The desire for simplicity without compromising the style - is the basis of such an event.