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What to wear to the wedding?

Wedding - important day for all those present on it.Not only the bride and groom, but also their guests start training long before the celebration.In addition to reflection on the gift that will be useful for a young family, beautiful half begins tormented thoughts with regards to the appropriate attire.

guests at the wedding: what to wear?

Any wedding - bridal feast, and then gave them the lead role.This also applies to orders that guests, regardless of holiday ideas, their financial and social status, as well as many others. Factors must not overlap the bride and groom.Thus, if the young have decided to dress as simply as possible, abandoning richly decorated fabrics and expensive jewelry, guests should not dress flamboyantly.Wedding - is not social events, where permissible stand by clothing.This is the main day for the bride and groom, who should belong entirely to them.

What to wear to the wedding?

classic choice for a wedding considered a suit and tie or a butterfly for men and evening gowns for women.This is a univer

sal dress code to be observed in most cases.However, given the fact that in recent years the popularity of gaining unconventional weddings, where the bride in a dress without crinoline, and the groom is not in tails, performed begin departing from the usual scheme.VZAGSe can meet girls in cocktail short dresses, and men - in colored shirts and jeans.

How do you know what it is possible to come to the wedding?Of course, it is best to discuss this point with the young: according to their outfits will be selected lavatory.Stylized celebration will involve and reflected in the clothes and hairstyles invited.But even if the wedding is scheduled for the standard algorithm in choosing attire will help clarify even the venue of the wedding.What is allowed to come to the registrar, not always allowed, for example, at the wedding in the church.

Can a woman to come to the wedding in a pantsuit?This question bothers many girls are not always ready to open his legs for several reasons.Here, undoubtedly, is to focus on the established dress code.But if it is not specified, it is important to remember that the pants are allowed only to the registrar or after the celebration of marriage.In addition, it should not be jeans, even if they have an interesting finish: this piece wardrobe is not worn at the ceremony, as work clothes.And as trousers hardly a festive thing, they should be supplemented topom of elegant fabrics - satin, lace, etc., or a beautiful blouse.Also required on average shoes or high heels.

Which dress to wear to the wedding?

What to wear to the wedding?

In case the event is taking place in accordance with the traditional pattern, the search for a suitable dress is based on an understanding of the main points: the appropriateness of clothing in a particular situation.If the celebration is held at an expensive restaurant, especially during the cold season, it is desirable to give preference to the closed evening dress to the floor.It allowed a deep cut on the back or thigh incision.But the remaining part must not be even translucent mesh or lace bands.

recommended to select the dress from plain materials: no colorful fabrics, and also better to do without elaborate decoration.The latter is applicable for almost any wedding except stylized.Examples of such orders can serve as a model of Chanel.The ideal complement to them will be elegant thin chains or stud earrings, as well as sleek clutch in tone shoes.Capes serve short tweed or satin jacket, tight stole.

Summer weddings are often young and visitors is becoming more difficult because of the selection of dresses.Weather is able to dictate its own terms, and worn ceremonial platyahvozmozhno become hot.How to write a good image in this situation?Most often, the bride summer dress sewn from the most lightweight fabrics: chiffon, chintz, cotton batiste.These same materials can be used in the outfits of her guests, but simplifying their silhouettes.

What to wear to the wedding?

Firstly, it will clean Length: often comes to the edge of the knee or even remain on the palm above.Secondly, the sleeves are eliminated, but then required to waive any cut-outs on the chest or back.Such dresses may already be present, or guipure lace, shades of fabrics can be bright or the color accents will be jewelry and shoes.At the same time, the abundance of colors as inappropriate: on the background of the bride elegant and air it does not look too attractive.

As for colors, which are carried out dresses guests, the recommended opted for pastel and bright colors.Black, gray and chocolate, as well as any deep - wine, burgundy, marsh, etc.- Do not buy it.If you absolutely do not fit bright colors, dark dress should be diluted with bright accessories.The guests at the wedding dresses are often dominated by gold, pink, blue, green and silver.Of course, always advantageous looks and the choice of color according to the season: the golden-red range for autumn purple-mint for spring, pure colors - in winter and summer.

What to Wear to a friend's wedding: Tips

What to wear to the wedding?

  • most difficult to choose bridesmaid dresses, especially the witness.They must not only overshadow the beauty of Brac, but also in harmony with her appearance.Therefore, most find a suitable dress is carried along with the bride, or at least in its awareness.All the bridesmaids dresses are often the same color and fabric until the hue and texture, and sometimes even on a cut.Of course, can vary the length of the sleeve and the depth of the cut, the number of darts, the shape of the armhole.
  • But if some of the girls would come in a cocktail dress, and someone - in a lush evening, took out his ankle edge, dissonance will happen that will not save even a unity of color and considered the practice of ordering ukrasheniy.Neredkoy identical dresses for the bride and hergirlfriends, differing only in the value of fabrics and decor: ieretained the overall style.
  • Here there is a clear taboo on white color and its variations - ivory, cream, pearl.However, there is as long as the bride does not choose different colors for your outfit.If she decides to wear a purple dress, guests will not be worth their own toilets in this scheme.Thus, it is important to remember that color, which will be the bride should not happen again, none of those invited to the celebration.This is especially true of the witness and girlfriends.

What to wear to the wedding?

  • But these shades can overlap with each other as a related or complementary.For example, if you decided to stand in the design of the wedding colors, lilac and mint, and the spouses will dress in mint tones, bridesmaids recommended purchase or sew dresses in a purple hue.Also, guests will be present in the toilet of a color element.If for some reason it turned out that the gamma of your dress is the same as that chosen bride, put it into fame and be sure to set off your outfit accessories of other colors, to dilute the paint.
  • In addition, the witness and the bridesmaids desirable to remember that their dress should not be too low-cut and lush.For them, as for the young, it is an active, busy day, why should choose a suitable outfit, does not hinder movement, as well as shoes.You may have to take a couple of replacement flat shoes or very low heels, so it is important to calculate in advance whether a selected look dress with others. Shoes.In addition, if the bride short, the witness should not buy shoes with a high heel: could create a situation where all attention will accrue not the culprit celebration.

search for a suitable dress for a wedding -problem difficult for all participants of the ceremony.But guided by the above tips, you will be able to quickly determine the perfect silhouette, cut and design.And even if the city is not able to salons offer such a model, you can contact the company or try to do their own sewing dresses.

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I really like when the bridesmaidswearing the same dress.A friend of the groom in the same costumes.Just not every couple can afford such costs for the wedding (
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