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Gifts for the wedding paper?

Many people know that almost every wedding anniversary has a special name: at the hearing, of course, are only large date and chintz, linen or paper heard not all.However, those pieces of life together for a young family is very important.In particular, the paper wedding - a significant period of time you can check the relationship by marriage and life.But is it worth it to celebrate?If "yes", then how?

Paper Wedding: How old?

wedding anniversary marks the cohabitation relationship with the officially registered for 2 years, the paper called the wedding.So it was christened, because the strength of the union is still ready to crack, perhaps less strongly affected, crumpling like paper: here there is still a high probability of rupture, as the characters did not have time to get used akin.Moreover, the pair served for divorce at this time more often than after the 1st year of marriage.For more unstable and fragile relationships are considered, the paper reached the wedding, and not prior to her calic


Gifts for the wedding paper?

But if the couple will be able to pass a given point, it is still more of their rally.They can achieve this, if they start to suppress the selfish impulses of the senses, trying to attend to his "half": often go to a convenient partner compromise that does not mean the destruction of individuality and their own desires.

period, accompanied actively demonstrated tenderness at the time of the second anniversary of the marriage comes to "no" and replaced by more commonplace and everyday atmosphere in the pair.At the same time, the crisis, which is often called, and "crisis first year," consists in the fact that a spouse ceases predstavat in an ideal world, and manifested his faults, too subsides.Husband and wife learn to respond appropriately to the nature of the opened side of each other's habits, especially nature.Gradually growing understanding of "we", followed by "you and I", which becomes the key to the strengthening of internal communication.

However, all this is typical for those couples who had not lived for several years in a civil marriage before the official registration of relations.They have the second anniversary of marriage may be the 2nd anniversary of living together, which of course has a paper wedding in full is not.But regardless of how the couple feel that date, always nice to remember his wedding day, which has become for them a special and important.

Paper Wedding: script celebrations

Gifts for the wedding paper?

script paper wedding may mean a noisy and celebration, however, the most simple and natural: it is not gold or diamond wedding.Or maybe just a holiday for two, in this case fit any idea of ​​a romantic date - from horse riding to the tram-restaurant.If you want to mark the anniversary with loved ones in the warm season, you can get out for a picnic, and dress funny cap on the head of the paper, as well as making papier-mache plates for some foods - sandwiches, smoked meat and cheese, fruit.Houses can take care of room decoration paper products - garlands, bouquets, posters, origami.

in Greece and Hungary there is a practice of "money dance": a joint dance of the couple or the solo performance of his wife, during which invited guests to dress the young or in their shoes put small denomination banknotes, symbolizing the attraction to the family finances.The same invocation of the material well-being can be arranged in a romantic and intimate setting: sprinkle paper money on the bed and have a playful pillow fight on it.

Gifts for paper wedding?

Gifts for the wedding paper?

Gifts for wedding anniversary as a holiday scenario may look the same as on the marriage itself.IeThese ideas are suitable for the main day in the life of a loving couple.But as the wedding is still paper should observe some of the traditions that hold parallel with a specific term.And then, when it will take time, it's nice to remember, touching gifts are passed one or another anniversary of marriage.

for paper wedding, of course, characterized by a variety of paper products, including cash banknotes: Greek practice is the offering of notes on the second anniversary.In addition, it has others. Underpinnings: 2 years in marriage - the beginning of the distribution of financial obligations between the spouses, keeping the total budget.Therefore it is reasonable, for example, to make this day the total contribution.

more interesting gift for a wedding can be printed large wall newspaper, tells about the achievements of each spouse in the past year (or two, since the marriage).This can make out a bit of humor, including, for example, such fun facts as "Unlearning to leave after breakfast dish for the day: removes before my arrival home from work" or "no longer sews parts shirt, trying to sew a button: just buy me a new thing".It is important to show that even in the apparent shortcomings and bad habits of each other's spouses were able to find the positive side, or simply get accustomed to the givens, understanding that each of them is not ideal, but for and love.

Gifts for the wedding paper?

can create and print a small book that tells how born and evolved in relation to a young family.It is better if it is made in the form of an album with detailed comments under the photos.It is important here to touch and post-wedding period, where it is necessary to mention how to change the atmosphere inside the couple that introduced a new ring on the ring finger and a stamp in the passport.If the couple already had children, of course, and be sure to tell them, especially focusing on how one begins to get used to the role of mom or dad.In a few years this book will be interesting not just flipping those whom it makes, but also their child.

In addition, relevant any more simple and practical gifts: wall calendars, notepads and notebooks, organizers, equally useful to both spouses, the book, especially if it is rare editions.Aesthetes and creative people appreciate the picture, which can be ordered at the Art Salon: it could be a portrait of a young family, and someone of the spouses.And you can ask for a humorous cartoon, which affect the quality or the habits of each pair.If the gift absolutely no paper, but very welcome, just wrap it in wrapping paper to keep the spirit of the anniversary.

Paper Wedding Photo and ideas

Gifts for the wedding paper?

Looking for the perfect gift and interesting scenarios for celebration, it is possible to appeal to the traditions of others. Countries, which also celebrates the anniversary of the wedding, and to slightly modify them to suit your preferences.For example, in Byzantium there is an interesting custom for husband and wife make one another hollow paper dolls, which they put pieces of paper with written on them the positive and negative aspects of the partner.Subsequently, at the time of the celebration of these notes are read aloud, and each of the guests trying to give advice to remove existing disadvantages.

But is not everyone will be decided, therefore, more appropriate embodiment of this idea in a narrow range, perhaps even at a family dinner the young, except where they do not have anyone.By reading every piece of paper, they can try to talk it over and decide how to make a particular disadvantage less noticeable.Such a move would be useful from the point of view of strengthening the connection between the spouses and to overcome the unpleasant moment lapping.And, mindful of the natures of each other, be sure to pay attention to the positive aspects of his "half" to a harmless tradition does not attempt seemed to pour out all the negativity that could accumulate 2 years of family life.It

for paper wedding is the best fit Chinese tradition to do cookie-envelope prediction written on a piece of paper inside.This is a great idea for a house party with friends on the anniversary of marriage: it is enough to connect to the production of culinary masterpiece guests themselves.Let them write brief possible developments in the pair to further 2-3 years, perhaps with a bit of humor.It will be fun to read these suggestions, even when the holiday is over already: it is possible to prepare a lot of cookies.

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empty paper wedding seems insignificant for a period, for each pair of the date of marriage - special.Necessity magnificently celebrate the second anniversary there, but to leave it without attention should not be superfluous to remind each other that you will remember and appreciate the happy day and are ready to do so soon began to count lived together decades.And the best gift of all would be a sincere declaration of love and the manifestation of heat in relation to its "half."

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